Joe Pinnavaia: new Free EBook

Joe Pinnavaia: New FREE eBook!

This is just the begining of a book that I'm really doing for myself in experimenting with triads and seeing what results I can milk from them. I hope you get something from them and attempt to find a place for them in your own music.

There will be more explanations on how to use these musical tools that can be practical and purposeful.

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This lesson focuses on bringing the right and left hands together. It s often frustrating to experience the feeling of disorientation when the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing.
With these simple and effective practicing routines you will be able to play easily scales, chords, solos etc. Intermediate and even advanced players will find value in these concepts and I can guarantee results with consistent practice and patience.
Included in this lesson is a video of me explaining the examples and concepts as well as PDFs of the examples and a short musical piece designed to give you a workout that is enjoyable to learn and practice.

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Understanding Intervals
In this lesson I discuss in detail the foundation of scales and harmony which is intervals. I explain what they are and how they define harmony such as Major Minor and Diminished.
Break the scalar soloing ruts that can make your improvisations sound boring or monotonous. After this lesson you will be on your way to creating fresh and exciting lines in your solos!

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