Friday, 27 April 2012

Alex Hutchings: Roland offering a free session to try out the GR-55 as used by Alex.

Your guitar can do far more than you realise. How about using it to record MIDI parts to your DAW, control virtual instruments, record audio via USB or model a multitude of guitars, effects and amps and blend them all together? You can even use your guitar to play anything from a bass synth to an entire string section. If you’re a guitarist, you could be doing all of the above right now using the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer. If you are interested in pushing the boundaries of your instrument come along to a FREE demonstration at one of our Roland Planet Stores and we’ll show you how.

For further details or to book a FREE session with one of our product specialists, click here.

GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Demo (part 1)

GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Demo (part 2)

Roland GR-55 video review demo Guitarist Magazine HD

Reece Fullwood: solo and appearance on Soul Cycle II

Reece Fullwood Guitar Solo 1

Digital Album
Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
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1.Instar / Soul: Reborn 05:00

2.Against The Iron 04:48

3.Reject Humanity 05:39

4.Ethereal 06:26

5.Trancendence 05:25

6.Unphased 05:16

7.Cast Down 04:39

8.One Fleeting Moment 04:45

9.Distant Skies 04:00

10.Evolutia 08:25

11.Break The Cycle 06:17

released 24 April 2012
1) Instar / Soul: Reborn (feat. David Maxim Micic and Sacha Laskow)
2) Against the Iron (feat. George Richman and Roma Ivakov)
3) Reject Humanity (feat. Kevin Suter and Paul Wardingham)
4) Ethereal (feat. Alan Nagelberg and Mr. Fastfinger)
5) Transcendence (feat. Vishal J. Singh and Keshav Dhar)
6) Unphased (feat. JT Bruce and Martin Buus)
7) Cast Down (feat. Adam Nolly Getgood and Ben Robson)
8) One Fleeting Moment (feat. Breeze and Bryant Crawford)
9) Distant Skies (feat. Jordan Miles and Reece Fullwood)
10) Evolutia (feat. Jake Linder, Francesco Filigoi and Jakub Zytecki)
11) Break the Cycle (feat. Nate Vennarucci, Keith Merrow and Mathieu Marcotte)
Chris Catharsis-Songwriting, Production, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Lead Guitar, Drum Programming

Mark Hawkins-Lead Guitar, Additional layers

Max Karon-Mastering

Michael Brown: chance to win an album and September tour dates

Aussie rock and roll heroes wrap up their debut UK headline tour with a sold out show in Sheffield on Saturday night, but fear not - it's definitely not the last you'll hear of them.

As a Planet Rock VIP you can win a SIGNED copy of their superb debut album, Spaces In Between. One of the best albums of 2011, it's a raucous rock and roll record that recalls the best of early 90s grunge and stadium filling rock of the mid 70s.

AND if you missed out on seeing Tracer this week (or if you want to go see 'em again), then fear not - they are coming back for a second round in September.

They will be playing TEN shows in September and October in towns and cities that they missed this time around and Planet Rock has a 48 hour presale on tickets so that you can make sure that you see one of the best new live bands around.

Rob Balducci: announces Italian Clinic Dates

Rob Balducci
Rob Balducci Ibanez clinics with Mogar Music in May!!

Steve Vai: album name guessing game

Have you figured out the title to Vai's new record? Visit to try and guess what it is.

"The Story of Light"
‎"Stuff you can't play"
The Story of Great...
The Entity of Light
The Mystery Of Light
Little entity of light
The Tiny Elf Giant...
‎"The Tasty Fried Goat"
Tiny Window Of Light
Stare Into The Light
Any thoughts

"HeYaaaandy!" - Steve Vai Recording "Weeping China Doll"

Bill Ruppert: Effectology Special Edition

Effectology Special Edition "Superego Synth Engine"
Effectology by Bill Ruppert
Welcome to Electro-Harmonix's "Effectology" series, in which we create a remarkable collection of impossible sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals!
No keyboards, samplers or midi pickups were used.

In this episode I explore new sounds using granular synthesis created by the Superego pedal.
For more info and pedal settings:

Effectology Special Edition "Superego Synth Engine"

Angel Ruiz: Fender Richie Kotzen

Hello fellow.
More than one knows. My greg bennett, which I bought thinking it would be the investment of my life, proved the element through which I realize that if you live music, you need a high end instrument.
The funny thing is that, before buying the greg bennett, had been looking like crazy on the internet, see if someone was selling the Richie Kotzen telecaster, but without success, that telecaster, like the fender, are very hard to find instruments.
But fortunately, one year after when I decide to invest in a high-end instrument, I give to someone who sells the stratocaster, and without thinking, I travel to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to pick up the instrument! lol and who would you have me say, I am more than happy, now if I think I can say with all of the law, that this instrument, I hope to retire :) A greeting fellow! PS: I hope you like the single

Reflections (PresentaciĆ³n Fender Richie Kotzen)

Kevin Buck, Atma Anur: Musick For A New Aeon

David Dyakov: Omis meltdown... time to burn your guitar!

David Dyakov was born on 18 February 1994 , the He is a student at NMS "L.Pipkov" [2] [3] in Sofia . He started with the guitar when it is 8 years. There are concerts and awards from Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Greece, Germany, Serbia and others. Since 2006, the student is free to NBU [4] in the class of Rev. Stolina Dobreva, the university sponsored his training in the individual program - guitar, piano and chamber music, harmony, music. analysis and others. [2]
Awards [ edit ]

I and III place in the Seventh International Festival of Classical Guitar "Academic Marin Goleminov 'in Kyustendil [5]
Special prize of Latin American music of the Second Balkan festival and competition for classical guitar, Velingrad [5]
First prize at the Third Balkan festival and competition of classical guitar, Velingrad. Prize for best interpretation of the music of Dimitris Fampas [6] [5]
Special Jury Prize at the Third National Contest "With the wings of music". [5]
Special prize of the Fourth Balkan festival and competition for classical guitar Velingad. [5]
Special Jury Award for outstanding excellence in the International competition "Guitar Forum 2005", Vienna [5]
Grand Prix of six Balkan competition and festival of classical guitar, Velingrad [7] [8]

Live on Omis guitar fest 2012 - 3 Capriccio's by N. Paganini

Guitar monster - David Dyakov