Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Guthrie Govan: Monkeyfest insight by Dan Monk

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Hittar Cuesta: Technical Difficulties - problem solved

"Technical Difficulties" Paul Gilbert By Hittar Cuesta

Technical Difficulties

Hold The Line "Toto" Hittar Cuesta / Dr. Jack

News: YouTube view count issue

Why is my viewcount frozen?
YouTube employs proprietary technology to prevent the artificial inflation of a video’s viewcount by spam bots, malware and other means. We validate views to ensure the accuracy of the viewcount of all videos beginning with the first view. This validation process becomes publicly visible when the viewcount reaches 300. At this point, the viewcount may slow or temporarily freeze until we have time to verify that all further views are legitimate. Rest assured that the views system is working as intended, and that the viewcount will update as soon as the system has verified the legitimacy of the views.

Known Issue: Viewcount outage from July 11th-July 17th

You may notice some inconsistencies between your Insight view count and public view count (e.g. watch page view count) for the week of July 11th. Please be assured that any views not currently updated are still being recorded. We hope to have any view count discrepancies resolved as soon as possible, but note that it may take a couple of days.
  • Insight and YouTube Analytics are missing some viewcount data from late July 11th to July 17th.
  • Public viewcounts are missing some viewcount data over the same range, though it may not correlate to the missing Insight info (ie: though both incorrect, public viewcount may be different than the Insight numbers).
  • All views from July 18th forward are being counted correctly in both Insight and public viewcounts.
  • All views from the outage period (7/11-7/18) will slowly be added back, however this may take some time and we don't have an ETA for this at the time being.
  • Lastly, there should be no impact to your revenues from this month - AdSense reporting and earnings were not effected by this issue.
updated 07/20/2011

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion Paris

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: BCC Paris

Eddie Van Halen: Charlie Sheen bi winning!

DonMichele1980 - You never know when inspiration might strike (EVH & Charlie Sheen)

Adam Bell: Surfaces djental brutal

SURFACES - New Horizons play through

Adam Ironside: Chapman Guitar is shredded

Just a video update to announce my endorsement from Chapman Guitars and what is happening with DirtBox, my album and various other projects.

Chapman Guitars Endorsement & News

A sample or teaser if you like of some behind the scenes footage whilst I prepare my debut album for release.

This video features me doing some tracking for the track 'A Message From Space.'

Cosmology - Recording Blog 1

Steve Lukather: Toto Africa in Verona - stunning opening by David Paich

AFRICA - TOTO live in VERONA 17/07/2011 ITALY + David Paich Piano Intro

LEA - TOTO live in VERONA 17/07/2011 - ITALY HD audio

Cameron Barton: Guest Solo For "The Mortal Coil"

Just as the title says. Tre Watson's "Gravestones" EP coming out on 9-10-11!! check out his band Carthage!

My Guest Solo For "The Mortal Coil" By Tre Watson - Cameron Barton

Dave Weiner: Cult Of Personality lesson

How to play the intro to "Cult Of Personality" by Living Color

How to play "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz

Chris Broderick: on his Jackson Signature Model

Jackson Live: Chris Broderick on his Jackson Signature Model

Richie Blackmore: Deep Purple Re Issues

Deep Purple's Ian Gillan talks about the famous version of the band as they're releasing the first three albums on Tuesday via Eagle Rock which include covers of The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.


Lenger: the wizard - fretless exotic wonder

the wizard

Andreas Kisser: Sepultura talks 'The Big 4'

Jackson Live: Andreas Kisser from Sepultura talks 'The Big 4' at Sonisphere, UK 2011

Frank Zappa: The Frank Zappa Report

The Frank Zappa Report - Saul Alvarado:
This journal is made with automatic Facebook recolector software. That does not means that i endorse everything posted here. But i am amazing to see that it can be helpful on put together a nice daily paper on all the posts on Facebook about Frank Zappa everyday. I only ask for patience while i learn how to get rid of the unwanted entries. Enjoy Frank Zappa Repor

Christian Clemente: guitar improvisation

guitar improvisation

Rick Graham: Guitarist Magazine Guitarist Of The Year 2011

Guitarist Magazine Guitarist Of The Year 2011 -- Rick Graham (HD)

James Bell: Young Guitarist Of The Year 2011

Guitarist Magazine's 2011 Young Guitarist Of The Year, 13-year-old James Bell, performs his winning composition, A New Hope, live at the Guitarist Of The Year 2011 live finals on 4 June 2011. The finals took place at London's prestigious Southbank Centre as part of the London Guitar Festival.

In addition to the respect and admiration of his peers, James also won Blackstar HT Stage 60 and HT-1 amplifiers, courtesy of YGOTY 2011 sponsors Blackstar Amplification, and the chance to open next year's Guitarist Of The Year live final. Well done James!

Guitarist Magazine Young Guitarist Of The Year 2011 - James Bell (HD)

Derek Sherinian: Oceana more details about guitar studded release

Derek Sherinian's new solo album 'Oceana' is released Monday September 5th by the Music Theories Recordings label via the Mascot Label Group.

If this were the 1970's, the heyday of such keyboard titans as Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman and Jon Lord, Sherinian would be among that elite circle of players who were superstars back in the day when such talent was not only appreciated, but celebrated in popular music. This is, however, 2011, and in this age, Derek Sherinian is the premiere rock keyboardist of his generation, a member of the supergroup Black Country Communion, a former member of Dream Theater, and a solo artist in his own right.

Sherinian has played keyboards with artists including Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Yngwie Malmsteen and KISS. In addition to being a former member of Dream Theater, Sherinian was also a member of the prog rock band Platypus, and the founder of the progressive fusion metal band Planet X.

'Oceana' is mixed by legendary drummer Simon Phillips (whose drumming credits include Toto, The Who, Jeff Beck, 10CC, Roxy Music). Phillips also plays drums on the entire album.

Steve Lukather collaborates with Sherinian on 'Mulholland', 'Euphoria' and 'Seven Sins', while former Planet X guitarist Tony MacAlpine performs on 'Five Elements' and 'Mercury 7'. Steve Stevens is featured on 'Ghost Runner' and the title track, while Black Country Communion band-mate Joe Bonamassa performs on 'I Heard That'. Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake) performs on 'El Camino Diablo', and Jimmy Johnson plays bass on all tracks with the exception of 'Ghost Runner' and 'Oceana', which both feature Tony Franklin.

Favouring a guitar heavy rock based approach to fusion ala Jeff Beck, Sherinian's music creates a certain energy that comes through the recordings, setting him apart from other jazz fusion artists. His music also appeals to fans of technical heavy metal. Thanks to his relentless touring schedule with a wide range of well-known artists, Sherinian easily adapts to ever changing musical genres, while always maintaining his signature style. more

Dave Kilminster: a Linea Rock

Dave Kilminster a Linea Rock

Marty Friedman: Hawaii

HAWAII-Turn It Louder

Doug Aldrich, Marty Friedman: Twist International


Jeff Beck,Buddy Guy: Let Me Love You Baby

Jeff Beck - "Let Me Love You Baby" with Buddy Guy (2009)

Randy Martin: Acid-Groove-Jazz-Fusion I

Beats, loops and sounds from the 11rack/protoolsLE combination. The guitar is the neck p/u-DiMarzio PAF-into 11rack "Mesa Vintage" model, 100% simulated.

Acid-Groove-Jazz-Fusion Improv

Mateus Starling: Harmonic and melodic intervals for improvisation

Video class - Harmonic and melodic intervals for improvisation and comping (modern jazz, fusion)

Denis Warren: Cold Fusion LIVE

Cold Fusion live performance from the album Denis Warren - DEEP.
Original backing track recorded by:
Electric guitars and keyboards: Denis Warren
Drums: Marcos Feminella
Bass Guitar and Fretless Bass Guitar: Andrey Roberto da Silva
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexei Leão at AML Studios, Florianópolis, Brazil - 2010
For more please visit:

Denis Warren - Cold Fusion LIVE

Mateus Starling: improvisation with Octaver

Octaver test by Mateus Starling - Giant Steps, Tenor Madness, Stella, Wave.

Adam Moore: Fuchsia Hooligans

Adam Moore:
I've got some free time over the summer and have wanted to put together fresh performances of older songs for a while, so here I go. You can buy Curious Liquid and my other albums on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby,

Adam Moore Hooligan Dance July 2011

Adam Moore Fuchsia Performance July 2011