Saturday, 3 December 2011

Yuri Isobe: She plays a great tribute to Kiko Loureiro

Kiko Loureiro Whispering by Yuri Isobe @ P.A.D.9

Anouck André: Tc Electronic Nova System demo

Tc Electronic Nova System Limited : The Secret Presets !

News: Guitar Idol Live - Only one can win!

It's taken awhile, but we are finally there. Lots of guys in one room to watch one of these guys getting crowned as Guitar Idol III! I will be there at the show, so hopefully some blogging coverage.

  1. Ignacio Torres  Ignacio Torres - Horus
  2. Maneli Jamal Maneli Jamal - Movement III - Ziur
  3. Eugene Berger Eugene Berger - Funkissimo
  4. Franco Perla Frank Pearl - The Neverendless Song
  5. Marius Pop  Marius Pop - Marbri
  6. Don Alder Just a Rogue
  7. Nico Schliemann  Dead Ends
  8. Charly Sahona  Charly Sahona's guitar idol entry 2010
  9. Hedras Ramos  Hedras Ramos - Stellar Crash
  10. Jack Gardiner  Jack Gardiner - Rising Sun
  11. Alexander Pozdnyakov  When The Sun Goes Down
  12. Ignazio Di Salvo  Ignazio Di Salvo A night of Change Promo vid

Pipoquinha Bass: stunning young teenage bass player

Amedício jr com Pipoquinha Bass - Música Rei Arthur

Reece Fullwood: Scarred by Illusion

This is my latest instrumental track.
Recording with an Ibanez RGA8 with emg808x's
and a Dean RC7

Reece Fullwood - Scarred by Illusion

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dick Dale: Pipeline

stevie ray vaughan & dick dale pipeline

Ayman Mokdad: Vinai Alive Competition using Ibanez Prestige Magnus Olsson model.

This is my entry to this great competition.
Nothing fancy just some melodic lines and a final improvised solo.
Thank you all for passing by and taking the time to listen watch and comment.
I'm using an Ibanez Prestige Magnus Olsson model (Red Devil) plugged into a BAd Horsie Wha pedal and then into and AXE-FX Ultra.
AYMAN - Vinai Alive Competition

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Laurie Monk, my guest appearence on Show Of hands

My one second of fame... Me get all excited at 1:18... Note you might want to watch from 1:16... in case you blink and miss it in it's full screen glory!

Rush - Tom Sawyer ( A Show Of Hands )

Steve Hillage: The Salmon Song 1977

This takes me back... back to my days at technical college...

Steve Hillage - The Salmon Song: Pool/Solomon's Atlantis/Swimming (Live, 1977)

Guthrie Govan: Bad Asteroid in Asia

Guthrie Govan - Bad Asteroid (Live, 2002) (with Asia Featuring John Payne) (HQ)

News: MusicOff competition
how to participate:
backing tracks:
Details in English coming soon.

MusicOff Video Contest 2012 - Official Trailer

Levi Clay: Live 4 Guitar Jason Becker Benefit part 3

Guglielmo Malusardi, Philippe de Lange and Kris Claerhout
At last we reach the final part of our coverage on the Jason Becker Not Dead Yet 2011 festival. Hopefully you've enjoyed what I've been able to share with you so far and hopefully this has spurred you to go out and check out some of these guys. So far we've covered some pretty hot names like Andy James, and Daniele Gottardo but these guys are small fish compared to the names we have in this last installment; so read on and be inspired. There's a lot to tell you about the artists involved in this part of the show, but as always we're here for Jason, so allow me a minute to highlight some ways in which you can get involved and help out.

First of all, there are a series of auctions being held by the "Not Dead Yet" team, the auction contains signed goodies from the guys at the show and a host of other huge names including Eddie Van Halen. Head on over to and keep an eye out for new additions.  more video, transcripts

Jason Becker Auction

Dan Mumm: They Were As Stone

Dan Mumm - They Were As Stone - 8 Finger Tapping Guitar

News: Truth In Shredding recommended releases

Guitarville Ponco Satrio

Hale Souls Gretchen Menn

Ivan Manoloff True Stories

Dimitar Nalbantov: Be on the Wing

Dimi Nalbantov "Be on the Wing" New Album is out! Full Test Vid.

Dimi Nalbantov Broken Clouds

Daniel Péroine: Utopia two handed tapping

Daniel Péroine Live _Utopia_.flv

Godeva: crazy guitar tuning bebebe for neung vinai alive guitarsolo competition

hi, i'm godeva from thailand.
this is my entry for neung vinai alive guitarsolo compettition.
original tuning Bebebe
guitar : zion
effect : boss me25

neung vinai alive guitarsolo compettition entry by godeva

Guthrie Govan: signs special Oakland Axe Factory guitar

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)

Another special guitar to be auctioned very soon, donated by Loudguitars. This custom one of a kind Oakland Axe Factory EJ 6 is hand made in the USA By Tom Drinkwater as purchased and completed by
The guitar has been approved (and tried out!) by Mr G himself.
— withOueight Onetoo, Jason Becker, Jason Becker, Levi Clay, Drew Slaney, Kris Claerhout, Laurie Monk and Mike Blackburn.

Jason Becker Auction

Gretchen Menn: Jas Obrecht album review

Gretchen Menn
 One of the greatest honors so far in my career: my album was reviewed by the great Jas Obrecht, a truly amazing and influential music journalist.

Gretchen Menn: Hale Souls
Gretchen Menn's all-instrumental solo CD is loaded with brilliant guitar playing, edgy arrangements, and compelling compositions.

Maddie Rice: Brian May - Seven Seas of Rhye Audition

Seven Seas of Rhye Audition- Maddie Rice

Alex Machacek,Derek Sherinian:Planet X Yerevan Festival 2008

Alex Machacek,Derek Sherinian:Planet X Yerevan Festival 2008

Alex Machacek: Out Trio The OUTtrio live video shot February 14th, 2002 is the result of 3 world class musicians and friends coming together for one special evening. Terry Bozzio (Drums), Alex Machacek (Guitar), and Patrick O'Hearn (Bass) make the perfect combination for this jazz fusion experience. The 2 angle video was shot by George Walas and put on the shelf until late 2004 when Terry Bozzio decided that he wanted to share this sentimental video with his audience. Altitude Digital had the privilege of putting the 2 angles together to create a video that would have otherwise never been seen (except by those who viewed the show live that night).

Terry Bozzio, Alex Machacek & Patrick O'Hearn - Out Trio

OUT trio

Patrick Amar: Impro on a fusion type loop

Patrick Amar - Impro on a fusion type loop:
Just fooling around with my brand new Schecter Blackjack ATX C8. (What a guitar !!!)

Mistheria: Zagreb Guitar Show 2011

Mistheria: Zagreb Guitar Show 2011

News: How Your Band Can Make the Most Out of the Holidays

Nadine Gressett
There's so much going on around this time of year. But the biggest question you should be asking yourself is how do the holidays effect you as a musician? More specifically, how can you use the Holiday Season to sell more cds, book more live shows, or get more fans?
The answer is in a holiday plan - a step-by-step guide that makes the most of the Holiday Season for both you and your followers. Think of your listeners as extended family, this is the time for you to share with them and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. List some ways you can both reach out to your listeners and let them know how much their patronage means to your band. What would your listeners think of a Christmas song, cd design, e-card, or gift that featured them or at least had a personalized message to them?
The Christmas Season, frankly, is not just about giving, but is also about buying. So, a lot more individuals are looking for unique gifts to purchase for the people on their list. Knowing that shoppers are wanting to buy, 3 factors are important to have in place 1) memorable stuff to sell, 2) ways to connect with them 3) and ways to stay in contact with them.
Since we have mentioned the relevance of the Holiday Season as it relates to your band, let's go through a few practical steps.
Know you're goal for the Holiday Season - What specifically would your band like to see happen? Sold out shows? A huge fanbase? So many sales you have to continually reorder? Expand your expectations a bit here.
Plan out how to do it - Write out your plan of what you will get done and when, remembering for some items there's a definite time crunch.
Do it with style - Whether you need cd design, a music video, or a re-recording of an old holiday song--the biggest priority is for everything to be done professionally.
Keep your branding intact - Whatever you're doing this season to share with fans, make sure it has your band's brand undeniably. It's vital not only that your band is getting out there this holiday season, but buyers recognize that it's you. Do you have your logo on it? Are you using your recognized colors and style?
You need a team - Share the load with others (people that know their stuff and actually LIKE doing all those things you dislike) will help you be much more productive during this often hectic season. Once you have your plan written out, use the amazing power of delegation in order to deliver the best holiday joy a band can give!
Now the only question is what is your band going to do to be remembered this Christmas Season?
At, we know that you only have one chance to make a good first we get it done right! We're ready to take the load and deliver killer design--start a design projectwith us by December 17th and we'll give you cool free stuff!

Daniel Peroine: 8 Fingers tapping

8 Fingers tapping by Daniel Péroine

Antonio Soncina: Vinai Alive Competition

Vinai Alive Competition - Antonio Soncina

Nick Kellie: Cicada ipad page flipper

review of the Cicada page flip -

Rock lesson

Brett S Kelly: Polyrhythmic tapping

This exercise makes use of a common rhythmic idea known as Hemiola; 2 against 3. Begin with your left hand tapping the melody. Once this is stable, add your right hand to the mix by tapping octaves on the 6th and 4th strings in straight eighth notes. Then, try walking the bass notes down a C Major scale.

Go to for the tabs!

Polyrhythmic Tapping

Mike Campese: Yngwie Malmsteen tour 2011

Mike Campese Vibe@Yngwie Tour 2011

Mike Campese-Over The Top...Yngwie Malmsteen Relentless Tour 2011