Anouck André: 5000+ friends on Facebook - time for the fan page... oh and did I mention an upcoming competition?

Anouck André: 5000+ friends on Facebook

Anouck André

Finally...I did it ! As I cannot accept more friends here, you can follow me on my artist page :) I won't be mad at you if you don't because I know how hard it is with all the Facebook requests, for pages, group, gigs and so on. But It would be a great support for me if you accept to join the page and share it.
Great news are coming soon so I think it's a good time to create this page. Thanks to everybody for the warm support given until now , it really means a lot for me. ♥


1 days left before the beginning of T.E.N & Guitar friends contest ! Cool prizes to win with a nice bunch of brands involved !.... Now it's time to reveal the names of the juges : Martin Miller, Rick Graham, Laurie Monk, David Maxim Micic and David Wallimann.

More details really soon !!!