Chris Brooks: The Axis of All Things on track!

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So let’s me keep you up to speed on the exciting album that you’ve kindly agreed to be a part of…
John Romeo has crafted a mix that I’m very happy with. It’s a great fit for the music. He’s about 1/2 way though the mix, and he sends me each track as he goes for any feedback and tweak suggestions that I have. Having a couple of different drummers, and a few different styles of song requires a little personal attention rather than a “conveyor belt” approach to the mix of each song, yet it all has to sound good on the same CD by the same token. I’m stoked with what we have so far.
The final track listing for “The Axis of All Things” reads like this (order may be changed before the pressing:
The Axis Of All Things
Open Doors
Not the day, Nor the hour
Feeding The Myth (featuring Rick Graham)
Wisdom Rd
Hammers Heart (Kee Marcello cover)
In and out of Dreams (Axis pt II)
(featuring Brett Garsed and Lord Tim)
Velvet Claws