Friday, 11 April 2014

Samuli Federley: Playthrough - Euphoria - Loreen

Samuli Federley - Euphoria (Loreen)
Samuli Federley
As a son of the 80's I couldn't avoid being exposed to the all synth pop music. I've always thought that this techno or other dance music is very close to heavy metal in terms of arrangement and overall feel. Just add real drums and electric guitar and you'll have a awesome melodic metal song. So this is my tribute to this genre of music. It's not an 80's song but it fits the same category. I hope you dig it and check out also www.samulifederley.c­om

Damjan Pejcinoski: Mixing techniques and styles Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, Richie Kotzen,Bret Garsed, TJ Helmerich

Mixed techniques
Damjan Pejcinoski
Mixing techniques and styles ( Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, Richie Kotzen,Bret Garsed, TJ Helmerich).Full lesson coming soon at http://marketplace.live4gui­

Tom Quayle: Fibenare TQ Roadmaster Signature Improv

Fibenare TQ Roadmaster Signature Improv
Tom Quayle
Testing out a new picture style on my camera to get higher quality video. Think it looks pretty nice. Sorry about the metronome - I didn't record any audio for this in Logic. Definite 80's 'Romancing the Stone' soundtrack vibe to this!!

Syd Barrett, David Gilmour: The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story

The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story ~ Trailer
Eagle Rock
The late Syd Barrett was a major cult figure and rock music legend. The charismatic and brilliant lead guitarist of the early Pink Floyd, he created a unique psychedelic sound and wrote wonderfully eccentric songs including the hits "Arnold Layne", "See Emily Play" and "Bike".Syd Barrett left Pink Floyd in 1968 when his increasingly erratic behaviour made his continued participation in the band impossible. After two extraordinary solo albums he disappeared from music altogether. "The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story" tells the full bizarre, tragic but also celebratory story of Syd Barrett with contributions from all the members of Pink Floyd plus friends, managers and lovers. Out week of May 19th 2014.

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Rick Graham: Hybrid Picked Arpeggios

Rick's Quick but Slick Arpeggios - part 6 Hybrid Picked Arpeggios
Rick Graham
Another horrible arpeggio for you to practice. Checkout my HD guitar lessons here(for 10% discount on all lessons click view cart and use code: 41320VD0

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Ben Levin: Guitar Instrumental - AnPanMan - great original track -check it out!

Guitar Instrumental - AnPanMan by Ben Levin
Ben Levin
I made this quirky backing track and ended up writing a pretty song over it. This is the result! It's fun to play along with the backing track I made for this song, so I have made it available to download here:

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Martin Miller: A Test In Time - creating a full length song using nothing but Toontrack products

NEW Martin Miller 'A Test In Time' feat EZmix 2 and EZdrummer 2
Martin Miller
Download this jam track package FREE for limited time:

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When we heard that our friends from Toontrack announced the brand new EZdrummer 2 as well as the Classic Amps EZmix pack, a new expansion pack for EZmix 2 featuring a host of classic amp sounds, we had to put them up to the test!

We gave Martin Miller the task of creating a full length song using nothing but these fine Toontrack products and the results speak for themselves. Martin recorded all guitars DI (direct in) without amplification and then ran them through the EZmix 2 / Classic Amps EZmix Pack. The drums are taken from Toontrack's much anticipated new release EZdrummer 2 (due May 6th!).

Pete Thorn: new from Jam Track Central - The Groomed Noodler

The Groomed Noodler

Introducing the first JTC release from world renowned rock guitarist Pete Thorn. Pete has filmed a live playthough of 'The Groomed Noodler', his first brand new single since the release of his acclaimed 'Guitar Nerd' album back in 2011.

The Groomed Noodler has it all.....melody, tone, riffs, licks and a load of perfectly placed bends! Plus, it is just an amazingly good tune! Pete plays with such precision and passion that makes those notes really hit the spot. Learning to play this track is going to teach you a load of great riffs and licks, plus if you follow Pete's lead then you will also learn how to make your guitar sing!

In true JTC form the package comes with the solo and backing track, TAB/Notation in both PDF and Powertab format, plus the video performance to study.

Solo track
Solo backing track
Video Performance
TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)