Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Floyd Fernandes: my new sound

Golden Enclave jams by fcubic

Tommaso Semrov: lydian speed picking

Tommaso Semrov - Speed Picking Example

Tommaso Semrov's band web site:

Fredrik Thordendal, Misha Mansoor, Javier Reyes: Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders to tour UK!!

Must get me, Shred Medium and My Bro's a ticket :)

Jon Neto: 15 seconds of heaven.


DoZ: Neung Vinai Alive Guitar Solo Competition

Original Skill Of The Week - Neung Vinai Alive Guitar Solo Competition(S1:E1)

Joop Wolters:Avenue Le Reinessance


Joop Wolters - Demo Bo-el Guitars 1 (@ gitaarbeurs Groesbeek, 08.02.2009)

Joop Wolters - Demo Bo-el Guitars 2 (@ gitaarbeurs Groesbeek, 08.02.2009)

Tom Quayle: ... is he a xenomorph?

Port City Sahana & Suhr Classic by Tom Quayle

Jess Lewis: The Aristocrats - Bad Asteriod 'Jazz Part'

The Aristocrats - Bad Asteriod 'Jazz Part' - Cover by Jess

Brent Mason: All Star Guitar Night NAMM 2011

Brent Mason Live Performance - All Star Guitar Night - NAMM Summer 2011

Stephen Ross: Jazzy improvisation with cleaner tone

Jazzy improvisation with cleaner tone

James Bell: A New Hope

Note sure where he's getting his hope from... but I'll take any that's going!

A New Hope - James Bell ( original song)

Jason Sadites,Brett Garsed,Tony Levin,Marco Minnemann: Is it safe to go in there?

Jason Sadites - Is It Safe To Go In There from the 2009 CD 'WEVE'. Played on Michael Tuttle Custom Bent Top guitar through a DR. Z Maz 38 2x12 combo. Performed live at The Laughing Buddha, Sudbury, Ontario on June 20/2010.


Jason Sadites - Guitar
Brett Garsed - 1st Guitar Solo
Tony Levin - Chapman Stick
Marco Minnemann - Drums
Dr. Z Maz 38 - Jason Sadites - Is It Safe To Go In There (from the 2009 CD 'WEVE')

Jamie Humphries: talks about his double Series One 50 live setup

Blackstar Artist Special: Jamie Humphries talks about his double Series One 50 live setup from the recent Anthems tour with Brian May and Kerry Ellis

Sound Service: Blackstar Artist Spotlight- Jamie Humphries on Anthems tour.mp4

George Lynch,Paul Gilbert,Richie Kotzen: Snortin Whiskey

George Lynch Paul Gilbert Richie Kotzen - Snortin

Andy James: Jason Becker Fest interview

Andy James interview

Sound Service: ANDY JAMES Metalcore shred solo using the Blackstar Series One 1046L6.mp4

Jason Becker Auction

News: Grandma Rawks!

Grandma Rawks! Guitar ownage...

Jason Becker: Loud Guitar review Jason Becker Fest part 1
Great review with some great interviews with the guitar players behind the scenes, and some photos too:

The Gig
The Players
Timo Somers – Guitar
Barend Courbois – Bass
Atma Anur – Drums
Marcel Coenen – Guitar
Joop Walters – Guitar
Erik Van Ittersum- Keys

Andy James – Guitar
Daniele Gottardo – Guitar
Martin Miller – Guitar
Franck Hermanny – Bass
Federico Solazo – Keys
Stephane Forte – Guitar
Marco Sfogli – Guitar

Mattias IA Eklund – Guitar
Michael Lee Firkins – Guitar
Stu Hamm – Bass
Kiko Loureiro – Guitar
Hedras Ramos – Guitar
Guthrie Govan – Guitar

It is very difficult to put into a few words what our experience at the Jason Becker Festival in Amsterdam was like but I will try. Roughly 3 months ago I was contacted by one of our columnists and traveling partner for this event, Mike Blackburn. In short, he wrote me saying “I am about to book my tickets for this. Would you consider going to cover the event?” I first thought about finances for that kind of trip, then being away from my family for a week then yelled "HOW CAN I NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!" so I replied “Yes” and booked my trip.

We landed in Amsterdam 3 days prior to the festival with the intention of just covering rehearsals and trying to interview as many of the players as possible but that first night the host was gracious enough to invite us to dinner with some of the early arrivals: Andy James, Stéphane Forté & Franck Hermanny of Adagio, Daniele Gottardo and Atma Anur. A great meal was enjoyed along with some fantastic conversation and later some Kodak moments.  more
Barend Courbois & Timo Somers

Loud Guitars On YouTube:

Jason Becker Auction

Sarah Longfield: Azure Djent

This is one of the original songs I wrote. It's part of my demo "Zeal" you can checkout/download from :D I wrote the entire demo in a about 2 months while spending hours a day in attempt to improve my recording techniques and mixing skills. I know it's not perfect, that's why it's a demo:) Hope you like it! also, the video got kind of not lined up so I cut it in the middle and it's still sort of off, but now it's kind of close lol...

Azure (Original) - By Sarah

Not perfecto (DAMN THE MEEDLY MIDDLE PART!) lol it is so much harder than it sounds, it's easy to play but damn near impossible to memorize!

But it's been a while since i've put a new video up:P and this is one of my all time favorite meshuggah songs :D I've been really busy working on my demo thing (which I don't have videos for yet, but soon!) if you want to check it out head to

Dehumanization Meshuggah Cover - Sarah

Sarah Longfield is scarily good, fans of djent style music are sure to love this great EP.

Jon Neto: more instrumental music from this top notch player!

Jon Neto - Rain - música do álbum 'In The City' - 2009

Jon Neto - Formiguinhas - música do álbum 'Jon Neto - 2006'

Jon Neto - Dia de Festa - música do álbum Jon Neto 2006

Jon Neto - Ela - música do álbum 'Jon Neto - 2006'

Álbum Jon Neto - 2006. Baixar disco.

Álbum In The City - 2009. Baixar disco.

News: Guitar Idol III your chance to pick the winner!

A $2,500 PRS guitar is up for grabs for the Guitar Idol 2011 internet favourite!
Here's a chance for all your supporters from around the world to get involved and get voting for your Guitar Idol Internet favourite of 2011.


Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann,Guthrie Govan: discuss The Aristocrats

Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann on The Aristocrats

Nick Kellie: Stella By Starlight in a broom cupboard

Man who cares about the location when you have great jazz cats like this in town!

Stella By Starlight

Darius Wave: blue waving

PRS SANTANA SE - blues ballad jam by Darius Wave

Marcelo Barbosa: The Wind Cries Mary

Marcelo Barbosa - The Wind Cries Mary

Liz Rainsberry: Some Chromatic Phrasing

Some Chromatic Phrasing - Liz Rainsberry (1080p HD)

Alexis de Compreignac: tribute to Symphony X

Symphony X - The Damnation Game performed by Alexis de Compreignac

Fred Brum: Thanks buddy... appreciated!

Thanks to Fred Brum for his name check on the new CD... (read the interview) I think you should check it out and get yourselves a copy with that Christmas money that is sure to be burning a hole in your pocket :) and if you get a chance listen to the guy live on vokle. Here's  a recent episode:

Tribute to his late mother... and my humble name check.

Atonement buy  

Marcos De Ros: V- Picker plays with an Orchestra on an Infernal Caprice

Marcos De Ros and Orquestra Unisinos plays, form Marcos De Ros- "Infernal Capricce"
Live at Canela, RS ,12 november 2011, "Sonho de Natal".
Maestro Evando Matté.

Capricho Infernal- Marcos De Ros - Orquestra Unisinos -"Infernal Caprice" (capriccio)

Unpacking V-Picks - Abrindo um pacote de V-Picks - Marcos De Ros.

Kiko Louriero: Jason Becker Fest

Loud Guitars in front of the stage capturing some footage from the rehearsal before the show.

Kiko Louriero (Jason Becker "Not Dead Yet")

Jason Becker Auction

Daniele Gottardo, Martin Miller,Atma Anur: rehearsing for Jason Becker Fest

Thanks to the great guys over at Loud Guitars who will also be at NAMM in 2012. These guys are top notch, genuine guitar fans!

Daniele Gottardo (Jason Becker fest)

Jason Becker Auction

Jason Sadites: 15% sale now on!

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