Saturday, 9 July 2011

News: Laney - a history of the heavy in seven objects

Laney Amplification

Laney Amplification and Home of Metal has just been featured in The Guardian newspaper. The Guardian has branded Laney amplifiers as the quintessential ‘Social Distortion’ that helped spread Heavy Metal to the world!

It's great to see fans and mainstream media alike acknowledging our unique heritage and contribution to Heavy metal. Awesome!

Home Of Metal: a history of the heavy in seven objects: To salute Home Of Metal's new series of exhibitions across the West Midlands, a look at key items that tell the story of the metal movement​c/2011/jul/09/home-of-metal-bl​ack-sabbath

Michael Burston: Motorhead guitarist Würzel passes RIP

Michael "Würzel" Burston died earlier today (Saturday, July 9). He was 61 years old.

Before joining MOTÖRHEAD in 1984, Burston had been a corporal in the Army, serving in Germany and Ireland with the 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment, and had played in the bands BASTARD and WARFARE. Joining another relatively unknown guitarist, Phil Campbell, they played together at a MOTÖRHEAD audition, and both were taken on.

Burston acquired the nickname Würzel while in the Army, being compared to the character Worzel Gummidge due to his scarecrow-style hair and bumpkin-like manner. Lemmy reportedly demanded that Würzel add an umlaut to the "U" in his name, for "heavy metal effect."

Würzel can be heard on the following MOTÖRHEAD albums:

* No Remorse (1984)
* Orgasmatron (1986)
* Rock 'n' Roll (1987)
* Nö Sleep at All (1988)
* The Birthday Party (1990)
* 1916 (1991)
* March ör Die (1992)
* Bastards (1993)
* Sacrifice (1995)


Jodee Frawlee: Play 4 SK

Shred Knowledge play that riff Contest Jodee Frawlee

Jodee Frawlee: TC electronics Dirt Box contest

Jodee Frawlee TC electronics Dirt Box contest

Adam Ironside: announces DirtBox / TC Electronics WinDirtBox / TC Electronics Winner

DirtBox / TC Electronics Winner!

David Locke: Crazy Train

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne - David Locke

Arnaldo Alves: Far Beyond The Sun

Arnaldo Alves - Far Beyond The Sun - Cover

David Locke: Trouble - Coldplay

Trouble - Coldplay - David Locke

Marcus Milller: Jean Pierre - fusion fans delight

Marcus Milller - Jean Pierre

Ian Crichton: Saga Hedon Zwolle 2011-06-22

Ian Crichton: Saga Hedon Zwolle 2011-06-22

Joe Bonamassa: Sloe Gin

Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin live.mp4

Rob Chappers: MonkeyFest 2011 blog - Part 1 of 4

MonkeyFest 2011 blog - Part 1 of 4

Alex Hutchings, Rob Chappers: one afternoon with Alex Hutchings... and you tune to fourths

tune to fourths... tune to fourths... tune to fourths... tune to fourths... tune to fourths... all power to the hypno toad...

Trying out 4ths tuning after a lesson with Alex Hutchings

Don Lappin, Scott Tarulli, Maddie Rice: enjoy a night of awesome guitar music

Don Lappin Live at the BPC!

14 July · 20:00 - 23:00
Berklee Performance Center
150 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA
Created by:
Alon Mei-Tal, Don Lappin
More info
Come enjoy a night of awesome guitar music with Don Lappin and Scott Tarulli bands as they prepare for the release of their new respective records. Don's band includes:

Steve Hunt- keyboards
Joe Santerre- bass
Tyler LeVander- drums
Maddie Rice- guitar
Alon Mei-Tal- guitar

Scott Tarulli Group starts at 8:15 and Don Lappin Group follows immediately after. Admission is $10, or free with Berklee ID. It'll be a great show you won't want to miss!


Carlo Losavio,Lee Ritenour: Montreux Jazz Festival 2011

Montreux Jazz Festival 2011 - Live Session, Lee Ritenour and Carlo Losavio

Jack Thammarat: Jeff Beck Never Alone

Jeff Beck - Never Alone (Cover)

Alex Hutchings, Rob Chappers: Roland GR55 Guitar Synthesizer

Roland GR55 Guitar Synthesizer Demo

Kostas Alexakis: Landau, Timmons, Becy... tone to die for!

Andy Timmons cry for you cover

Jeff Beck style impro

Mike landau "underwear jam"

Kitsune Sato: 主よ、人の望みの喜びよ - two handed

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Butterfly (バタフライ)

phantom of the opera(guitar tapping)

Rob Chappers, Fred Brum: Monkeyfest jam 2011

First of all, this is a pretty laid back live jam over one of David Wallimann's backing tracks, which you'll find at - highly recommended! David saved my arse after the Pro Tools session containing the track went nuts and managed to introduce all sorts of silly artifacts in the backups, one day away from being in the UK.
This was a ton of fun, and it was quite cool to FINALLY jam with Rob after we've met for more than a year and were always taking turns at playing but never doing so at once. :) Everything was improvised on the spot, so excuse any eventual bum note from us. :P
Check Rob at:
Check David Wallimann and his fab tuition ideas here:
Last but definitely not least, check Benni's righteous chops here:
Many thanks for the support, people! :)

Monkeyfest 2011 - Fred Brum - Jam with Chappers \m/

Antoine Fafard: Phree Motion Cool Nu Fusion

I know you fusion guys are going to love this sound :)

Excerpt of the piece Phree Motion from the album Solus Operandi (available in August 2011) by Antoine Fafard. For more information go to

Antoine Fafard - fretless bass and classical guitar
Jerry De Villiers Jr - electric guitar
Dave Weckl - drums & timbales

Antoine Fafard - Phree Motion

James Bell: I Love Marshall!

This my entry to the marshall jvm4 full stack competition expressing how much I love marshall! The song is an original composition by me :) Hope everyone enjoys this video as much as i did making it and I hope that I win 

I Love Marshall! - James Bell

Niels Vejlyt: Disturbed Pentatonics - Sample Lesson

Niels Vejlyt's - Disturbed Pentatonics - Sample Lesson

Niels VejlytI also recorded a new instructional video in super high quality for The Wizard of Shred​m/product-disturbedpentatonics​

Michael Dolce: play 4 sk

Michael dolce play 4 sk Promo clip

News: Truth In Shredding YouTube Google Plus Style

Google plus themes rolling out on the web. I updated my gmail, this was my youtube channel from a google plus friend. The people at google must be working overime on all these changes. The android app is great too.