Brian Hunsaker: Farewell to the King

This is the final track off my debut CD "Across the Galaxy", now available on CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes and more. Visit my website for two free full-length mp3's and links to buy the CD.

Special thanks to Sergio Ortega and George Varghese for performing in the video. We are now performing as as instrumental band live in the Seattle area, with Carl Larson and Jay McAllaster! Contact me for details.

A Cordoba classical guitar, Obbligato picks, Blue & Oktava microphones and Ibanez basses were used in the recording of this song. I am endorsed by Obbligato picks, McNaught Guitars, WCR Pickups & DR Strings.

I hope you like the song and stay tuned for more videos!
-Brian Hunsaker

Farewell to the King - classical guitar original by Brian Hunsaker