Allan Holdsworth: Dead at 70 - one the world's greatest guitar players passes RIP

Allan Holdsworth: signing at NAMM
Allan Holdsworth (6 August 1946 – 16 April 2017) was a British guitarist and composer. He released twelve studio albums as a solo artist and played a variety of musical styles spanning a period of more than four decades, but is best known for his work in jazz fusion.

One year memorial

On April 16th 2017 Allan Holdsworth's family posted a public announcement of Holdsworth's untimely death. Allan Holdsworth passed away from cardiovascular hypertension.

He was cremated & his ashes were split between the 4 children.

Laurie Monk: To my mind, Allan Holdsworth is the greatest player ever, a total original, an iconoclast, self motivated. His legato style has inspired a generation of players. An original, a one off, a man of his own mind.  This originality and drive lead to music not heard before, performed to the highest of levels, a tone and performance all his own. His playing attracted the best players, who loved to perform at the highest of levels. Stretching boundaries with new devices like the Synth Axe

and the baritone guitar Gonan

I also complained to the BBC for the lack of any coverage of Allan Holdsworth's death, the supposed broadcaster for UK.

Reference CAS-4318346-YBKBZG
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I appreciate you feel the BBC has not provided sufficient coverage towards the death of famous musician Allan Holdsworth.
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Once again, thank you for taking the time to get in contact with us.
Kind regards
Daniel Stewart
BBC Complaints

My thoughts and prayers are given to his family, children and grandchildren, his close friends and band mates. RIP.

Allan Holdsworth : Live at 'De Boerderij' 2003

Fundraiser [now closed]

Please consider donating what you can to help the wonderful family of musical legend Allan Holdsworth with his funeral expenses in this most difficult time. Thank you and please share! [No longer accepting donations]

The past few days have felt like a lifetime of a never-ending nightmare. It's hard to put into words the emotions and gratitude that we feel.
Without all of the love and support we have received we would be completely lost. We are doing our best to fulfill the wishes of our beloved father.

We will be holding a private ceremony to celebrate the life of our dad and we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to do that. We will be planning a public memorial in the coming weeks.

I know he's looking down at us and he can rest easy knowing the huge stress that has been lifted from our shoulders. Thank you for all the kind words, memories and donations.

We have decided, as a family, to close the GoFundMe campaign. It has more than exceeded its purpose. We cannot express our gratitude to you all enough, it has been overwhelming.
In lieu of further donations or flowers, please consider donating to your local pitbull rescue in Dad's name as he was most fond of the breed. We often teased him that Daisy, our pit mix, was actually his favorite child.

All Right Then, Then...
Our dad was the best!
Louise, Emily and Sam Holdsworth
April 19, 2017


Gary Husband 
Yesterday I received the most devastating news of the passing of my spiritual and musical brother Allan Holdsworth. And along with that news came the realisation I had now witnessed the conclusion of the last chapter of probably what will always be known by me as the most significant musical relationship of my life. The journey that began in the later 1970s in a studio in London - a first time ever trial playing situation for us - where time and space seemed to evaporate and give vent to suddenly this otherworldly, uncannily effortless, intense communication and empathy of the nature and height I could have only dreamt possible. I remember wondering afterwards, as we were packing our gear, if we'd ever reach that again or even get to play together once more.

And it did. And we did. And though the albums IOU, Metal Fatigue, Atavachron, Sand, Wardenclyffe Tower, Then, Hard Hat Area etc, that serve to document the handful of decades we were able to develop together, I have vivid memories, still, of the experiences of many incredible improvisational musical heights together, in many live settings, of the kind I will not experience the like of again.
With Allan I had the invitation to literally invent. I knew it was totally unique music. Yet strangely it was music I felt - almost as naturally as if it had come through me.

The unique harmony, the unique signature pushes and pulls in tempo, the pauses and the inherent rubato, up alongside all the straighter grooves that all felt so completely natural to me I was mystified at so much of the confused reaction the music provoked in people. I had no idea why it was regarded convoluted, complex or unusual.

So not only was this the most comfortable playing situation for me I also was afforded the luxury to approach and form all drum approaches to the pieces from my own imagination. Occasionally I'd come up with something, and I'd quickly know if it wasn't an instant success. But mostly it was. And little was said, virtually nothing ever rehearsed, and it just all got recorded that way and performed that way while expanded upon live.

IOU was to essentially document as good as possible version of pieces we had been performing for a good while. But from Unmerry-Go-Round - the wonderful piece where I worked alongside Allan to form the rhythmic structure - it was about an approach to drum composition - how the drums worked conceptually - as much as it was also the playing side of things. This started to really expand particularly on the recordings for the albums Atavachron and Sand.

I would love to elaborate on all these periods one day. Perhaps in the form of a book sometime.

Jumping to the more recent years, from 2000 on, a lot was starting to deteriorate and crumble in Allan's life. Happily we'd been massively enjoying a beautiful reconvening with Jimmy Johnson in trio format at this point, and had also recorded another album in Los Angeles together. But Allan's demons by this point were getting their feet very comfortable under his table, and started to manifest in the form of a growing acceleration in alcohol consumption. And this would be influencing everything from this point onwards.
I was party to a lot I cannot and will not divulge in a Facebook post. All of us were - all who worked together with Allan. And from that point, we were starting to become very concerned.
What would also start to materialise with Allan at this time was a deterioration of creativity - which was bad enough.
Then Allan's marriage collapsed catastrophically, and this brought about yet more severe excesses. Nevertheless, his playing was always central and his continually inspired beautiful fluidity and lucidity was always still apparent. But from this point he was no longer in any way anything bordering on sober on gigs.

The details of our years with him since - the self-medicating, his ever-increasing, spiralling and perpetually heightening suffering and turmoil are, as I clarified, not for these pages. All I can say is that as I always promised him and assured him, I was always at the other end of a phone. Always there. This would never be enough. And it became inevitable to me that Allan was fast-tracking towards more and more even greater emotional destitution.

Fast forwarding to the most recent and last time I would get to perform with Allan, in 2014 along with Jimmy Haslip I was aware - for the first time ever - things were definitely no longer well with him also as a musician. The self-medication had accumulated significantly, and I was mortified to discover this had now, finally, become quite apparent in his playing.
From this point, and through many unpleasant extra-musical episodes and manifestations later it has been tragically apparent and somewhat inevitable that drastic measures would have to be sought. But, as ever, the closer we were, to Allan, ultimately the more ineffective we proved to be.

And so, now the moment I/we all feared, dreaded yet anticipated has arrived. In all it's dreadful sadness, the story has come to a close, and the cold, stark reality that I will see that man no more is so unbearably painful for me, I cannot describe it.
I have a feeling I will never again recognise musical endeavour in quite the same way without my brother Allan Holdsworth in this world. I will just have to hang on to it, keep it close - keep in constant touch with my little part in the legacy of his trajectory, our shared one, the seed of that creation and keep the essence of it well in tact, together with all of us that've been through so many years in music with this genius. Carrying it on through and into all our future endeavours. I guess I'm speaking for all Allan's players - from way back, to my times starting with him, through the decades and even into these last few tragic years.

I pray with all my heart, my brother, that your suffering is eased and healed. I pray that your passage, into eternity, will be now smooth and complete.
You'll always be such a huge part of me, dear Allan. You are already so incredibly and indescribably missing. I have always loved you, I love you now and will always.

Virgil Donati
Today the world lost a remarkably kind and humble human being, an innovator, and towering icon of the guitar.

I lost a big brother and mentor, and will always treasure the friendship and the music. Love you Allan - “King Of Men”

Bill Bruford
R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth (August 6, 1946 - April 16, 2017).

With enormous sadness I write to express my condolences to Allan's family on the loss of a much-loved father and grandfather, my friend and colleague. For several years in the 1970s, through my own band and 'UK', I listened to him nightly, launching sheets of sound on an unsuspecting audience, changing perceptions about what guitars and guitarists should or could be doing, thrilling me half to death.I would have paid to be at my own gig.

Allan wasn't easy, but if it was easy it wouldn't have been Allan. Like all creative musicians he was restless and relentless in pursuit of 'the perfect sound', the one that he couldn't get out of his head, the one that would never leave him alone. Now he will be at peace. Still, my guitar gently weeps.

Bill Bruford

Chad Wackerman
We lost a true musical innovator today. Allan Holdsworth has passed away. My condolences to his family Louise, Emily and Sam.

I started working with Allan Holdsworth in 1982, thanks to my friend John Ferraro who suggested that I audition. The audition was an hour and a half of improvising together- just guitar and drums. He never told me what to play - ever. He just figured that he would find people who bring things that he enjoyed into to his own music. Casting for his band was tricky and yet critical to him. It was another world of music that I had never experienced and quickly became addicted to. To me his music is intense and beautiful at the same time. Over 30 years we did countless tours, played on so many albums, and he was kind enough to play on 3 of mine. So much have been said about his musical genius and I believe it to be true. He had a completely different way of approaching and hearing music and to play with him raised my own musicianship. As friends we had a musical trust that when we improvised something was going to happen. He was a brilliant improviser.The world has lost the heaviest musician I've known and I've lost a long time friend. Goodbye Allan.

Frank Gambale
I am deeply saddened to hear the news about my friend and musical guitar genius Allan Holdsworth’s death.

I loved him. I’ll never forget the first time I heard him was on Jean-luc Ponty’s Enigmatic Ocean. His solos and tone on the first tune and that album are what stands in my mind as some of the most beautiful brilliant guitar playing ever recorded. From there I went on to discover more and more amazing guitar playing with Tony Williams Lifetime and his solo albums were mind-bending. I was about 17 at this time. A kid from Canberra, Australia and by this time had been playing guitar since I was 5 or 6 yet I had absolutely no idea what he was doing and I had absolutely no idea how to even begin playing like that. He quickly became a genius I classified as inimitable.

I loved what he stood for. I loved his uncompromising musicality and innovation on the guitar. He carved a path where no one had gone before. To lead is MUCH harder than to follow. He led. He led multitudes of guitar players and indeed players of all instruments into wildly new possibilities. He bent our ears. His music was deeply complex, like an Einstein equation on a blackboard that often times left most listeners bewildered, confused, uncomfortable, disoriented….but for those of us who had spent many years playing and studying music, revering those unique humans that go far beyond what we think is possible, we got it!

I wrote Allan a letter many years ago praising him as highly and as eloquently as I could because, I got it. I wanted him to know that I got it and I told him, because I wanted him to know, that what he had achieved was brilliant, genius, art in its highest and purest innovative form and that I loved him for it. I told him also that, whether or not the world, that often celebrates talentless, insipid, pointless and over-hyped pseudo music genius’, understood or valued his greatness, I most certainly did. We had a deep understanding and mutual respect for one another.

He was a gentle, self-deprecating fellow who was full of the British quirky wit. My first encounter with him was on my first Elektric Band tour. I was new (1986). Allan Holdsworth Trio was opening for us every night of the tour. So I had to go on after his genius guitar playing every night. It was an incredible trial by fire for me. I was a huge fan even back then and was in awe of him really. Alan was so funny and me, being Australian, we had an instant rapport, the ice was quickly broken and it led to decades of paths crossing.

None was more special than the “Truth In Shredding” album. The title was named by Mark Varney, the label owner, who was a huge fan of both Allan and myself. His dream was to put us together on an album. We both hated the title…shredding indeed! Anyway, the album deal stipulated that Alan and I must play a solo of at least 3 minutes in length on every track. I had to time the solo chord sequences and count choruses to add up to over 3 minutes…anyway, it was a great experience working with him and mixing and watching his process. He was the most meticulous person with tone. He had no problem tweaking for hours on a solo tone. A true perfectionist and master of audio as well as the guitar and music.

I remember being inches away from his hands on the guitar and thinking to myself, what on Earth are you playing? I couldn’t even understand it even from that kind of proximity. It was as if an alien had landed from another planet. He would often say the same thing about me and every time he did I would throw it right back at him. This would pretty much be our banter and how we greeted each other every time we saw each other. A back-and-forth of praise. “Allan you’re a genius!
He’d say: “No you!
Me: “No, no…YOU!
Alan “No YOU”…etcetera, and then laughter and hugs.

He could play through ANY chords, even 10 chords a bar like a hot knife through butter.
All those genius chords, chord-melody, heads to his compositions were truly like modern Classical music and then he would proceed to solo over them in a truly other-wordly way. His linear playing was as spectacular as his chords. No one plays like him, many have tried imitating him, but no one really came close. He was way ahead. Way ahead. Still is. Maybe in 50 years from now, when the world catches up, people will appreciate him more. I hope so. He was sadly under-compensated throughout his time on this planet.

Sadly, like many under-appreciated geniuses in this world, he died penniless. It hurts my heart to know this. So sad that the world couldn’t support such a great artist while he was alive! There is a crowd -funding link below to support the family for the memorial services.
Please give generously, I will be.

Allan, you will be missed. NAMM 2017 was the last time I gave you a BIG hug and told you how great you are. Sadly I won’t have more opportunities to do that.

Your legacy will live on through your music and the influence you have had on the music community. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
Rest in peace my brother in arms.

Frank Gambale

Skúli Sverrisson
I first met Allan Holdsworth when I flew out to Los Angeles for an audition to join his band. To my surprise he was there to pick me up at the airport. The day after I found myself in a rehearsal room with Allan, Chad Wackerman and Steve Hunt and without saying a word Allan counted off the first piece and there I was playing the music I had admired for years. After hours of playing Allan looked at me and said “You got the gig”. “What does that mean” I asked and he answered “Well, we´re going on the road next week”. This was in the early nineties and marked the beginning of almost a decade of life changing music making that took us around the world. .

During those years I realised that Allan had not only invented a whole new way of playing the guitar. He had created a whole new musical world that was all his. He generously invited his musicians into it, without ever telling them what to do. To him the music said everything there was to say. Complex as it was. And later on when his closest collaborator, Gary Husband, joined again I clearly saw what that meant. I never heard Allan be critical of musicians except himself. With one exception, at a masterclass titled “The music of Allan Holdsworth”, where he leaned over and whispered in my ear: “ He´s got it all wrong”.

Allan´s love of music was truly profound and when he talked about what influenced him it always had a deep connection to his experiences in life; His father, Elgar, Charlie Christian, Coltrane...the gray skies of Bradford. (Allan didn´t move to America because of the music, he moved there because of the weather.) He was devoted to original music making and somehow he found a way to improvise endless streams of melodies full of beauty and sorrow, different every night, without ever referencing any particular style.

It will take generations to fully grasp Allan Holdsworth´s gift to music. He influenced musicians across the spectrum, but at the same time he was never fully accepted into any establishments or scenes, which both explains his integrity and vision and his struggle. We who played with him enjoyed his generous attitude towards music making that allowed us to understand his music, process it and develop our own voices within it. His highest compliment would be “That was alright”.

Allan was a true gentleman always. I´m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be close to such greatness. My heart goes out to Louise, Rori, Sam and Emily during this difficult time.

Eddie Jobson
Allan Holdsworth and I first met on the North of England music circuit when I was 16 years old; I didn't know back then that he would become the world's greatest living guitarist - arguably the greatest jazz guitarist in the history of the genre. I have lost an old friend and colleague, but the world has lost a music legend. RIP Allan.

Andrea Marcelli
Dearest Allan, you are gone, today is a very sad day for the history of music and we are all so sad. I personally cannot believe it. Your music is immortal and will live forever, we will never be able to thank you enough. My deepest prayers will always be with you, and we are still in contact. My deepest condolence to Louise, Sam, Emily, Rory and all of you. I just want to remember you like this!! Allan was one of the main reason for me to move to USA. Grazie dal profondo del mio cuore, carissimo Allan!!

Jean Luc Ponty
"What a shock to learn that guitarist Allan Holdsworth passed away !!! I was contacted two months ago by Manifesto, the record company which just released a 12-CD box set called "The Allan Holdsworth Album Collection" asking me to send a quote about Allan, which is now included in the liner notes along with other quotes by Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny and other great musicians, all praising Allan's immense talent. Allan has been a big revolution in the guitar world since his beginnings, on top of which his playing was so emotional that he was one of these rare musicians who could deeply move listeners whether they are musically sophisticated or not, and being able to do so with a unique and sometimes complex style of music made him a real genius. His third and last contribution to one of my albums was in "Point Of No Return" from the album The Atacama Experience in 2007, I was always stunned by his playing but that solo moved me to tears when I heard it for the first time. We will miss you Allan !
Jean Luc"

John Mclaughlin‏
Another great guitar player lost . RIP #allanholdsworth
A great day in the studio with Allan Holdsworth  and Stewart Copeland......
When Allan came along there was a paradigm shift in guitar playing. We will all miss his playing.....

Al Di Meola
I was so saddened to hear late today of Alan Holdsworth's passing! The Guitar World again lost one of its greatest innovators!
It's beyond words!

Allen Hinds
Holdsworth was in his own "orbit " as Jimmy Johnson once said. In this day and age many have "blazing technique " but few were as musical, smart, creative and interesting. Even without the mind boggling technique and note choice Alan had soul. Some of the earlier tony Williams stuff , "metal Fatigue " the phrasing is so friggin melodic ..his playing meant and will always mean a lot to my musical world. but more importantly condolences to his family.
"I try to pay attention to detail but detail is something that unfortunately cannot be accomplished for me in this medium . It is not possible to compress a life's love, learnings, musical desires and dreams into a few moments for all to see, hear and understand." Allan Holdsworth

Jimmy Herring feeling sad.
Your music will live forever, thank you Allan Holdsworth

Shawn Lane (RIP)   "I saw Allan Holdsworth when I was about 14 in 1978. I never dreamed a guitar could be played like that and that really changed my whole life. If I hadn't had seen Holdsworth I may have just continued to play some blues and rock music and might have even given it up later or something, but when I saw him at 14, that really inspired me to try to play guitar in my own way at another level." What other guitarists say about Allan Holdsworth

Shawn Lane & Chuck Reynolds - "Fred" (Bombay Bicycle Club - 1987)

Evan Marien - EMAR

So sad to hear of Allan's passing. One of the great innovators. Thank you for all we have to enjoy for years to come. You were one bad cat...RIP

Steve Morse
I've spent the week listening to many of Allan's clips and videos from decades of playing. I can't believe he's gone. He was an amazing player that saw so many harmonic possibilities every time he picked up his guitar. My very best wishes for his family and close friends. He really did become a legend in his own time, and has left an amazing legacy of guitar mastery.

We did tour together some, in the good old days, and my friend, Jeff Watson, sent me this picture from online. I'm looking amazed at what he's doing, as usual!

Dweezil Zappa
Hello Everyone,
I wanted to take a moment to share a few words with you about Allan Holdsworth. I was saddened to hear about his passing and I am sending best thoughts and wishes to his family. It may not be obvious but he was a major influence on my musical outlook. His approach to guitar was so unique and quite honestly baffling, especially to the 13 yeard old me who spent a summer trying to learn licks from his "Metal Fatigue" album. My dad was an admirer of Allan's playing as well.  He talked about him in high regard in several interviews... RIP Allan Holdsworth, I will always appreciate your musical voice and your creativity and I'm glad I got to hear that!

Full post:

Vernon Reid
The passing of Allan Holdsworth leaves me bereft & sad. One of the very greatest to ever pick the guitar up. I, for one, seriously do not care about other opinions about him. He was not for everybody-nobody is.
I LOVED what he did in the time he was here.
Rest In Peace, Magician.

Narada Michael Walden
Brother Alan Love to you and your sincere genuine style of playing your guitar
You were an innovator on the Highest level and respected by all who ever heard or knew you.
It was my Honour to play with you on your first solo album Velvet Darkness.
I will always treasure my memories of playing with you.
May Gods embrace bring you great Peace. Narada

Steve Vai
Allan Holdsworth’s unique contribution to the electric guitar is unquantifiable. I remember him saying to me once that his goal was to create a catalog of music that was undiluted. Well, that he did…. Dear Allan, you were extraordinary and from all of us who you've touched so deeply with your brilliance, we are grateful. Rest in deep peace my friend.

Robben Ford
Allan Holdsworth has passed. One of a handful of true innovators. For me he was, without reservation of any kind, the John Coltrane of the guitar. Sad that he didn't know it. None the less his contribution to the language of the guitar has been unequaled. Om Mani Padme Hum

Jonathan Kreisberg
integrity (to which you always held yourself up to, and never felt satisfied enough to say you had achieved!! Although we KNOW that you did!!). On this Easter Sunday feel as if I have lost a family member... one of my true musical fathers. I'm finding it hard to write this last line without getting choked up, but...RIP Allan say you will be missed is an understatement

Steve Lukather
I cant believe it!
Allan Holdsworth, legendary guitarist of our generation !
He changed the game + was the sweetest guy ever...
— Steve Lukather (@stevelukather) April 16, 2017

Zakk Wylde‏

Neal Schon‏
RIP Allan Holdsworth Wow... how very sad. Enjoy life it's been 2 very heavy years... God Bless

Joe Satriani‏
R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth. You remain an enormous inspiration to me. Your beautiful music will live on forever.
Vernon Reid
Vernon Reid‏ @vurnt22 2h2 hours ago
Allan Holdsworth
Rest In Peace to A Singularity.
A GIANT of Electric Guitar.
Jazz. Rock. Prog. Hero to generations. MAGICAL!

Yngwie Malmsteen
Today is a very sad day.
My dear friend has left us..
Allan was undisputably one of the most original and influential musicians of all time.
One of my absolute favourites ,hands down.
We're all a little bit better because of what he brought us.
God bless
Allan Holdsworth.

Jens Johansson

This is truly sad news, Allan Holdsworth has died. Rest in peace.

Alex Masi

In shock, sitting here crying, going through all the periods of my life since that day when I was a 12 year old kid and I heard Allan for the first time on that Tempest album. He truly changed my life. Not only guitar but my entire approach to music took a giant leap from that moment onward. Fast forward quite a few years later and like in a dream I find myself in Allan's home in Oceanside with my friend Greg to work on Allan's solo for my first solo album...He took us into his homestudio, then the room where he brewed his beer, then we sat around the table talking music and drinking his beer and I played him a demo I got from Shawn Lane...I remember him listening while staring at the speakers...he was clearly impressed and especially loved an arpeggiated part. I got to see Allan play dozens and dozens of times and he was always ready to crack a joke and have a drink, he was always unparalleled and quite a few times he reached a transcendental level only few people have reached throughout history, Bach, Coltrane, Hendrix, Pastorius...With Allan goes a huge part of my life...first Shawn now all feels really empty today. I love you Allan, I think Shawn is waiting for you with a bunch of Belgian Ale up there...I will miss you forever

Jeff Watson
What a sad and devastating loss to the world.
Allan Holdsworth passed away today, and we're simply crushed by the loss.
Our sadness is only compounded by the loss his family is now suffering.
I can't even imagine what they're going through, and hope that they know just how much he meant to the world and his friends. 

To say nothing of what he did for the world of guitar.

Allan was one of the sweetest and most humble of friends, (as well as one of THE funniest..) and took all the adoration he received in stride.

I have some good stories that I'll share at another time, but today is for grieving.
And today the music world is in tears...

This song was a fluke, as Allan was up here staying with me when I got a call to play on this track for a Guitar magazine album, and I asked if I could bring him along to the session. Well.. of course they were thrilled. 

It's funny (and now sad..) to hear Allan playing over and on something SO silly as Funky Music, but it was a blast watching him decide how to approach it!

I'll stop rambling now, as we're all SO distraught by this news that I don't know what else to do...

Goodbye old friend..
Tom Quayle

R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth. I very much doubt your genius will ever be matched. Thank you for all of your music and inspiration.
It's hard to process the idea today that, at one moment, a person is a culmination of all of their life's hard work and knowledge - expressed as an incredible, beautiful, touching artistic manifestation of their totally unique brain. Yet in an equally short moment it is all gone forever...

Rick Graham -
Dedicated to the memory of Allan Holdsworth
'Eternal' by Rick Graham

Feodor Dosumov is feeling sad.
Allan Holdsworth....You were genius!

Yuval Ron
I'd like to say a few words about Allan Holdsworth, who as you most likely heard passed away this week.

I'm sure you are all aware what a big inspiration he was for me and how much I and many of my musician friends loved him and learned from him. On top of all the technicalities, I discovered through him what are my personal musical values, what is the great musical spirit that I would like to follow.

In the coming week I will post many curated videos of his music, live performances, interviews etc to commemorate him and his ingenious musical achievements, which I believe sooner or later will become part of the classical music of the 20th century. His music will be considered in due time as no less important and influential than Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Parker, Coltrane or Miles.

I also plan to do a little project in his memory, in which we are going to play our favorite Holdsworth tunes and pay a tribute to the man and the incredible music he made.

Sad days for the music world, but as long as we keep his flame burning, in a way he will live on forever.

Nuno Bettencourt
When you've gotten the chance, like I have, to hang, talk and perform with so many of the greatest guitarists to ever walk this planet... you privately talk about your peers to each other and how you TRULY feel about them... in confidence. 

You hear well... I like him, but I'm of not big of that dude and this is why etc... We debate the compositions, the technique, the tone. But in ALL my conversations with Eddy Van Halen to Jimmy Page to Brian May to the 4 Generations Axers that are by my side at this moment. Vai, Malmsteen, Wylde and Abasi. And countless more legends I've been blessed to be in the company of... There is ONLY ONE player that everyone across the board NEVER had a bad word to say about. And that's because we were ALL in AWE of this man. His tone. His playing. His writing. But most importantly...His innovation. I'm sure a lot of you reading this have never even heard of him. And that's mostly because he's one of few and true guitarist who was never chasing fame. He played for all the right reasons. Love and Passion of the instrument. 

NO ONE has Quietly Influenced and affected the music world, so under the radar, like Allan has. 
From the first 8 notes of his solo on UK's "in the dead of night" We all knew he was something special. Something out of this world. And it was only the beginning of his Mind Blowing guitar journey he was about to take us on. He created an impossible genre, He combined the most Complex playing, but delivered with Grace and Beauty. He took outside the box guitar playing and forced it inside the box, for All listeners of any genre to enjoy. 

He left us today at the age of 70... and as much as I was saddened that he's physically gone away. He leaves his soul and spirit on Every piece of vinyl, tape and file he has graced. 
THANK YOU Allan... for all that you've given us. 

David Fiuczynski
...@ 3:06....brings tears to my eyes.....sheer brilliance....unique sound, beautiful lyricism, space and searing lines.....thank you for your gifts and light Allan Holdsworth!! R.I.P.

Mark Varney
RIP Alan Holdsworth. A guitar god passes on Easter to the great musical beyond. How fitting.

I first became aware of Allan with the first Tempest LP when I was a student at Cal, Berkeley in 1972. I think Mike may have turned me on to it. I also purchased "Iggenbottom's Wrench" for my brother for a quarter at Rasputin's first store, apparently before I knew about Allan. That was his first recording....

He was my guitar hero after that. When I first saw him with IOU, it was a high point in my life. When Gary Husband did his solo, Allan, Paul and Jeff were off the stage, on the other side of a door, which the security had temporarily left unguarded. So I opened the door and chatted with them briefly (what gaul!). My brother almost put out that first IOU LP, so Allan knew who I was.

I used to call him and Clare and Paul and his wife quite often, offering my support and ideas for promotion.I was always well-received, though, in hindsight, I don't recall that any of the ideas were put into practice or were even worth doing so.

I am hard-pressed to think of many guitarists, if any, who had more influence on today's solo-oriented rock and fusion guitarists than Holdworth. Goodbye Allan...the guitar world will never be the same without you....

Ola Strandberg
Rest in peace, Allan Holdsworth. You will be sorely missed. — in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Dan Miles: Dan’s unedited phone conversation with Allan recorded Sunday, March 5, 2017 tribute

Jason Richardson
RIP Allan Holdsworth.... what a legend, definitely one of the most innovative and influential players to have ever lived!
— Jason Richardson (@jasonGRIN) April 16, 2017

Vinnie Colaiuta
I'm devastated at the loss of Allan Holdsworth. A rare genius who paved a huge road. Major highlight of my musical life. RIP Allan.

Keith Carlock‏
Sad news. RIP the great Allan Holdsworth.

Brian Tichy
RIP Allan Holdsworth! In a league of his own!! What an amazing player! I had to good fortune to co-write a track "Day of the Dead" w Derek Sherinian on his Mythology LP that featured Allan! As soon as you hear him, you know it's him! He's always been one of the most stand out, original, ground breaking players in the world of fusion guitar!

Stuart Hamm
Oh NOOO...not Allan Holdsworth
— Stuart Hamm (@StuHammBass) April 16, 2017

Jason Becker
It is so very sad that the brilliant Allan Holdsworth has passed. Such a genius, and a total sweet person. I went to his house, and he was so giving and kind. We will all miss him.

Kurt James

To me, Allan Holdsworth was more than the greatest guitarist on the planet. Allan was a phenomena, a close encounter of the best kind.

He was able to transform the guitar into a completely different sounding instrument, a limitless conduit of self expression that continues to excite, mesmerize and challenge the senses in ways never thought possible. We were truly blessed to have had him in our lives, our hearts, our ears! Thank you, Allan, Thanks for everything!

Tony MacAlpine
Rest in peace, my brother Allan

Vinnie Moore
Allan Holdsworth? Nooooooo. Im in shock. This can't be real. Such a big influence on me. No words.....just no words. This is such a big loss. He was such an innovator and genius. Thanks for the inspiration. .....

Richie Kotzen
Devastated to hear of the passing of a legend! RIP Allan Holdsworth

Greg Howe
I always found myself speechless with Allan's otherworldly musicality and soaring virtuosity.
And now, sadly, I find myself speechless with his passing.

Ron Thal
R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth...

Dave Martone
Allan Holdsworth. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your inspiration you gave me to create my own music. I have tried to learn from you for years and years and was able to grab only small little nuggets of information. Thank you for being a true innovator musically/harmonically and such a gentle soul. I have a little Allan story to share with you. Many years ago at a Namm show in California I had the utmost pleasure of chatting with the man himself. We were just standing against a wall conversing about Beer, Ale, and different types of grog and sharing some laughs... At this point there was this huge entourage of people coming by, tons of scantly clad women, and this dude in the centre of it all.. You could hear the Security Screaming at people!!! "MAKE WAY, MAKE WAY FOR THE GREAT PAUL STANLEY!!!! (Kiss) As this happened Allan and myself were pushed/slammed into the wall from security and all the women trampling over us. HA!!!!! If they only knew who they pushed away that day!

RIP Allan Holdsworth. Your music will live on forever.

Dan Reed
Guitar legend Allan Holdsworth has left this earth today. When I was in high school and Eddie Van Halen was a god to me I read an interview where the journalist asked Eddie who was his favorite guitarist... His answer was Allan Holdsworth. I immediately went to the local record shop in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and although they had no albums of his on hand they were kind enough to order a couple of his records in for me. About a month later I got my mind blown by this artist's style and technique, and after attempting to learn just one of his solos I realized exactly why Eddie held him in such high esteem. Much respect to this blazing and melodic innovator of music and for being the guitar hero to many, if not all, of my guitar heroes.
Kiko Loureiro
I'm so sad to hear about the passing of the most legendary and influential Mr. Allan Holdsworth. A genius, an innovator . A reference to all guitarists in this planet. His music will be forever challenging us now and the future generations.
#rip #truelove

Magnus Karlsson
One of my biggest inspirations passed away today. RIP Allan Holdsworth.

Jamie Glaser
One day I got a call. Allan Holdsworth had to leave the Jean Luc Ponty band and they wanted to know if I could audition. The rest is history. I bought Alan's equipment and have stayed friendly with him since then and I am terribly sad right now to hear that he passed away. He has influenced and inspired me and just about every guitarist in the world in one way or the other. Rest In Peace Allan.

Marco Sfogli is feeling sad.
Rest in peace Allan. A true master and innnovator. Will never forget your kind words :(

Eric Gales is feeling sad.
So sad to hear about the passing of guitar great Alan Holdsworth. Rest my friend

Alex Skolnick‏
Huge loss, true genius. His music went over heads at times (mine 2 admittedly) but brilliant uncompromising & impactful RIP#AllanHoldsworth

Andre Nieri
So sad to hear about Allan. A true innovator and inspiration. He undeniably changed the game. RIP master

Bjössi Klütsch
Very sad to hear that a true musical genius has passed away. I will miss Allan Holdsworth

Ric Fierabracci…/
Horrible news... he was the greatest improviser in my book...

Jakko M Jakszyk‏
Oh my God. Allan Holdsworth has died. A genius & innovator and one of my heroes. Here's a photo T Lev took the last time I saw him NY 2013

Alex Machacek
no words...

Scott Jones
For all the non-musician people wondering who the hell Allan Holdsworth is, that passed away today...for guitarists, he was our David Bowie. Our Prince. (we love those guys too, but so did a lot of regular people) Just to shed some light on who this is you've likely seen blowing up your feed today.

Put it this way: no Allan Holdsworth. No Van Halen. An entire genre of guitarists would simply NOT exist. Hence an entire generation of music would NOT exist. Nothing will be the same for guitarists, since he was here.

For my film and media composer friends: he was our John Williams.

For Classical musicians who may not know him, he was our Pablo Casals. Our Glenn Gould. A pioneer like no one who came before. For artists: he was our Picasso. Our Van Gogh. And for scientists: he was our Einstein. Our Hawking. For inventors: our Nikola Tesla.

Brett Garsed

Brett Garsed's Tribute To Allan Holdsworth (HD)

Marshall Harrison‏ 
RIP - Greatest Electric Guitarist ever. Period. Paragraph. End of story. ALLAN HOLDSWORTH.

Derryl D Gabel
I'm very sad to hear that Allan passed today. His music has had such a huge impact on me and countless others. I'm sure it will continue to inspire and bring joy and amazement to generations upon generations forever. Another thing I'm dealing with right now is some close family members are at death's door. I don't want to get into details but please keep us in your prayers.

Nico Stufano
He's gone

Richard Hallebeek
So saddened and shocked by the sudden loss of a true giant and unmistakably the biggest voice in guitar music.

Besides being the greatest guitar player ever, the thing that stuck with me the most is that the greatest musicians can also be the nicest chaps. Just like me, I'm sure many of us have their memories of meeting Allan; he was always so interested, down to earth and full of his English humour. Hanging with him was so much quality time - let's treasure those stories!
Will miss you Big Al.

Roy Marchbank
at takes incredible courage in a world & a music industry that would have us all conform. I heard the appeal of a family friend of the Holdsworths that as he has passed away penniless and his children don't have the money to give him a half decent funeral they setting up a "go fund me" page! He gave us so much right to the end. I can only hope we can ensure he gets the send off he deserves and we keep his memory & ethos alive by not being afraid to be unique, in so doing we cherish the richness of his musical legacy. I sincerely hope wherever we move on to next that Allan finds peace from any worldly stress and a place to comfortably be & play on.

Alex Stornello
I will always remember you in my every note for all that you've given me and for the difficult times that I passed thanks to your music!!!

Thank you Allan those moments with you have been a dream come true!!!

Per Nilsson
Noooooooo no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hero is gone... Rest well Allan Holdsworth!

I never met Allan Holdsworth, though he has been my favourite guitar player for over 25 years. I'm not one to approach my idols, I rather worship them from afar, but I admit I got a bit starstruck a few years ago when the guy got himself photographed holding MY OWN GUITAR at the Strandberg booth at the NAMM show! He was a Strandberg player too (though Carvin was his main guitar for at least the last twenty years) and was at the booth to meet Ola Strandberg and not so much to check out my guitar I suppose, but still OMG you guys HE TOUCHED MY GUITAR, I am never washing it again

Despite the upbeat nature of this post, I'm still gutted about Allan's passing. If I can, I'll try to make it to the public memorial. I'm glad to see so many people contributed to his funeral fund - I missed the chance but I'll find some other way of paying my respects, if nothing else then by buying the recently released boxset of his studio albums (I own them all separately already obviously).

Rest well Mr Holdsworth! <3

Magnus Olsson
The hard awakening from denial.

We have lost Allan Holdsworth.

I am well aware of that it is yesterdays news and that it have been all over the net for days. But I have been in complete denial and have refused to take it in. If I don't look have it never happened and that long awaited new album are soon to come. Like a silly ostrich have I put my head in a hole and refused to accept it. The awakening have been hard, denial just don't work.
Allan are gone and no more of his wonderful music will enrich my life.

He have been my absolute favorite musician for many, many years and his music just never gets boring to me. Like a Russian babushka does his music just reveal new melodies and emotions the more layers you peel away.

The more you know it the deeper it touches you.

Most other music gets boring after you have heard it to many time and know it, but not Allan's music. It just keeps feeding me with inspiration and fill my heart with emotions like no other music have.

Chords that move with more options of melodies to follow than a life can take in. Harmony so emotionally loaded and beautiful that I just don't have any words to describe it. I have to much respect to study it, to much respect to even touch it, to afraid to diminish the experience of just listening.

Thank you for the music Allan Holdsworth.
The music will stay with me forever.
Rest In Peace.

Magnus Olsson

Scott McGill
Allan Holdsworth has passed on. He had a huge influence on me and my music since I first heard him as a teenager. He changed the way the Electric Guitar was played and extended the way music was written on the Electric Guitar. Rest in Peace and here is one of my favorite moments. This video changed me permanently as a young person. Gone but not to be forgotten.

Brett Stine
RIP Allan Holdsworth. Hearing your music was a life changing experience for me. It changed how I think, how I listen, how I hear, how I feel about music and life. All the hours I spent listening, transcribing, learning and analyzing your music were some of the most inspiring, enlightening, challenging and frustrating musical experiences I've ever had. Much respect, love and thanks. RIP.

Robert Ritchiesse
† R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth †

My Father-in-music since 30 years is dead.

I can’t even begin to describe how much you, Allan, meant to me – and always will – in my search for being a better guitar-player. I’m forever thankful to you for "waking me up" long time ago in the Art of guitar-playing. You were my Salvation. You were the best in "my book" – no, in "my library". Thank you, Allan

Reflections over the cultural legacy after Allan Holdsworth, by Rob Guz

Mark Papagno shock.

William Stravato
The Master of the masters has gone...
RIP Allan Holdsworth

Joe Marro
Allan Holdsworth inspired me to view the fretboard differently, to hear things differently and to stay humble. Thanks for everything, blessings to him and his family. Such a huge loss, but his music will live on and continue to inspire us nerdy dudes. I'll never forget when my high school music teacher showed me "Peril Premonition". Life was changed instantly.

Adam Fulara
Died "Modern Coltrane". genius running his music one hundred years ahead. Once I stopped car impression of listening to the eidolon. Rest in peace Allan

Shawn Christie
I don't know what to say, this one hurts. My hero, the top spot on my list. The most singular voice the instrument has ever seen. A kind, gentle and humble man. The type of guy you would want to know even if he wasn't the embodiment of everything real, true and great about the artistry of music.

It is indeed sad that he never really had the "success" financially that his contributions to the lexicon of guitar should have warranted, but if today's outpouring of love and respect has shown, his impact was mighty and vast.

You will be forever missed. RIP Allan Holdsworth

Lalle Larsson
It is with great sadness in my heart that I receive the news that Allan Holdsworth has passed away...
I heard his music for the first time when I was about fourteen years old and became amazed by his unique voice and the beautiful poetry in his music, from then on I collected all his albums and I have been a big fan. There is only one Allan Holdsworth. RIP Allan, your music will live on. Thank you for the inspiration.

Much love,

Alex Argento
If heaven had a background music to welcome all the souls entering there for the first time, it would be this one for sure:

People like Allan will never die...because a Legend can't die. Have a wonderful trip, Genius.

Sean Wayland
Allan Holdsworth was a big sweet humble, gentle, loving, warm, very funny and friendly guy who loved music enough to carry 5 amps and a fridge full of effects into a room to play for a few hundred people who probably didn't love music half as much as he did. I was so awestruck the first time I met him that I said to him " Man I don't know what to say what would you say if you met John Coltrane ". He just burst in to tears and said " Man I loved that guys music so much .... "

Derek Sherinian‏ @DerekSherinian 11h11 hours ago
There are no words.. RIP sweet Maestro :(

Mike Keneally
‪Thank you Allan Holdsworth!!! Infinite gratitude and respect! ‬

Gustavo Assis-Brasil
The world of music just lost one of the greatest. Thanks for your influence on many of us. R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth

Cameron Allen
So incredibly sad to hear of the passing of the great Allan Holdsworth... one of my greatest musical heroes, a peerless visionary and innovator on the guitar, and truly one of the most unique musicians I've ever heard in my life. R.I.P. Allan...

Tony Smotherman
One of the greats left us today!

I remember Allan being funny, witty, and sneaky, hiding beer under the table at NAMM!

This was the moment he hid his beer and we were laughing that he wasn't going to get away with for much longer and get caught.

I think this picture tells a thousand words about him. I used to listen to the Hard Hat Area album on repeat. He mentioned loving Florida and told me he'd look me up on his next visit. Ready easy big guy!

Alessandro Benvenuti feeling down.
I can only say....Thank you Master. Thank you my Hero. Nobody will reach your genius. R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth

Carl Mörner Ringström
Can't believe Allan Holdsworth is gone. Apart from Eddie Van Halen probably my biggest influence when it comes to guitar and harmony. Glad I got to say hello to him once at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen, he was having a gin and tonic in the upstairs bar. The show he played an hour later made me cry. Vila i frid.

Floyd Francisco Fernandes
no words for the way his music has impacted me, thank you...

Achilleas Diamantis
The One and Only Fusion God passed away
My big Guitar Hero Allan Thanks For your music .
Rip Allan Holdsworth

Joe Pinnavaia is feeling gutted.
Thank you Allan Holdsworth for all that you have given. You inspired me like no other and a true artist you were R.I.P.
It hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but it’s the end of an era with the untimely passing of Allan Holdsworth.
He had the biggest influence on rock guitar since Jimi Hendrix. If you don’t believe me, ask Edward Van Halen, Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, and they will all tell you the same thing.

His technical approach was ground-breaking, and his musicality unique. Put simply, modern rock guitar wouldn’t sound the same without his contribution. 

I had the honour of meeting him several times, and it was always a pleasure. He came to give a class at the Guitar Institute in the ‘80s and, since, I’ve hung out with him chatting in a mate’s kitchen, shared a pint in the pub, and met him at various gigs. He was always humble and friendly. I’ll miss knowing that he’s out there continuing to make music, and that big warm handshake and gentle humour.

Farewell Allan. You were a huge inspiration to me. My deepest condolences to your friends and family.

Ruggero Robin
Today for me is truly a sad day ... it's like losing a father .... you have been a musical mentor to me Allan ... you left us too soon my friend... R.I.P.

Andy Wood
Just found out that fusion giant and musical genius, Allan Holdsworth has passed. Rest well Allan, you have left a jazz fusion legacy of un imaginable proportions on the world.

Prashant Aswani

Christian Münzner
Rest in peace Allan Holdsworth. The greatest electric guitar player who ever lived. I'm absolutely devastated by this. Thanks for the music and the incredible inspiration.
RIP allan. it's so sad to find out about his passing.... really heartbreaking :(. i never had a chance to watch him live here in Argentina... here's a humble tribute to his playing, one of my favorite allan's tunes. your music will live forever dear Allan

Leonardo MoonJune Pavkovic

R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth. No words. My favorite photo of Allan, with our mutual brother, Gary Husband. Thanks to Scott Forman for documenting this magic moment.

•••• There is no greater measure of a life well lived than the amount of people he had impacted, and by that measure the artist Allan Holdsworth lived a very good life. The man took a plank of wood, a few strings and some wires and transformed people's lives.

Mike Portnoy
F*ck!!!!! RIP Allan Holdsworth....One of the all-time greats and Holdsworth = no Eddie Van Halen #UK #OneOfAKind

— Mike Portnoy 🤘 (@MikePortnoy) April 16, 2017

Ron Jarzombek
Allan Holdsworth R.I.P.

These photos were taken backstage in Baltimore at 'The First World Guitar Congress" June 9, 2004 when I was in Marty Friedman's solo band. It was such an honor to meet him and talk a bit about his writing system. As you can see by the expression on my face that I was clueless! Many thanks for the inspiration...

Scott Tarulli
He sounded like nobody but himself. I met Alan Holdsworth a few yeats ago at the Seymour Duncan party at NAMM. Kind and humble. When I asked if he was playing at NAMM he responded "ehh....I used to play guitar in the 80s." The truth is, he changed guitar...and music. You will be missed Mr Holdsworth. But your music and affect will live forever

James Norbert Ivanyi
Shocked and saddened to wake up this morning to see that one of the most innovative, melodically archetypal and intrinsically important guitar players, Allan Holdsworth, has died. The music world has lost a true pillar of originality. RIP.

Ethan Brosh
I can't believe this is happening right now...The one and only Allan Holdsworth is gone :((( This was just 3 months ago and he looked perfectly fine. Allan Holdsworth was beyond an inspiration to guitar players because he was on a level of his own that no one could ever come close to. Truly a one of a kind personality and a musician who's music we could all just be grateful for having the chance to experience. :(((

Joop Wolters
Really had to let this one sink in ,still in tears...the loss of Allan Holdsworth was devastating to hear.. My condolences and respect to the family.. A true giant and unmatched musical innovator has left us.. Remember hearing him first on a Jean Luc Ponty album when i was 14 back in 1985 ,and was instantly hooked to his sound... albums that realy changed music for me where , Metal Fatigue, I.O.U, Atavachron, Sand, Roadgames, Secrets... Such originality and un-human skill resulting in true gems of beauty.. Remember playing cassettes of it all day long in high school ....Besides being such massive musical inspiration, his determination to never compromise his music and be himself was even more inspiring.. Love and Thank you for all you gave to the world of music.. R.i.p Allan

Tom Monda
RIP Allan Holdsworth. Here is a cool picture of me and Alexis Pareja with Holdsy circa 2006-ish. Years later in 2016 I had the privilege of performing with him on Cruise to the Edge. I spent a ton of my teenage years trying to figure out what the hell he was doing. When I first met him, all he talked about was how HE had no idea what he was doing. He was very self effacing and humble. I wished him good luck before he went on stage and he told me, "thanks, I need it!" He then proceeded to play 90 minutes of the most futuristic, space age and beautifully impossible guitar I've ever heard. Thanks for everything Allan!

Lars Eric Mattsson
R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth
Maybe the greatest guitarist ever had left us. The way Allan played and composed was totally unbelievable and on a level that left everyone else far behind. No easy listening for sure, but once you get it there is a lot to enjoy.

Dudley Ross
we lost a true guitar genius today. Thanks for many years of inspiration & blowing my mind!
When I was young my mum got me one of his CD's & it opened up my ears to a whole new world. RIP Allan Holdsworth.

Nick Andrew
Allan Holdsworth has died.
One of my biggest guitar inspirations and idols........!
There's nothing to say, it's all in the tears!

Simon Peter King
We've lost one of the master musicians of all time. There genuinely never was or is or will be anyone like Allan Holdsworth. He was as amazing and incomparable in this last year as he was at the beginning of his career. Something we can all aspire to.

Balawan Iwayan
I never ever learn his solos even only 2 bars , but always love to listen to all of his album , the world of guitars lost one of the best guitarist on the planet , Rest in peace Allan Holdsworth

Carl Roa
Allan Holdsworth is one of my greatest influences. One of my all time hero's. And, in my opinion, one of the greatest musical geniuses of the 20th century. Thank you Allan for all you have given to the world and for inspiring me to play when I first picked up a guitar. Rest in peace.

Aaron Marshall is feeling gutted.
Tragic day for our community... RIP Mr. Holdsworth

Steve Smyth
R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth. Another musical genius taken too soon.

Phil Hilborne
R.I.P Allan Holdsworth :-( His passing is a massive loss to the world of guitar playing and to music in general. He was a totally unique musician and a great guy. Sincere heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Jeremy Barnes
I don't have the words to express how sad a day this is for music. RIP Allan Holdsworth, you were a truly unique artist and a true pioneer of the guitar, we all tried to sound like you at one point or another in our musical journeys, but no one ever could such was the stature and complexity of your voice on the instrument. I doubt we'll ever see that voice matched! Godspeed sir.

Bob Katsionis
Think of all your friends you consider as "good musicians".
Gather them at a big hall and let them invite their teachers,too.
There was a guy who knew more music than all the people in that hall together.
His name was Allan Holdzworth and today he passed away at the age of 70.

Ps.Jens Johansson thanx for this album man,got more than half my licks off it.

Faraz Anwar
Allan Holdsworth not only changed my style of playing guitars but he also transformed me into a better guitar player. It is sad to know that one of my biggest inspirations in music passed away yesterday. My album "Abstract Point of View" was released by Allan's label "Gnarly Geezer" back in 2001, i didn't get a chance to meet him at that time but in 2010 when i was in London i saw him playing live and had the pleasure of meeting him after the show. To my surprise he remembered me and was delighted to finally meet me in person after all those years. Allan was a guitar genius, he will be remembered as an innovator and the biggest guitar player this world has ever seen. His music will never die

For several hours that I'm trying to get me head around it, but this time it's really hard... Allan for me it was more of an inspiration, he was one of the few living examples of true artist, a genius that goes beyond the limits and crystallizes in his world A summary only and wonderful.I'm sort of happy to see that a lot of friends and colleagues were equally affected by this sudden loss; we hope that his work will help to spread the idea, more and more distant to our days, that the music can also be serious, not just a simple way For fun and have fun...

Jimi Tunnell
I would have never told him this, because that self-deprecating lunatic would've just said, "Aw, get the fuck outta here...", but... as some folks know, I was originally a trumpet player... this man is a massive reason, if not THE reason, that I AM a guitar player at all.

Tom Lippincott
A truly masterful original and individual genius has left us. He changed the face of music and the guitar forever.

Dave Sharman
Very sad to hear about the passing of one of my all time heros today - Allan Holdsworth. To me, he was and will always be one of the most extraordinary and truly gifted people to have ever picked up an instrument, luckily for us that instrument just happened to be guitar and the world is a better place for it. Thank you Allan, you'll always be the 'King' of legato RIP 1946 - 2016.

Oh no, Allan Holdsworth... We've lost one of the greatest!

Marco Iacobini
Today, one of the most important music innovators is passed away.
A genius with an unmistakable guitar style and incredible phrasing, since the first listening, has been a great mentor and motivator for me.

With my heart full of sadness, I must say goodbye to Mr. Allan Holdsworth.
With deep respect and great estimate. You will never be forgotten.

Mike Orlando
RIP Allan Holdsworth.. such a huge loss to our guitar world! Legend..

Jasun Tipton
Thank you Allan Holdsworth for being a HUGE influence and innovator to many of us (Guitar Players) out there. A very sad day.

Tony Martinez
I can't believe it ... Allan Holdsworth just passed ... rest in piece Allan !!! You will be missed man

Lorenzo Venza
No man, Allan...

Lyle Workman
So very sad to hear Allan Holdsworth has passed. A hero and inspiration to many of us, he created his own approach so uniquely individual and played in a way that sounded impossible, yet always stunningly beautiful. Transcending his technical prowess he made gorgeous and lyrical music. I saw him many times over the years and he was always jaw-dropping. Have you ever heard the phrase "I heard him play and have been reduced to "guitar owner"? Even though it's silly and meant in jest, hearing Holdsworth epitomized that reaction. If there was a Mount Rushmore of guitar players, he'd be there in my book.

Rick Canton
God Bless you Allan, it was an honor to work with you, sending all of the love in my heart and soul to you, Rest In Peace.

Damjan Pejcinoski
The Master...The Genius...The one and only...RIP Allan Holdsworth

Chris Gordon
Today I raise my glass to Allan Holdsworth! His music and his contributions to the instrument that changed the game for all of us! Fly high and thank you for all you have done for the art!

Michael Dolce
This is a very sad day RIP Allan Holdsworth the most influential guitar players of our time .We all tried to be you . What a massive loss

Jeremy Krull
He is one of my biggest influences of all time and I don't know what to do with myself currently.

Borislav Mitic
Allan Holdsworth (1946-2017) Genius English Jazz-Rock guitarist. This video from 1974 shows how was far ahead of his time more then with your untethered improv, an insane speed, original ideas and dominant legato technique. Amazing Holdsworth... forever remains a mystery.

Rowan J Parker
Allan Holdsworth dead? Devastating news. One of the greatest and most unique electric guitar players ever. Irreplaceable. The guitar world is a lesser place without him. Goddamn it.

Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger
I´m literally in tears right now after learning of Allan Holdsworth´s surprising death. It is my believe that we go on to another form of existence and nothing really dies...however, I can´t help but feel intense sadness about the fact that this towering figure if modern music, this giant of spirit and invention has left this physical plane. The world indeed feels a bit emptier and less exciting without the opportunity to hear master Allan play or compose again.  Full post

Rob Johnson
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH .... I met him several times at Namm and at his shows . A great player , inspiration to guitarists worldwide

Wes Thrailkill
Heavy day for the guitar community, r.i.p. Allan and thanks for letting me and so many others realize the limitless potential of the instrument.

Fernando Molinari
R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth

Tony Franklin
Another legend leaves us way too soon. RIP Allan Holdsworth. A genius in his own right.

Simon Grove
Shit... RIP Holdsworth.
No guitarist has pushed the envelope of harmony, phrasing, tone and composition as dramatically as he has.

Derek Blakley feeling gutted.
RIP to the guy who routinely found the notes that all the other players couldn't have, even if you'd given them a map and directions.

Anyone who has ever been amazed (or revolted I guess) at the fast, smooth, legato 2-handed tapping stuff I do, probably won't be surprised by the fact that he inspired it. I can remember buying Atavachron on cassette back in high school and hearing his synthaxe melody on the head of Non Brewed Condiment, and thinking "I want to make that sound on bass". Took about a decade to get those techniques anywhere, of course. He did hear me play at NAMM once; he was having a conversation with the rep at Mesa Boogie right next to me while I flailed an unmitigated barrage of legato licks. I was mortified when I realized, obviously.. but he shook my hand and said "nice playing", even though it was all a bunch of plain vanilla pentatonic stuff. I think I mumbled something unintelligible, asked if he was gigging anywhere that weekend, and made a hasty exit.

Happy I got to see him live several times. Always loved that on top of his talent, he also had perspective. Terribly self-deprecating.. I remember after introducing the rest of the band one night, someone asked "who are you?", to which he replied "Dick Cheese", reflecting that he genuinely felt he'd sucked. I almost spent a fairly ludicrous amount of money to fly to LA at the last minute to see him play a couple of weeks ago.. now, of course... What the hell else would I do with that $800 that will be better? As always, grateful for the music left behind, into which he always put his all.. even for guest-spots like this solo that I'll leave you with, even if "Low Levels, High Stakes" will always be my favorite.. (I always seem to post that one).

RIP, Al. Brett probably said it best... "The John Coltrane of the electric guitar"

Ivan Chopik
Can't believe it. Rest In Peace Allan Holdsworth.

Charlie Shaughnessy
R.I.P Allan Holdsworth, your impact on guitar will be felt for generations to come
Full post:

Alexandre Bicudo
R.I.P Allan Holdsworth. The Master of all masters if it was today. He was and always will be my biggest influence in music. May God receive and comfort the hearts of the family.

Allan Marcus
Omg. No. No. No. I can't believe it. I won't believe it. My other dad and my namesake has passed. Fuck. FUCK!!!! Goddammit Mr Holdsworth! I didn't get a real chance to say goodbye!!! Last time I saw ya ya seemed to be on the upswing! Fuck! Huge loss.

Hedras Ramos
Goodbye Master Allan Holdsworth.
What a universe of sounds you brought to us! RIP

Gianluca Ferro
God is dead

Richard Daudé
Le Grand Maître Allan Holdsworth est parti : (

Paul Bielatowicz
Oh my god, I just heard Allan Holdsworth has died. Can't believe it. He was a true musical genius. What a HUGE loss

Sam Bell
Sad news about Allan Holdsworth's passing. He has influenced countless guitarists with his truly unique approach to guitar and music. If you appreciated his playing or not, its impossible to deny what an impact he has made on guitar playing. I hope people continue to be inspired by his clear and bold message behind his approach. Don't be afraid to follow your own path with the music you create and use your own intuition to guide you to new places.

I wrote a short post. I would like to hear others experiences of Holdsworth.

Adam Ironside
RIP Alan Holdsworth. Such a massive influence on many many players, myself included. Heaven just got a whole lot more prog.

Lee Luland
RIP Allan Holdsworth. Truly one of the most innovative guitarists of all time. A real genius of music. I am absolutely gutted  Thank you for the inspiration...

John Huldt
RIP Allan Holdsworth. I didn't understand a single thing you played but your genius and influence were undeniable.

Marcel Coenen
Just came home from a great gig when I found out that one of my heroes, Allan Holdsworth, passed away ..... R.I.P. !!! ........

Michael Harris
I'm still stunned to hear of the passing of one of the greatest guitarists in the history of existence, and a humble one at that.
RIP Allan Holdsworth.

Reece Fullwood
There will never be another Holdsworth. R.I.P
A huge loss for the guitar world.

Xander Demos
Saddened to hear of the passing of legendary Allan Holdsworth. Thank you for the inspiration and the many jaw-dropping moments. I'm sure many of my peers in the guitar community feel the same.

Atanas Shishkov
Today is a sad day for the Guitar world!The Great One is gone!R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth - you will be missed!

Jason Spell
I know Jason Spell would have been devastated by the news.  He would have posted this photo I'm sure. I post this out of love for the two of them.

Jake Reichbart
Oh no, not Allan Holdsworth, someone please tell me it's not true!

Words fail me. The black one on the floor is the IOU album which, when I bought it in 1982, has drastically and irreversibly change my life forever. It is a musical achievement that will never be replicated. The strange and beautiful sounds on this, and subsequent albums, have carried me through some hard times. I have had many musical heroes in my life but none a true life inspiration as Allan Holdsworth. Every note he has recorded from 1980 and released under his own name is burned into my mind and soul. The sounds of the things you see, shallow sea, The un merry-go-round, City nights, Tokyo dream, tullio, peril premonition, mr. berwell, sphere of innocence, looking glass, Sand, the 415 Bradford executive and so many others will play in my head until the day my own time comes.

Andy McKee
Man, I can't believe Allan Holdsworth has died. One of those rare, true geniuses on the guitar. His ability to create interesting harmony on the fly was stunning. So long maestro.

Al Estrada
Really sad to hear of the passing of the great Allan Holdsworth, I had him autograph my GP magazine when I had the pleasure of opening for him at the Roxy in Holllywood back in the '90's, He's the only guitar player I've ever seen live that sent shivers down my spine, truly incredible one of a kind! RIP

Adam Rafowitz
R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth. Thank you for the endless inspiration to push myself to become a better guitarist and musician. You will be sorely missed, and fondly remembered.

Courtney Cox
Met him when I just started playing in Philly :(
RIP Allan Holdsworth...

Jen Majura is feeling shocked.
I remember the day when I met Allan Holdsworth for the first time. He had smashed his left ring finger in a car door, it looked awful and everyone expected him to cancel the concert that night. But he didn't. He played. He played great. Greater than I ever will! He was a fucking genius mastermind! I don't think I ever understood even half of his musical creations - his playing was simply not from this planet!
What a big loss!!!

Gretchen Menn
How fortunate we were to have had him in this world... What a legacy and what lasting influence! Thank you for the art and inspiration, Mr. Holdsworth

Mohini Dey
Very sad! Huge Loss.
RIP The Great Allan Holdsworth.
One of My Favourite Musicians!
Unbelievably Shocking!

Esani Dey shared her video.
Allan Holdsworth ... Rip
One of my favourite musicians
I'm unbelievably shocked !

Nili Brosh
Deeply saddened to hear about the passing of the master Allan Holdsworth. In a shock right now. Rest well, sweet British guitar gentleman. Thank you for everything you've given us.

Victoria Blanchard
Man, what a blow to the music world! RIP Allan Holdsworth.

Anna Sentina‏
RIP Allan Holdsworth <3

Shian Hirsch
RIP - Allan Holdsworth

Alejandra Mesliuk was feeling sad.
I can't believe it! We was Allan Holdsworth!

Cynthia Maalouf
Rest In Peace Guitar Legend Allan Holdsworth 🌹

Julia Kosterova‏ 
So sad to hear about Allan Holdsworth... No words...  #allanholdsworth

Caterina Crucitti
... it is said that some people are born with an incredible gift... and instead I think some people are an incredible gift, for all of those who have the privilege of running into them in the reflection of light.

Master, thank you

Victoria Scarlet

Wow. This is beyond shocking and sad. I had the pleasure of meeting Allan a few times, very nice man. An amazing, innovative guitarist in a class of his own. A true legend. You will always be remembered. R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth

Justin Sandercoe
Noooo :( Alan Holdsworth has died. One of the coolest and most unique guitar pioneers has left us a great legacy. If you don't know his stuff, get exploring, there's lots of great recordings. The album Metal Fatigue was what turned me into a fan. The solo in the song The Mystery is incredible too, short but WoW!! 

Michael Gregory
As much of an original and iconoclast as Allan Holdsworth, and a launchpad for the careers of several of the country's most stellar musicians. There will never be another like him.

Matt Williams (Liquid Note Records)
Awful news about the passing of Allan Holdsworth, one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived. Unique sound, enigmatic, beautiful, affecting music. A man as down to earth as they come, and British to boot. He inspired so many players, but there was only one Allan. Even though I've been listening to his music since the 80s, unfortunately I never had a chance to see him play live, which I regret. Not many guitarists are legends (the great Shawn Lane springs to mind), but it's a term that can truly be reserved for Allan, one of the most original and inspiring guitar players of all time. RIP.

Records: If you are new to Allan pick up his new releases

Man Who Changed Guitar Forever Box set, Extra tracks - Allan Holdsworth -

Editorial Reviews
12 CD box set featuring bonus tracks on the albums and everything newly remastered, includes 40 page booklet

Track Listings
Disc: 1
  1. The Things You See
  2. Where Is One
  3. Checking Out
  4. Letters of Marque
  5. Out from Under
  6. Temporary Fault
  7. Shallow Sea
  8. White Line

Disc: 2
  1. Three Sheets to the Wind
  2. Road Games
  3. Water on the Brain-Pt II
  4. Tokyo Dream
  5. Was There?
  6. Material Real

Disc: 3
  1. Metal Fatigue
  2. Home
  3. Devil Take the Hindmost
  4. Panic Station
  5. The Un-Merry Go Round (In Loving Memory of My Father)
  6. In the Mystery

Disc: 4
  1. Non-Brewed Condiment
  2. Funnels
  3. The Dominant Plague
  4. Atavachron
  5. Looking Glass
  6. Mr. Berwell
  7. All Our Yesterdays

Disc: 5
  1. Sand
  2. Distance Vs. Desire
  3. Pud Wud
  4. Clown
  5. The 4.15 Bradford Executive
  6. Mac Man

Disc: 6
  1. City Nights
  2. Secrets
  3. 54 Duncan Terrace (Dedicated to Pat Smythe)
  4. Joshua
  5. Spokes
  6. Maid Marion
  7. Peril Premonition
  8. Endomorph (Dedicated to My Parents)

Disc: 7
  1. 5 to 10
  2. Sphere of Innocence
  3. Wardenclyffe Tower
  4. Dodgy Boat
  5. Zarabeth
  6. Against the Clock
  7. Questions
  8. Oneiric Moor
  9. Tokyo Dream
  10. The Un-Merry Go Round (Part 4)
  11. The Un-Merry Go Round (Part 5)

Disc: 8
  1. Prelude
  2. Ruhkukah
  3. Low Levels, High Stakes
  4. Hard Hat Area
  5. Tullio
  6. House of Mirrors
  7. Postlude

Disc: 9
  1. Countdown
  2. Nuages
  3. How Deep Is the Ocean
  4. Isotope
  5. None Too Soon (Part 1)/Interlude/None Too Soon (Part II)
  6. Norwegian Wood
  7. Very Early
  8. San Marcos
  9. Inner Urge

Disc: 10
  1. Son Onofre
  2. 274
  3. The Sixteen Men of Tain
  4. Above and Below
  5. The Drums Were Yellow
  6. Texas
  7. Downside Up
  8. Eidolon
  9. Above and Below (Reprise)
  10. Material Unreal

Disc: 11
  1. The Duplicate Man (Intro)
  2. The Duplicate Man
  3. Eeny Meeny
  4. Please Hold on
  5. Snow Moon
  6. Curves
  7. So Long
  8. Bo Peep
  9. Don't You Know

Disc: 12
  1. Zone I
  2. Proto-Cosmos
  3. White Line
  4. Atavachron
  5. Zone II
  6. Pud Wud
  7. House of Mirrors
  8. Non-Brewed Condiment
  9. Zone III
  10. Funnels

Eidolon - Allan Holdsworth -

Editorial Reviews
6 Panel CD Wallet and includes 20 page booklet

Track Listings
Disc: 1
  1. Sixteen Men of Tain
  2. The Drums Were Yellow
  3. Eidolon
  4. How Deep Is the Ocean
  5. Nuages
  6. Ruhkukah
  7. Low Levels, High Stakes
  8. Tullio
  9. Sphere of Innocence
  10. Dodgy Boat
  11. Against the Clock
  12. City Nights
  13. 54 Duncan Terrace
  14. Road Games (Jack Bruce)

Disc: 2
  1. Peril Premonition
  2. Distance Vs. Desire
  3. Pud Wud
  4. Non-Brewed Condiment
  5. Funnels
  6. Metal Fatigue
  7. Home
  8. Devil Take the Hindmost
  9. Tokyo Dream
  10. Water on the Brain-Pt II
  11. Letters of Marque
  12. Temporary Fault
  13. The 4.15 Bradford Executive
  14. Curves

Laurie Monk: Some memories


Pickle slightly concerned about the growing ingress of fusion based CD's. The man who changed guitar forever... The Allan Holdsworth collection finally lands courtesy of a delayed Amazon prime. I have them all already, some as LP's. A couple have different covers, Hard Hat Area and Wardenclyffe Tower. These versions have been remastered from the original tapes and include s a special 40 page booklet.

The title, of the album ,like Eidolon, before it seems almost prophetic... eidolon
1. An idealized person or thing.
2. A spectre or phantom.

RIP... One anecdote I can recall about Allan Holdsworth. I once went to see him playing at Ronnie Scott's jazz club in Birmingham. The gig was free with waitress service and wine thrown in for good measure courtesy of PWC. After the show I saw Allan sat on his own at the bar... I plucked up the courage to talk to him and say what an amazing show the band had put on. Typical Allan, he immediately apologised for his poor performance and for it not being up to scratch! I preceded to heap praise on unbelievable playing ability, for which he thanked me, but again I could see he wasn't happy about his performance. I then asked him about the Truth In Shredding performances with Frank Gambale... Then there was more of a look of satisfaction on his face. I then reached into my pocket and found the only thing I had that could be signed, a $1 dollar bill. He looked a little surprised, but signed it for me... The dollar also had Shawn Lane's signature too. I had seen Shawn playing in the UK earlier and he'd signed pretty much anything you wanted to sign.

Anyway, I thought to myself, I better keep that safe... To this day I don't know where it went... So if you see a $1 dollar bill with some writing on it check to see if it's Allan Holdsworth's and Shawn Lane's signature... If it is well remember I told you so... My search for the next guitar player continues.

Allan Holdsworth show, my last show seeing Allan play live in LA. So strange that I came across these on the day that he passes away.

Some comfort music as the realisation that there can be no more new music from the hands of the master

Also check out Byron Fry's recent blog post
The memories I have from those times in Allan’s life are many, and paint a picture of a soul too good and too artistically pure for the turd-infested waters of Hollywood; an inhumanly talented god, cast as an underdog into the ring with the prince of darkness from Warner, but who nonetheless somehow won his way to freedom