Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mike Groisman: New Beginning

New Beginning - Mike Groisman

David Locke: Still Got The Blues

A Tribute To Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues

Joe Bonamassa: Bakersfield, 2011

Joe Bonamassa: Bakersfield, 2011

Eric Maldonado: wins String Insanity 2011

I won guys! Thank YOU SO MUCH for your votes!! Thank you to Shred Academy, Randall Padilla, Derryl Gabel, Fernandes Guitars, and all the people who voted for me!
Voting was counted by Facebook user votes (50%)
3 Judges of Randall Padilla, Derryl Gabel and Roo (30%),
and Shred Academy staff (20%)
Leave a comment below to be entered in a random drawing for 1 of 3 free Skype lessons with me! Just post a regular comment, no need to say "Entry for lesson" or "I want the Skype lesson" :D
Thanks so much guys this is AWESOME! To see the list of prizes i got click here:

- String Insanity 2011 Winner! - Eric Maldonado 1st Place + Special Contest! -


1st Place: Eric Maldonado
A prime-time TV Spot, plus... Kona Electric Guitar KE30 ($399.99), Derryl Gabel Ultimate Fusion 12 DVD Pack ($229),
La Bella Strings x 12 Sets ($156), Shred Academy LIFETIME VIP Membership ($100+), Intellitouch Tuner PT40 ($49.99),
1 Years supply of Stylus Picks + Lifetime upgrades ($99.50), Stylus Pick Kit ($9.95), 1-Hour Webcam Lesson with SA Instructor 'Roo' ($49.95),
Niels Vejlyt "Advanced Arpeggios" ($24.95), Mini DV Video Camera ($19.95), Chronicles CD of instrumental guitarists,
Jim Dunlop Jazz III Pick x10, plus a Shred Academy 'goody bag' of treats,
an 'Artist Profile Page' on,
and a Professional review by one of our Shred Academy Instructors!
Total Value Approx. $1,171

2nd Place: Derek Jenny
La Bella Strings x 12 Sets ($156), Intellitouch Tuner PT40 ($49.99), Stylus Pick Kit ($9.95), "Tao of Shred" DVD ($24.95),
30-Minute Webcam Lesson with SA Instructor 'Roo' ($29.95), 66 Licks Guitar Solo Software ($49.95), Shred Academy Store Credit ($100),
Lead Guitar Techniques ($27.95), Shred Academy 6 Month VIP Membership ($19.95), Mini DV Camera,
Chronicles CD of instrumental guitarists, Jim Dunlop Jazz III Pick x5, a Shred Academy 'goody bag' of treats,
and an 'Artist Profile Page' on!
Total Value Approx. $509

3rd Place: Tomo
La Bella Strings x 12 Sets ($156), Intellitouch Tuner PT40 ($49.99), 66 Licks Guitar Solo Software ($49.95), Stylus Pick Kit ($9.95),
30-Minute Webcam Lesson with SA Instructor 'Roo' ($29.95), Shred Academy 6 Month VIP Membership ($19.95),
Shred Academy Store Credit ($50), Mini DV Camera, Chronicles CD of instrumental guitarists, Jim Dunlop Jazz III Pick x5,
plus a Shred Academy 'goody bag' of treats!
Total Value Approx. $406

4th Place: Jm Lozada
Professional review by one of our Shred Academy Instructors, La Bella Strings x 12 Sets ($156), Stylus Pick Kit ($9.95),
66 Licks Guitar Solo Software ($49.95), Shred Academy 6 Month VIP Membership ($19.95), Shred Academy Store Credit ($50),
Chronicles CD of instrumental guitarists, Jim Dunlop Jazz III Pick x3, plus a Shred Academy 'goody bag' of treats!
Total Value Approx. $306

5th Place: An'Dharma
Professional review by one of our Shred Academy Instructors, La Bella Strings x 12 Sets ($156), Stylus Pick Kit ($9.95),
Shred Academy 6 Month VIP Membership ($19.95), Shred Academy Store Credit ($50), Chronicles CD of instrumental guitarists,
Jim Dunlop Jazz III Pick x3, plus a Shred Academy 'goody bag' of treats!
Total Value Approx. $256

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Runners Up:
David Locke, Craig Pirtle, Laurent Bieber, Sidney Dacion & Darrl G
'66 Licks' Guitar Soloing Software ($49.95), Shred Academy Store Credit ($25), Stylus Pick Kit ($9.95),
Chronicles CD of instrumental guitarists, a Shred Academy 'goody bag' of treats,
and a professional review by one of our Shred Academy Instructors!
Total Value Approx. $105

Roger Pedersen: Sunday, the day of... Shred!!!

Roger Pedersen:
This track is originally a track from "". I just wanted to play some guitar on it. Hope you like it :-). Please check out my Youtube-channel "guitarpopcornmachine" or or If you want to support me, please buy my cd "Kernels in a popcorn Machine".

The track is made by Chris Feener
A boring sunday in December- Roger Pedersen

News: A bird can fly competition

REMINDER 16 december starts A BIRD CONTEST 2012
= the international contest for:
harpists ♫ arrangers ♫ improvisers ♫ remixers
= a very cool opportunity for innovative musicians !
+ prof. jury + nice financial prices +

A BIRD CONTEST 2012 - harp and soul - ANNE vanschothorst - harp

News: Watts Up - Episode 5 - Analog V.S. Digital Special

Watts Up - Episode 5 - Analog V.S. Digital Special (Part One // AC/DC)

Watts Up - Episode 5 - Analog V.S. Digital Special (Part Two // Foos & Jimi Hendrix)

Watts Up - Episode 5 - Analog V.S. Digital Special (Part Three // Brown Sugar)

Stefan Lindholm: Vindictiv shred time

Guitar solo with Stefan Lindholm of Vindictiv

Jakub Żytecki: Dirty Loops - Circus solo

Jakub Żytecki:
Hey! When I heard that piano solo for the first time, I was totally blown away. I know there's few videos with the solo on the guitar, but I HAD to do this, coz Dirty Loops is the best band in the world! :) Please welcome my buddy Dominik Nieradka, definitely the grooviest bassist I've ever played with. Except David Maxim Micic, he will be a guest musician on my EP too.
So we made our own backing track to it, with some warm guitar chords in the background:)

Much love!

Dirty Loops - Circus solo (Jakub Żytecki & Dominik Nieradka)

Tom Quayle: Fusion Essentials - Playing Over Changes

From Drop Box

Fusion Essentials - Jazz Harmony & Playing Over Changes
As the third part of the Fusion Essentials range this huge tutorial covers jazz harmony from the basics of diatonic 7th harmony and common jazz/fusion chord progressions, through to tri-tone substitution and more complex subjects such as back-cycling for melody harmonisation. The tutorial also introduces the student to the concepts and harmony required for changes based playing, an essential element of the jazz/fusion sound. Chord/Scale theory and methods for learning the fretboard are covered along with practice techniques to develop ability over simple or complex changes.
This is the biggest tutorial so far on the site and includes: -
1.5 hours of video tuition in Full 1080p HD
21 Page, highly detailed, PDF document outlining all concepts with tabbed/notated examples
9 supplemental PDF files outlining all required scales and method for learning them, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th chords, altered chord voicings and basic chord construction method for triads and 7th chords
This can all be yours for the bargain price of just $25! That's less than the cost of a 1 hour private lesson.
Instant Download in .pdf, .mp4 format. (1.3Gb download - dual core or better CPU required for optimum playback) - $25

PLUS... anyone not know what to get you for Christmas?

Lesson GIFT VOUCHERS now available!You can now purchase gift vouchers for your loved one, redeemable against the downloadable lessons on my site. Vouchers can be personalised with your own message and delivered via email on the date of your choosing so as not to ruin the surprise! You can even print your voucher for use in a card or letter. (you'll need a paypal account to redeem the voucher - it's very easy and totally free to set one up).

Check it out here: - GIFT VOUCHERS or click the link below to buy vouchers.

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: You can have your cake and eat it!

Happy Birthday to Nita Strauss!!!

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox - Cake shredding mode

Sunset Strip Rockerz at the Troubadour 12/11/11 (Hollywood, CA)

The Röckerz are BACK FOR THE ATTACK~!! (Or, is it BACK FOR MORE!?!)... Join them for a night of 80s-era hard rock and metal mayhem. They're paying tribute to the greatest bands of the 80s Sunset Strip scene and beyond... GnR, Mötley, Def Lepp, Maiden, Ozzy, QuietRiot... well over an hour of fist-pumping, ball-breaking material. And the Troubadour is the perfect venue for the party.

The lineup on December 11th will be rounded out by a special guest on bass: Courtney Cox of THE IRON MAIDENS!! As always, Linda McDonald and Kirsten Rosenberg (Drums and Vox, respectively... also of THE IRON MAIDENS) will hammer out the tunes with Sev Reed on guitar. So pull out the spandex, order a box of aquanet and slip into those leather pants. It's gonna be one hell of a night~!!
Tickets available at http://sunsetstriprockerz.eventbrit

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox Guitar Shredding mode
Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox

Joop Wolters: Cort in an electric G Jam


Roberta Raschellà: Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Sometimes it is just calling. Something that stands between the mystic and the randomness. Roberta, already two years, find the love object: the guitar. Although initially began playing the clarinet at the Philharmonic Society of Bussoleno, a small town in the province of Turin, and then continue with the saxophone, his hands slipping from the keys to the strings between the benches of the school.

Roberta took part in several competitions and continued to study classical instrument, but at sixteen he decided to experiment with the electric guitar.

Finish high school, Roberta moved to Milan to attend the CPM, where the enthusiasm and the new push to deepen the technical knowledge genres and styles, from pop to soul to rock and Italian.

Among the events organized by the CPM in the path of particular importance Roberta Open Stage and experiences on stage with prominent artists such as Danity Kane.

Later, he joined the band Sun And The Ephemeris, female rock band that in 2009 he released his first single, "Too Diva." The song, particularly appreciated by the audience, is chosen for the opening of the Festival Show in Padua more


ROBERTA RASCHELLA' - Accademia LIZARD TORINO "Non c'è Ancora" di Roberta Raschellà

ROBERTA RASCHELLA' - Accademia LIZARD TORINO "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" - Jeff Beck

William Stravato: Beck tribute in Bucarest

Italian legato player, who has worked with people like Brett Garsed, playing a tribute to Jeff Beck in Bucharest in Romania


Nick Kellie: A minor pentatonic intervals lesson

Here is a cool lesson using the A minor pentatonic but played in cool intervals
Here's the tab

Nick's 5th guitar lesson

Learn the lessons and may be one day you can be as smooth as Nick.

Lil Wayne how to love cover guitar instrumental

Steve Baughman: Clawhammer - Clawmonics technique

Steve demonstrates a Clawhammer-based harmonic tapping technique.

Steve's Instructional DVD, The Power of Claw DVD is available at
The Power of Claw is the planet's only clawhammer guitar immersion DVD. It contains 26 detailed lessons that take you from claw beginner to advanced pyro-picker. Available at CD Baby and everywhere. Get the real Wasilla Weed on iTunes.

And don't forget to breathe.

Clawhammer Guitar Demo (Clawmonics) - Steve Baughman

Clawhammer Guitar Demo and Lesson - Steve Baughman

Eugene Berger: As Much As Anything

Eugene Berger - As Much As Anything

Nili Brosh,Jason Becker: special auction item posted

Another auction, something very special and personal. Nili Brosh donated her first CD + a very special handwritten letter to the buyer where she expresses the way she got her first album written and why she is contributing to Jason's cause. Thanks Nili. This is a must have!

Please all share on your pages!
Autographed / personal letter Nili Brosh for Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Auction in Entertainment Memorabilia , Music Memorabilia , Rock Pop , Artists B , Other |eBay

Scott Mosher: make Oceans of Night a Christmasgift

Oceans of Night splash
With Christmas coming up, what makes a better gift than the new Oceans of Night CD? Nothing! So grab your sleigh - or hitch a ride on a friends - and grab a copy or two today. Many thanks for supporting your local, independent musicians. Stay warm (unless you are traveling through the Sahara, then stay cool) and have a great holiday!

News: Unique Schecters for sale on ebay

Here's Your chance to get your bids in early on some ONE OF A KIND SCHECTERS!
C-1 DLX:
C-1 E/A:

Paul Masvidal,Paul Antonio Ortiz: Cynic, Chimp Spanner review by Irene Ketikidi

Review by Irene Ketikidi video GenacideTube

Venue: The Garage Opening band: Hypno5e Main support: Chimp Spanner Cynic

  • (Hieroglyph) 
  • Amidst The Coals 
  • Carbon Based Anatomy 
  • Evolutionary Sleeper 
  • How Could I 
  • Adam's Murmur 
  • Celestial Voyage 
  • Elves Beam Out 
  • King of Those Who Know 
  • Veil of Maya 
  • Wheels Within Wheels 
  • Integral Birth 
  • Box Up My Bones
  • Encore: The Space For This

It’s been a long time since Cynic played in London (last time being 3 years ago as a support act for Opeth), but it was worth the wait for their headline show on 5/12/11 at the Garage. Got there just in time for the second half of Chimp Spanner’s set (main support), a 4-piece progressive instrumental band – featuring some good lead work from Paul Antonio Ortiz, on top of heavy riffs and a drummer that really rocks on stage.

Chimp Spanner - Quality Support for Cynic

Cynic came on around 9.30 with an unusual stage setup as Sean Reinert had his drums sideways on the left side of the stage, with Brandon Giffin (bass) in front of him, Max Phelps (vocals/guitar) in the middle and Paul Masvidal on the far right.

As expected, the audience was quite diverse and not only consisting of the typical metal fans. The set starts with a couple of songs from their new EP, Carbon Based Anatomy, and goes on to include their most well known songs from Focus (“How Could I”, “Veil of Maya” and “Celestial Voyage”), Traced in Air (“Evolutionary Sleeper”, “King of Those Who Know” and “Adam's Murmur”) and their last EP, Re-Traced.

CYNIC - Veil Of Maya. Live @ Garage, London

The sonic quality of the venue is amazing, with the guitars perfectly balanced with the vocals as well as any additional pads played on the backing track. Masvidal’s chorus-based clean guitar sound, melodic solos and typical use of the vocoder effect combined with Phelps’ growling deliver the distinct Cynic sound. With their main set lasting for just over an hour, they saved my personal favourite from Traced in Air, “The Space for This”, for the encore. Once again and despite their generally static stage presence, Cynic proved that they are the masters of progressive/fusion/intellectual metal, capable of performing it live flawlessly and with good response from the crowd.

CYNIC - Celestial Voyage. Live @ Garage, London

Upcoming dates for Cynic
12.12.11 Vienna, Austria Arena Chimspanner and Hypnose
13.12.11 Budapest, Hungary Club 202 Chimspanner and Hypnose
14.12.11 Bratislava, Slovakia Randall Chimspanner and Hypnose
15.12.11 Prague, Czech Republic KD Kyje Chimspanner and Hypnose
16.12.11 Berlin, Germany Cassiopeia Chimspanner and Hypnose
17.12.11 Osnabrück, Germany Kleine Freiheit Chimspanner and Hypnose
18.12.11 Lyngby, Denmark Templet Chimspanner and Hypnose
19.12.11 Hamburg, Germany Hafenklang Chimspanner and Hypnose
20.12.11 P60, Amstelveen The Netherlands Chimspanner and Hypnose
21.12.11 Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos Saa Chimspanner and Hypnose

Gary Hoey: air guitar competition

Are you a talented air guitarist and broke as a joke this Holiday season? Then we have got a contest for YOU! This is YOUR chance to WIN an autographed electric guitar! That's right, we are in search for the best air guitarist in San Diego. Think you’ve got the chops to be called the “Airy Gary Guitar Star."

Upload a 30 second video on our Facebook page of your best air guitar performance.

Winner will receive an autographed Fender Squire Stratocaster guitar from Gary Hoey and tickets to his Ho Ho Hoey Holiday Show at the House of Blues December 17th.

1st Place - Gary Hoey Autographed guitar and tickets to the Gary Hoey -Ho Ho Hoey Holiday Show on December 17th at The House of Blues.

2nd Place - Autographed Gary Hoey “Utophia” CD, $50 House of Blues Gift Card and tickets to the Gary Hoey -Ho Ho Hoey Holiday Show on December 17th at The House of Blues.

3rd Place - Autographed Gary Hoey “Utophia” CD. Tickets to the Ho Ho Hoey Holiday show on December 17th at The House of Blues.

In the spirit of Holiday giving, we are giving your a few more days to submit your video. So let's get busy people!

Marty Friedman, Jason Becker: Japanese Interview 1989

Cacophony - Japanese Interview [1989]

This is one of the most dramatic movie that touched me see, I created, with zero budget and 15 minutes, does not seem very good taste, is too sad for me to see this, what happens is that I found perfect music and title for that image, not sure many will Agusta, or to convince me, just a clear video concizo of how you can go from full and successful life to a situation in which no known to be preferable, to live or die, this is the story of one of my idols maxima of music, a genius with all the letters ...

Jason Becker - Life And Death

Jason Becker Auction

Rick Graham: Christmas with Nat King Cole

The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole Tribute by Rick Graham

Frank Zappa: The Mothers of Invention - The Complete Guide on Scribd

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention - The Complete Guide