Friday, 8 July 2011

Sergei Mavrin: crazy over the neck tapping!

Сергей Маврин. "Пока Боги спят" соло 2011

Lyle Watt: Running Out Of Time - MonkeyFest 2011

Lyle Watt - Running Out Of Time (MonkeyFest 2011)

Lyle Watt - Slowdown (MonkeyFest 2011)

Jor Kokiat: Pop The Sun Cover+Lesson

Solo กรง - Clash (Hack) Feat. Pop The Sun Cover+Lesson By Jor Kokiat

Brian Auer: Nu Pentatonics

Feeling stuck? Playing the same old stuff all the time? Then Spice up your playing with 3 new Pentatonic scales that most people don't know!

This video will cover all three shapes, the theory behind them, and much more ;)

New Pentatonic Scales

Adam Ironside: Monkeyfest 2011

Adam Ironside @ Monkeyfest 2011

Tom Quayle: writing for my album and work on new tuition material

Sprout Quayford working with Tom on the writing. Expect a track called walkies..

New Tutorial in the works, album writing and looking forward to the US trip! 07/08/2011
Hi there and welcome back to the blog! It's amazing what can be achieved when you set down to work on something with the right mindset. Today I sat down with really good intentions to do some writing for my album and work on new tuition material and ended up writing an entire monster, huge tutorial ojnwill tons of examples and concepts, plus a fair amount of tune writing! more

Alex Hutchings,Rob Chappers: tune to fourths... tune to fourths... tune to fourths...

Rob ChappersJust had a mind blowing guitar lesson with Alex Hutchings \m/
Rob Chappers I know, he lives 40 minutes from me... we drank coffee and chatted in between blowing my mind ;-)
Laurie Monk tune to fourths... tune to fourths... tune to fourths...
Rob Chappers Ha ha I was considering tuning to fourths... just worried about teaching dudes if I did change

Alex hutchings-Live @ Monkeyfest 2011

Alex hutchings-Live @ Monkeyfest 2011

Alex Hutchings-Live @ Monkeyfest 2011

News: Blogger gets the Google Plus treatment

Man those guys and gals at google must have been super busy. Just been playing around with Google Plus... very nicely done, kind of like facebook on steroids but with out the all important poke function. The flipp over to blogger to find the new look and feel is appearing on blogger too. Gmail has recently changed too.

John Norum: Europe - The Final Countdown [Live]

Europe - The Final Countdown [Live]

Tom Richardson: Metal Fusion Jam with Schecter C

Metal Jam with Schecter C1 + Marshall JVM

Jason Sadites,Alex Machacek: Jason and Alex trading solos with Marco Minnemann and Tony Levin

larger image

Why (Single)
Following up on his last CD 'Behind The Laughter', Jason has returned with an incredible rock/fusion track featuring the incredible talents of Tony Levin on bass, Marco Minnemann on drums and the amazing guitar solos of Alex Machacek. This fusion combo is one not to be missed...featuring incredible time signature twists and Jason and Alex trading solos over a rhythm section of two of the world's greatest musicians. This track is a must have for fusion fans everywhere!

Guitars - Jason Sadites
1st and 3rd Guitar Solos - Alex Machacek
Bass - Tony Levin
Drums - Marco Minnemann

This package includes the song as a FLAC and 320 kbps Mp3 file along with pdf liner notes. buy

Nili Brosh: American Airlines lose new Universe guitar!!!

Nili Einat Brosh Thanks so much, American Airlines, for losing my precious white Universe guitar, after I paid extra to check it in. You suck.

Seriously folks, if you see it or are offered it please contact Nili.

Samuli Federley: Musik Messe 2011

Samuli Federley @ Musik Messe 2011

Vinnie Moore: Live at the Iridium

VINNIE MOORE AT THE IRIDIUM, JULY 25th sponsored by DEAN GUITARS, GUITAR WORLD and LIVESTREAM as part of Les Paul Tribute Mondays at the Iridium.



Legendary recording artist, studio pioneer, and virtuoso guitarist Les Paul passed away at the age of 94 on August 13, 2009. Donations can be made to the Les Paul Foundation, 236 West 30th Street, 7th Floor, New York, New York 10001.

The iridium intends to honor our great friend Les Paul by presenting world-class guitarists that embodied his spirit every Monday night to join The Legendary Les Paul Trio.

More info:

Jim Hall: Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2010

Exclusive interview with Jim Hall and his producer Brian Camelio @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival in Monteroduni, Isernia (Italy), august 8th 2010.
Interviewer: Mariarosa Tartaglione
Italian translation by Alessandro Aucelli

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Jim Hall - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2010 - Monteroduni, Italy

You can book for the festival 2011

Main Web site
Facebook events page

David Locke: Space Between Us

David Locke:
Here is a little solo from the end of an original comp. Uses 5/4 and 3/4 I think. I do things by ear so can't be sure. Programmed drums, played keys, Bass and guitars.

String Insanity 2011 - David Locke - Space Between Us

Darius Wave: VaiLando

VaiLando - original composition by Dariusz Wawrzyniak (Darius Wave)

Annie Grunwald: Akeldama Solo Practice

Akeldama Solo Practice (OLD)

Sam Coulson: clinic MonkeyFest 2011

Sam Coulson's clinic pt1 - MonkeyFest 2011

Sam Coulson's clinic pt2 - MonkeyFest 2011

Marco Sfogli,Fabrizio Leo,Dave Martone,Marty Friedman: Milan Guitar Day 7

The complete series of five videos from some the finset guitar players around.

Marco Sfogli,Fabrizio Leo,Dave Martone,Marty Friedman: Milan Guitar Day 7

Marty Friedman: Milan Guitar Day 7

Thanks to Kris Claerhout the Shred Marshall for sending me this video!

The details of the show were:

Time 11 June · 16:00 - 22:30
Via Magenta 77, Building 7

Bill Order:
16.15 / 16.40 Roberto Vanni
16:45 / 17:10 Marco Sfogli
17.15 / 17.40 Alex Masi
17.45 /18.15 Dragon's Cave
18:20 / 18:50 Chicco Gussoni
18:55 / 19:25 Salvi / Carelli
19:30 / 20:05 Luca Colombo
20.10/ 20.35 Dave Marton
20.40/ 21.05 Strings 24
21:10 / 21:30 Bicio
21.35/ 22.15 Marty Friedman
AT 21.30 per Emergency Lottery: Big Draw an electric guitar Ibanez ART Series offered by Mogar Music.
The event is in collaboration with Mogar Music, Eko, Backline and Academy of Sound.

Marty Friedman: Milan Guitar Day 7

Jason Becker: a little piece of 'air'

jason becker - little piece of 'air'

Help us help Jason Becker

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Marco Sfogli: Creation's End CD

Creation's End is the vision of New York City's Rudolph Albert (guitar - ex-Zandelle) and Dario Rodriguez (drums).

Rudy and Dario, who met in school, have been playing music together since 1999. As they grew tighter in their playing, they began to focus on writing original material. The nature of the material evolved from simple metal tunes in the early years, to more complex and mature compositions.

During the summers of 2003 through 2006, Dario and Rudy convened to write music. The focus of the sessions was simply to make great music that they both enjoyed, and each summer, Rudy and Dario wrote and recorded a new demo of original material.

Rudy soon took on keyboard duties in the band Until Destiny, where he met John Macaluso (drummer of James LaBrie Band, Fool's Game, ex-Ark, ex-TNT, ex-Yngwie Malsteen). After a short period of time, Rudy and Dario decided that the time was right to revisit their old material to record and release it the right way.

With a newly renovated studio and producer John Macaluso on board, Rudy and Dario set out to record 8 reworked versions of songs that appeared on their demos. They were joined by the lineup - Mike Dimeo, (ex-Masterplan, ex-Riot), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band), and Joe Black (Chris Caffery, ex-Zandelle).

2010 will see the release of "A New Beginning" and marks the fruition of the album envisioned from the beginning - melodic, touches of prog, a strong sense of groove, and brutally heavy and dark. Backed by Intromental Management, the quintet is set to unleash their music on the world.

Creation's End 1

Creation's End-2

Domenico Gallo: Natural Space

Domenico Francesco Gallo - "Natural Space" - for Guitar idol
this is a new version with better audio/video quality.
for the original one:

Natural Space - Domenico GALLO