Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious - Liminal - now on YouTube in its entirety

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious - Liminal
Tymon Kruidenier s
Liminal is now on YouTube in its entirety, featuring the custom made artwork from all the people who pre-ordered the special edition.

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00:00 - 1. Entrust
06:28 - 2. One's Glow
11:07 - 3. Alphaform
15:56 - 4. Deeply Woven
22:51 - 5. Triguna
28:00 - 6. Movement
32:52 - 7. Open
39:27 - 8. Immanent

Produced and mixed by Tymon Kruidenier
Mastered by Tymon Kruidenier and Joris Bonis

Artwork direction by Henrik van Leeuwen
Artwork software development by Coen Klösters and Pieter Willems

Tymon Kruidenier guitars
Michel Nienhuis guitars
Robin Zielhorst bass
Yuma van Eekelen drums

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You can buy this album at www.exivious.net
Or get it digitally at most online music stores.