Friday, 3 May 2013

Rob Marcello,John Austin: the fuse is lit and it's ready to blow!

Heavy Metal meets the Blues. April 26, 2013. Rob Marcello is the Lead Guitarist of heavy metal band Danger Danger. John Austin hold's his own.

Rob Marcello (Danger Danger) Shreds W/John Austin

Rowan J Parker: Shawn Lane Parallel Triads

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Develop your left hand into a Hulk-like monster with I Love Legato! Maximum shredding licks using only the left hand. Impress your guitar playing buddies, win friends, influence people, get a more attractive girlfriend. Yes, all this and more so get down to that woodshed!

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I Love Legato! - Episode 3 - Shawn Lane Parallel Triads

Fayeed Tan: PRS + Dimarzio pickups demo

Just a quick (or rather LONG and sloppy) rambling on my PRS. I played all rock here for the simple reason of... I did not buy these pickups to play jazz fusion, I bought them to play RAWK! I don't use pedals, all the drive is from the AMP and the reverb is from the DAW (digital audio workstation).


guitar: PRS SE Standard
neck pickup: Dimarzio DP156 (Humbucker From Hell)
bridge pickup: DiMarzio DP228 (Crunch Lab)

PRS + Dimarzio pickups demo (rambling/noodling)

Marshall Harrison: new Major Minor Improvisation and live show on Saturday

Major Minor Improvisation with a few fireworks
Title says it all usually and in this case it is no different

See Marshall live Saturday at 1pm on ustream

Thiago Larenttes,Cauê Leitão: Guitar Flash - with free download

Brazilian Metal Band

Ricardo DeStefano- Vocals
Thiago Larenttes- Guitar and Vocals
Cauê Leitão- Guitar
Toni Laet- Bass and Vocals
Daniel de Sá- Drums

Memories 2012
Produced by Thiago larenttes
DOWNLOAD Free! New Album MEMORIES! (Grátis / Free)

GUITAR FLASH - Official Music Video HD

Kiku Tapping: tapping playing with the two guitar giants

Kiku Tapping: I tried playing in tapping playing with the two guitar giants of the bow and arrow OP Guren advance.

Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 OP ギター タッピング

Daisuke Kunita: Trio "Flat Line" - JFusion

Music by Daisuke Kunita
Daisuke kunita trio live@Shilver Elephant
for more info

Daisuke Kunita (Guitar) Ryosuke Nikamoto(Bass) Yoichiro Yamauchi(Dr)

Daisuke Kunita Trio "Flat Line"

Al Joseph: Progressive Developments for Jam Track Central

It's Time To Progress
Introducing Al Joseph and his debut jam track package Progressive Developments at JTC. Containing three progressive metal style tracks, Al showcases a blend of classic rock/blues style licks in a metal setting as well as his incredible talent of creating melodic lines that get stuck in your brain. Al leans on his major influences throughout, including John Petrucci and another JTC artist Marco Sfogli and the results speak for themselves. There is a lot to learn from these 3 tracks!
In true JTC style you get the solo track, solo backing and extended jam tracks, the video performances and the TAB and notation (which was created by Al himself). Al has also written some track notes to accompany the package too.

So...great tracks, great playing...what are you waiting for?!? Come check out the previews or head to our YouTube channel to watch the promo!


3 solo example tracks in MP3
3 solo backing tracks in MP3
3 extended jam tracks in MP3
3 video performances in MP4
Tab and Notation created exclusively by Al himself in Guitar Pro and PDF formats
Bonus track notes written by Al

*NEW ARTIST* Al Joseph 'Progressive Developments' at

Leonardo Guzman: French Guitar Contest II - top end tapping solo

Thanks for your time! :) hope u like it! :D

French Guitar Contest II - Leonardo Guzman

Mark Knopfler: win tickets to Marks' UK tour

We have pairs of tickets to be won for Mark Knopfler's new UK tour.

One of the most successful recording artists of all time, Mark will be hitting the road throughout May in support of his latest album Privateer.

Recently presented with an Ivor Novello Award for his ground-breaking songwriting talents, we have tickets up for grabs at the following venues: 

Frank Gambale: Oscar's excellent Guitar Shop interview

On the 8th episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop, (2-22-13) Oscar meets fusion monster Frank Gambale to discuss the early years, auditioning for Jean Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, the Frank Gambale Guitar Tuning, and his current album Soulmine.

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Oscar's Guitar Shop Frank Gambale Interview

Daniele Liverani: Toy Warehouse Rescue - six guitar concerto

Daniele Liverani - Toy Warehouse Rescue (6 voices)
Written by Daniele Liverani

Taken from the instrumental guitar album "DAILY TRAUMA"
Recorded on 1998 at Fear Studios.
Released later by Frontiers Records on 2004.
Full Orchestra version for this song also appearing on "Save me from my destiny" outro, from Genius Ep.3 "The Final Surprise". Recorded on 2007.

All Guitars: Daniele Liverani

DANIELE LIVERANI - Toy Warehouse Rescue (6 voices)

Jon Neto: The French Guitar Contest 2013

The French Guitar Contest 2013

The French Guitar Contest 2013 - Jon Neto

Check out John's expressive work for the Ibanez competition.

Jon Neto: I do not claim to make, much less intended, but an international competition is a great opportunity to showcase the work! Woe is my participation in the Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition.

my website: (go to the site to download my two free cd's)

Ibanez Guitar Solo Competiton - Jon Neto

Yngwie Malmsteen: Wilbur Theater in Boston, MA on April 29th, 2013

Some video bits of Yngwie Malmsteen playing at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, MA on April 29th, 2013

Yngwie Malmsteen 2013 Clips Pt. 1 @ Boston, Ma

Yngwie Malmsteen Clips 2013 Pt. 2 @ Boston, MA'

Christian Alvad: 10 stringed guitar

Stormsvalen (Tøbrud) arr. for 10 stringed guitar. Tuning top to bottom: ebgdaEDCAG

10 string Guitar Excercises no. 1

Vlatko Stefanovski: The God of Guitar

The God of guitar Vlatko Stefanovski.

- He is a Macedonian ethno-rock jazz fusion guitar player.
- Born in Prilep in 1957.
- Eric Clapton said: "I would be the best guitarist if there was no Vlatko Stefanovski" !
- Started playing guitar at the age of 13.
- Stefanovski was one of the founding members of "Leb i sol" with whom he recorded 13 albums between 1978 and 1991. He currently splits his time playing with his VS Trio, in an acoustic partnership with Miroslav Tadić or composing for film and theatre. He is the brother of dramatist Goran Stefanovski.


1. Zodiac (with Bodan Arsovski - Third ear music -1990)
2. Cowboys & Indians (Third ear music -1994)
3. Sarajevo (Third ear music -1996)
4. Gypsy Magic (Third ear music -1997)
5. Krushevo (with Miroslav Tadić - MA recordings - 1998)
6. V. S. Trio (Third ear music - 1998)
7. Live in Belgrade (with Miroslav Tadić - Third ear music - 2000)
8. Journey to the Sun (IFR - Kalan -2000)
9. Kino Kultura (Third ear music -2001)
10. Kula od karti (Avalon Production -2003)
11. Treta majka (with Miroslav Tadić - Avalon Production -2004)
12. Thunder From The Blue Sky (with Jan Akkerman)

1. Šmeker (Zoran Amar, 1985)
2. Za sreću je potrebno troje (Rajko Grlić,1986)
3. Zaboravljeni (Darko Bajić,1989)
4. Klopka (Suada Kapić,1990)
5. Početni udarac (Darko Bajić,1991)
6. Suicide guide (Erbil Altanaj,1996)
7. Nebo gori modro (Jure Pervanje,1996)
8. Gipsy magic (Stole Popov,1997)
9. 3 Summer Days (Mirjana Vukomanović,1997)
10. Journey to the Sun (Yesim Ustaoglu 1998)
11. Skyhook (Ljubiša Samardžić, 2000)
12. Serafim, the Lighthouse Keeper's Son (Vicko Ruić, 2002)

1. Zodiac (with Bodan Arsovski 1989)
2. Vakuum (1996)
3. Dabova šuma (1998)

Educational TV SERIES:
Busava Azbuka (1985)

1. Cirkus (Darko Markovic, 1979) with LEB I SOL
2. Vjetar (Goce Vaskov, 1990)

Volim vodu (Goranka Greif Soro, 2002)

Recordings with Leb i sol
1. Leb i sol (PGP-RTB -1978)
2. Leb i sol 2 (PGP-RTB -1978)
3. Ručni rad (PGP-RTB -1979)
4. Beskonačno (PGP-RTB -1980)
5. Sledovanje (PGP-RTB -1981)
6. Akustična trauma (PGP-RTB - double live -1982)
7. Kalabalak (Jugoton -1983)
8. Tangenta (Jugoton -1984)
9. Zvučni zid (Jugoton -1985)
10. Kao kakao (Jugoton -1987)
11. Putujemo (Jugoton -1989)
12. Live in New York (Third ear music -1991)
13. Anthology (Third ear music -1995)

The God of Guitar Vlatko Stefanovski