Joe Satriani: Unstoppable Momentum & Artistic Quest - Part 2/3

In this 3-part double-length extended version, Joe Satriani discusses his inspiration behind the writing and recording of his new album "Unstoppable Momentum" (May 7, 2013). In part 2 Joe discusses the working with co-producer Mike Fraser and creating new performances for "Unstoppable Momentum". Also included with Joe's interview are exclusive behind the scenes footage of the recording sessions and samples of tracks from the album.

"This is what I do, it's what I've always wanted to do ... in service of achieving that never finishing artistic quest -- that's what it is and what it's all about" said Joe.

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Video directed by Jon Luini & Arthur Rosato, a Chime Interactive Production

Satriani's Unstoppable Momentum & Artistic Quest - Part 2/3 (Extended Version)