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Paul Gilbert,George Orlov: signs a fans guitar... now that's service for you!

from Paul Gilbert to me)

George Orlov pre Ibanez... with his Strat.

Video 40

Joe Pinnavaia: Fragile X new album available

Joe Pinnavaia
New record is out at my reverbnation store! "Fragile X" is ready for download. Here' s the link: Will also be available on iTunes and Amazon.

1. Enki, Enlil and the Garden of E.Din
2. Night at the Carnival
3. Jacob's Ladder
4. Ascension in the Desert

Fragile XDigital Album (MP3):  buy  

Isao Fujita,Shane Gibson,Hiroshi Shibasaki: Spark7 tour 2011

Japan Tour Spark7 two thousand and eleven!!

ten / six ~ 10/11 members
Isao Fujita (G)Shane Gibson (G) ,
Kiyomi Otaka (Org)
Yabuki Taku (Key)
Philip Bynoe (B)
Thomas Lang (Dr.) Guest ... . Hiroshi Shibasaki (G)
(10/11 only) ten / 6 Silver Elephant two Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo-10-6-B1 Open thirty past seven p.m. Start 19:00 adv ¥ 5,000 ¥ 4,000 day 10 / 8 sash Shizuoka Itaya-cho, Naka-ku Hamamatsu 100-10 Open seven p.m. Start 18:00 adv ¥ 5,000 ¥ 4,000 day ten / 9 Jack Lion Yokoe 20-25 chome Ibaraki, Osaka Open 6 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Start adv ¥ 4,000 day ¥ 5,000 10/11 Buddy Hall B2F 1-77-8 Futaba Asahigaoka Nerima Ward, Tokyo Open 19:30 Start half past six p.m. the day ¥ 4,000 ¥ 5,000 advance from the start 8 / 6 advance ticket booking all venues. Spark7 annual tour! Shane Gibson is a member of KoRn yuan (G), Kiyomi Otaka was organist in the strongest essential Spark7 (Org), Mr confident in one of the best keyboard player. Suguru Yabuki Perfect (Key), to the rhythm and Steve Vai, Philip Bynoe familiar with bassist Nuno Bettencourt (B), Thomas Lang is said to have the world's best technique (Dr) celebrate! ISAO new album released nationwide from 10 / 7 "Gravity Core" tour that saw引Ssage a frantic roar! ! Aug 7, 2 011 Toshimi Session @ Kichijoji Silver Elephant Toshimi Nagai (B) Yabuki Taku (Key) ISAO (G) greater Tsutomu (Ds) Open 18:30 Start 19 o'clock came out! Toshimi Session! ! Aug twenty-one, two thousand and eleven of Power Duo @ Yokohama-Joe Hey Abe Studies (Gt) ISAO (Gt) S. Sano (Ba) significantly Tsutomu (Ds) thirty past six p.m. Open seven p.m. Start Tekuyuni partner age, Manabu Abe and the number of years? The session! Aug twenty-two, two thousand and eleven IK Groovin '@ Yokohama-Hey Joe ISAO (G) Round bear Hisanori (Ds) at home this Ryosuke (B) , Shoko Nagasaki (Key) Open 18:30 Start thirty past seven p.m. Aug twenty-five, 2,011 organist overexquisite de S @ XYZ → A. Session Hachioji , Kiyomi Otaka (Org) ISAO (G) Yoshihiro Naruse (B) Takashi Sasaki (Ds) Open Start pending the Kiyomi Otaka's participation in the session. Mr. Naruse base, the drum will welcome Cassiopeia Sasaki original. Antarctica feeling the full!Aug 26, two thousand and eleven Unit @ Hey, Yokohama-Joe Yabuki Taku Taku Yabuki (Key) ISAO (G) of this house, Ryosuke (B) Shin Watanabe (Ds) 18:30 Open Start 7:00 p.m. Mr.. Suguru Yabuki science Perfect Face participate in the unit's! Sep 23, two thousand and eleven Session @ Stormy Monday Kannai Toshimi Toshimi Nagai (B) Kozo Suganuma (Ds) ISAO (G) Open Start undecided out again! Toshimi Session! ! This is a guitar trio with maven for two more. Sep 24, two thousand and eleven Cube-Jack Ray @ Lion ISAO (G) Ikuo (B) , Koji Hasegawa (Dr.) Open Start thirty past six p.m. 6:00 p.m. W / Slow Starter America, Stoic is the only time in Osaka, many years! ? Cube rainy-Ray miraculously aligned members (laughs)! - Installation is only playing. Oct fifteen, two thousand and eleven After Spark7 @ Kichijoji Silver Elephant ISAO (G) , Junichi sandpile (B) T. Xing (Ds) other members unknown unknown Open Start live after Spark7 Japan Tour.

From Spark7-Japan Tour 2008 : ISAO, Shane Gibson(G), Kai Kurosawa(B), Thomas Lang(Ds), Kiyomi Otaka(Org)



ISAO Pudding Busters

ISAO’s official blog:
His Myspace:
His Facebook:
His Twitter ID: @Isao1229

Leanne Campbell: a nice tribute to Richie Kotzen

Acoustic version Remember Richie Kotzen

Tom Richardson: Morley Power Wah Competition

Morley Power Wah Competition Entry - Tom Richardson

Joe Stump,Yngwie Malmsteen: skip fight! November 1998

First published back in November 1998... triggering a few responses... as we know... only time will tell in the pantheon of guitarists who will win this ultimate skip fight!

I notice that you've mentioned quite a few guitar players already, but no Yngwie Malmsteen yet. In general, people seem to think of you as an Yngwie Malmsteen kind of guitar player rather than anything else.

Joe: Well, I mean I'm influenced by the same guys as Yngwie is. Yngwie is definitely a major influence on my playing. One of the main reasons is that I'm one of the few people who has more or at least as much technique as he has. So, you know, I'm actually more influenced by Ritchie Blackmore and Gary Moore than Yngwie. And of course I also got influenced by Paganini and Bach, you know, that Yngwie plays stuff right out of their pieces of all over the place.

So the scalloped Strats are more a Blackmore influence then?

Joe: Well, I mean scalloped Strats, I mean I love Ritchie Blackmore and I love Yngwie but obviously I wouldn't play a scalloped Strat just because, you know, just because I'm a big fan of those two guys [laughs]. I play it because it's much easier to control the note, control the pitch and vibrato and all that kind of stuff. But it was Ritchie Blackmore who lead me to checking that out. And Yngwie, too, you know, he lead Yngwie to check it out too, even though he wouldn't readily admit it.

I brought up Yngwie because your name pops up in a negative context on a lot of the time. What is your reaction to that?

Joe: Just like Yngwie took a lot of things from Ritchie Blackmore and boosted them up a notch, I took things from Yngwie and boosted them up. There's a lot of stuff on my records that Yngwie could never play [Pauses, then adds:] ...unless he sat down and practised five or six hours a day.

Could you be specific?

Joe:The arpeggio section to "Rapid Fire Rondo" is impossibly hard. And, you know, a lot of my stuff is, if you take what Yngwie did and then make it a lot more intense, heavier, you know, even more demanding technically, you know, I mean, yeah, we both play fast and we both have very heavy classical influences, yes a lot of stuff I do sounds like Yngwie, but there's tons of stuff on my records that doesn't even sound remotely like his stuff. That's just an easy way for people to say, you know, I don't play that well or something like that. They're just trying to write me off as an Yngwie clone, you know. I mean like I said there's tons of stuff on my records, he'd be practising a while before he could play it. more

Shawn Lane,Eric Gales: Murphy's in Memphis 1995

Shawn Lane,Eric Gales playing live back in 1995, live at Murphy's in Memphis Tn. RIP Shawn Lane. Note the new Eric Gales Blues/ Rock CD "Transformation" To Be Released on August 16th

Eric Gales Paul Taylor Shawn Lane Cody Dickinson LIVE- REMASTERED AUDIO

Chris Brooks: The Axis of All Things on track!

help Chris Brooks and be part of a winning CD
So let’s me keep you up to speed on the exciting album that you’ve kindly agreed to be a part of…
John Romeo has crafted a mix that I’m very happy with. It’s a great fit for the music. He’s about 1/2 way though the mix, and he sends me each track as he goes for any feedback and tweak suggestions that I have. Having a couple of different drummers, and a few different styles of song requires a little personal attention rather than a “conveyor belt” approach to the mix of each song, yet it all has to sound good on the same CD by the same token. I’m stoked with what we have so far.
The final track listing for “The Axis of All Things” reads like this (order may be changed before the pressing:
The Axis Of All Things
Open Doors
Not the day, Nor the hour
Feeding The Myth (featuring Rick Graham)
Wisdom Rd
Hammers Heart (Kee Marcello cover)
In and out of Dreams (Axis pt II)
(featuring Brett Garsed and Lord Tim)
Velvet Claws

Richard Hallebeek, Allan Holdsworth, Kiko Lourerio: European Summer Campus 2011

Richard Hallebeek heads of to the upcoming European Summer Campus 2011. Also at the show will be the tower guitar players Allan Holdsworth and Kiko Lourerio.  Hopefully will be seeing the results of this meeting in Pro Shot video... coming to a channel near you soon.

Euro Summer Campus

You can also see Kiko Lourerio live at the upcoming Jason Becker fest:

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Andy James,Zakk Wylde: Justin Bieber credited for For Order Of The Black Album!

Zakk Wylde Credits Justin Bieber For Order Of The Black Album Interview With Andy James iGuitar Andy James Interviews Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society in Issue 3 of Guitar Interactive magazine at the Marshall Head Quarters.
Zakk talks about the new tour for the new album The Song Remains Not The Same & also lets us in on who wrote the bands album 'Order Of The Black'. The Full Interview with Zakk Wylde can be watched for FREE in Issue 3 of Gutiar Interactive Magazine, by heading to
We not only have the FULL version of this exclusive interview with Zakk Wylde but our latest issue of Guitar Interactive features a 2nd Interview by Stuart Bull with Zakk Wylde and an indepth look into his style of playing with guitar lessons on how to shred like the master!!
We also review the Zakk Wylde pedals, his Gibson custom shop signature Les Paul and The Marshall JCM800 head.

If all this wasn't enough - Guitar Interactive Issue 3 takes a look at all 5 Ozzy Axe Men - The Wizards Of Oz - guitar lessons on the style of Tony Iommi, Randy Rhodes, Jake E Lee, Zakk Wylde and Gus G.

George Lynch: Lynch Mob lose Oni

Chaz West of Bonham will now be replacing Oni Logon on this tour. A statement from the band reads: “Oni let the band and our fans down. He quit the band at 5:30 am before our 7:30 am scheduled flight... Lynch also stated that he plans on emulating the vocals with his guitar, if necessary! more

Daniele Gottardo: scary licks!

Daniele Gottardo "Green Exercise" from Superfingering DVD ITALIAN

Alex Hutchings,Pete Callard: The Andertons Jazz Guitar Masterclass

The Andertons Jazz Guitar Masterclass (Featuring Alex Hutchings and Pete Callard)

Eric Gales: G+ is the BOMB

Eric Gales:
In the process of downloading ALL the data from Facebook to add here! Some really cool inside footage from the last album being recorded, and some live footage not on Youtube. This network HERE is the BOMB....

I've been following the memes of professional players on G+, and the current winner for shear prolific output is guitar groove guru Eric Gales. Why is this better than Facebook then? Well I've seen more news, videos and photos on G+ than I would have on facebook... all thanks to the power of circles.

Eric Gales - Star Spangled Banner -BB's King's in Memphis

Dustin Keillor: PG tips

Enjoying a PG jam

Hurry Up - cover

Sunny Dsouza: Suhr Pro Series S 3 bengal burst

Suhr Pro Series S 3 bengal burst

Paul Gilbert: news update

Paul Gilbert:
There is a lot of MR. BIG touring going on this year, so please check out myTOUR page for details. It's all original members, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey, and myself. All rock. All live. Around the world.
I have begun writing a monthly column for PREMIER GUITAR magazine called, "Shred Your Enthusiasm." You can check it out online, or of course, in the magazine.
There are very good things going on with the new Ibanez Fireman production model. Keep an eye on the Ibanez website for upcoming announcements.
Also, check the newest "Yellow Matter Custard" live DVD and CD featuring Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Kasim Sulton, and me playing and singing our favorite Beatles songs at B.B. King's in NYC.
Finally, please visit the websites of DiMarzio Pickups and Marshall Amps. They've got some photos of me playing their excellent gear.
Thank you,