Wednesday, 28 December 2011

David Fiuczynski: fretless Chinese micro-tonalities

Chinese Melodies and Poetry: an Ancient to Modern Counterpoint of chinese Words and Music
Monday,December 5, 2011
7-9pm, Cafe 939

David Fiuczynski - fretless guitar
Yazhi Guo (special guest) Suona,Guanzi, Dizi, Sheng
Sam Mengsteab - microtonal keyboards and sounds
Justln Schornstein - bass
Jharis Yokley - drums
DJ.Hatfield - poetry and commentary
Joseph Coroniti - moderator

Cafe939 Drunden Longing / David Fiuczynski & Yazhi Guo

Cafe939 - Fung Wah Express.David Fiuczynski

Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Atma Anur: Live at Jason Becker Fest

Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Atma Anur look set to work on a rock fusion project during 2012 after their highly enjoyable session in Amsterdam


High energy performance by Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Atma Anur, and keys (name to follow), during the 'Jason Becker's not Dead' festival, at the Patronaat venue in Haarlem, The Netherlands, on November 13th, 2011.

The festival was a mind blowing, near six hour marathon of world class guitar performances.

This clip is a single camera view from audience position, but a professional camera crew was also present to record the event in full, so watch out for the official video, to be released in the near future.
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About the festival (from the festival webpage):
The first 'Not Dead Yet' Festival happened in San Francisco March 26, 2011. Guitar heroes like Joe Satriani, Steve Hunter, Greg Howe, Steve Lukather, Richie Kotzen, Michael Lee Firkins, Jeff Watson and others honored Jason Becker that night. This was very unique and touching.
In November 2011 Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival will be held in Amsterdam.
Well respected guitar players and friends from Jason will perform during this unique special event. Proceeds from the evening go towards medical supplies for Jason as well as a trust fund to provide for his future security.
We have great guitar players like Guthrie Govan (Aristocrats), Michael Lee Firkins, Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Andy James (Secret Mother Tongue and Lick Library teacher), Daniele Gottardo, Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), Stephan Forte (Adagio), Joop Wolters, Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged), Timo Somers (Delain).
On the drums we have a drummer who has played like with all possible guitar players you ever heard off, on bass we have the well renowned Stuart Hamm (Satriani, Vai, G3, Frank Gambale), Barend Courbois and Franck Hermanny (Adagio), on keys Rene Kroon (Sun Caged, Barstool Philosophers).

Jason Becker Auction

Franck Hermanny: Ibanez Ashula Hybrid fretted/fretless hybrid

Ibanez Ashula Hybrid fretted/fretless Bass TEASER !

Peter Luha: JS Bach Partita and Bouree, great playing.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Partita No. 1 in B minor - Double, BWV 1002 /electric guitar - Peter Luha/

Johann Sebastian Bach - Suite in E minor - Bouree, BWV 996 /electric guitar - Peter Luha/

Si Hayden: Supercharger new CD announced

Silvery Records present Si Hayden's 23rd album 'Supercharger' his 9th Solo guitar album since 1998. A Hell-fire Supercharged Fingerstyle blues title track along with 11 other shining pieces sustaining the usual non-overdubbed one-take format, this time all recorded on a Resonator guitar.

1. Dusk (Hayden)
2. Southern Straight (Hayden)
3. I Roll (Hayden)
4. Time Out (Hayden)
5. Supercharger (Hayden)
6. Via North East Winds (Hayden)
7. Looking Out (Hayden)
8. Walnut Bridge (Hayden)
9. Night Lights (Hayden)
10. A Slight Tale (Hayden)
11. Autumn Memorial (Hayden)
12. The Last Slide (Hayden)

All songs composed and performed by Si Hayden. All tracks solo guitar, recorded with no overdubs at Bungalow Studio, UK. November, 2011. Guitar used: Fender Resonator. Cover artwork photography©2011 Si Hayden ©2011 SilveryRecords, UK. Format: Compact Disk & Download, Length: 48.26, Cat no: SRCD052, Packaging: Jewel Case, Release Date: 12.12.2011 UPC/Barcode:885767253230

Si Hayden - 'The Last Slide' (2011/Supercharger)

Franck Hermanny: recording bass for Stéphan Forté

Franck Hermanny Recording on Stéphan Forté 's "The shadows Compendium" part 1

Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium 

Jeff Loomis: jamming acoustic Fastback Studios in Seattle... obviously a Rush fan too :)

Jeff Loomis at Fastback Studios in Seattle practicing before the session. Jeff is recording the the Big Room 100' x 80' x 26' and yes acoustic guitar is on his latest album.

Jeff Loomis Recording Acoustic Guitar ~

Jeff Loomis Acoustic Session Part 2 ~

Daniel Peroine: two handed arpeggio sequencing

J Funk Arpeggios mpg YouTube

George Balulis: In My Dreams great cover of the classic Lynch solo

George Lynch's "In My Dreams" solo (Definitive Version)

Tony MacAlpine: as Wes Montgomery in "Crazy" (2008)

Guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine appears as Wes Mongomery in the 2008 film CRAZY. Inspired by the life of Hank Garland, CRAZY is the story of a legendary guitar player who emerged from Nashville in the 1950's.
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Tony MacAlpine as Wes Montgomery in "Crazy" (2008)

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot on the cover of January 2011 Guitar Player