Saturday, 5 April 2014

Francesco Artusato: Metal Wani - Devil You Know - Discusses New Album

Metal Wani writer Sairaj R. Kamath recently caught up with Francesco Artusato to talk about Devil You Know's debut album, the band's conception and music-making process, the present state of All Shall Perish, his solo material, and more.

Read Our REVIEW Here:

DEVIL YOU KNOW's Francesco Artusato Discusses New Album, Songwriting & Howard Jones (2014)

Arkadiy Starodoub: ESP artist Аркадий Стародуб - still one of the most amazing players around!

ESP artist plays live at Music-Moscow.

Аркадий Стародуб ESP artist plays live

Arkadiy Starodoub At Music-Moscow 2007

Jakub Żytecki: guitar improvisation - amazing video from when he just 15 years old

Jakub Żytecki guitar improvisation - video from just 15 years old.

Jakub Żytecki guitar improvisation

Cliff Moore, Istvan Alapi: Red Baron - Billy Cobham - Budapest, Hungary 2014

Muzikum Club, Budapest, Hungary, 04.04.2014.
Recorded and edited by Christeve27
Video recording: iPhone5

Cliff Moore Band feat. István Alapi - Red Baron/Billy Cobham

Jack Zucker: Riviera fusion jam - sheets of sound music.

(c) 2014 sheets of sound music.

This is sloppy, i was out of town for 6 days and just got back. Re-introducing myself to guitar, much less haven't played any fusion in years!

Eastman T386, Mambo amp, Raezer's Edge 10" cabinet, Wilson Lotus Drive

Riviera fusion jam

James Theobald: John Coltrane's 'Equinoxe' Live at the Kava Bar

John Coltrane's 'Equinoxe'
Live at the Kava Bar in Hawi, HI. Tuesday, March 10th


Tony Martinez: Suhr classic - classic clean tones

Suhr classic neck back !!!! oh man I love this kind of classy tone !!!

Strat tone back home !!!!!!

Martin Miller: Anthemic Rock, Vol.1 available from Jam Track Central!

Anthemic Rock, Vol.1

Book your local stadium, hire a full backline and get your guitar plugged in and's time for Anthemic Rock Vol.1!!

The package contains 5 incredible stadium filling jam tracks written by our modern style backing track guru Luke Roberts, who also wrote for packages such as Modern Rock Series 1 and Marco Sfogli's Essential Rock Vol 1. The superb solo examples are performed by Martin Miller and he wrote them with the intermediate player in mind (and 60,000 screaming fans...of course!). Many of the lines are very melodic, (which in itself is a skill to master), and you will find loads of great phrasing to master too. Throughout each track there are one or two tricky licks to really test you.....the perfect recipe for a jam track package.

One thing is for sure...these are HUGE and jammable backing tracks, and Martin's examples provide the perfect platform for you to learn some really melodic licks to help you create your own solos.

Included are the short and long jam tracks, solo example tracks, Tab/Notation in PDF/powertab formats and some bonus scale and technique notes!

Eric Calderone: The Rains of Castamere Meets Metal

The Rains of Castamere Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So GoT fever is upon us once again haha. Definitely a totally rad show I always look forward to. I've been seeing this request for a long time and I've always really wanted to do it, just never knew how. So this is my attempt haha. Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the world. Big ups for all the suggestions, subs, comments, messages, donations, fan art, and support. You always ROCK my casbah!

Best to ya



Sergey Golovin: Lepsky S8 - EMG 57/66 - AXE FX II - Live

Sergey Golovin - Lepsky S8 - EMG 57/66 - AXE FX II - Live
Sergey Golovin

Jim Marshall: One minute of Feedback for Jim Marshall, The Father of Loud

One minute of Feedback for Jim Marshall, The Father of Loud
Two years ago today, Jim Marshall sadly passed away. He may have left our world, but his legacy lives on. In homage to our founder, we've recorded our one minute of feedback -- because a minute of silence just wouldn't cut it.

Jim Marshall OBE, 1923 -- 2012.

Quotes taken from 'The History of Marshall -- The First Fifty Years' by Michael Doyle and Nick Bowcott, and 'Jim Marshall -- The Father of Loud' by Rich Maloof.