Sunday, 13 July 2014

Matěj Morávek: Suhr Custom standard, Paul Reed Smith Special - propulsive groove

HOT Amps Bassguy 15
Matěj Morávek
Test kytarového zesilovače Hotamps Bassguy 15
kytary - Suhr Custom standart, Paul Reed Smith Special
Matěj Morávek

Jason Becker: EyeSpeak - Pledge $25 and get an exclusive fingerprint postcard from Jason

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Max Godman: Unity Unify - Guitar Idol 4 - acoustic tapping

Available on itunes, Amazon and all other digital platforms!
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Guitar: Merida Alcazaba Acoustic
Tuning: DADGAD
Pickup: Fishman Prefix premium blend
Mic: Rode NT1-A, Rode M3
Camera: Canon T3i / 600D

Unity Unify (Original) | Max Godman

Guitar Idol 4

Marco De Francesco: Nibiru - Guitar Idol 4 - crunching progressive metal

crunching progressive metal

Marco De Francesco - "Nibiru" [Guitar Idol 4]

Guitar Idol 4

Lovrek Krisztián: Guitar Idol 4 - dedicated to István Bodacz


I'd like to dedicate this one to my Grandfather, István Bodacz. (1936-2008). R.I.P:

Used Gear:

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Signature - DiMarzio Custom Wound Petrucci pickups
Elixir Strings
Diezel VH-4
Diezel 4x12
Recorded with Shure SM57
Lovrek Krisztián - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Guitar Idol 4

Arek Religa: 777 - Guitar Idol 4 - Two-hand tapping

Composed, arranged, performed & recorded by Arek Religa.
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'Guitar Idol 4 entry' - "777" by Arek Religa - Two-hand tapping

Guitar Idol 4

Rients Draaisma: Guitar Idol 4 entry - jazz rock solo

This is my entry for Guitar Idol 4. If you like what
I do, please subscribe to my channel, that would me a lot.

Jazzrock guitar solo. Guitar Idol 4 entry. Rients Draaisma

Guitar Idol 4

Rients Draaisma,Jamie Rhind: The End Of The Circle - classic fusion

I just did a collaboration with the awesome Jamie Rhind from New York. I enjoyed this VERY much, and I hope you guys do too when you hear this.

This is what Jamie had to say

How special for me to have been a part of this collaboration with the young and extraordinary Dutch composer/guitarist/keyboard player Rients Draaisma. While my hope was to create a forum for a call and response type solo between my synth and Rients' soaring creative guitar ala John McLaughlin and Jan Hammer in the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Rients immediately turned it up several levels to create what we have here. The head came from a synth solo line of mine that was then adjusted by Rients to meet the intricate and changing meter. Everything else Rients did - the composition, the most intricate drum tracks, and his very deep soloing. All Overnight. Wow.

We both hope you enjoy The End of The Circle, and would love your feedback. Please check out Rients' Soundcloud compositions and performances, his website and his wonderful videos on YouTube...his playing and writing is going to change music....

Adam Lajoie: tasty pentatonic guitar solo

overused pentatonic licks and bends.. gotta love em! subscribe

pentatonic guitar solo

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot - Guitars Still SUCK - Ramona Mainstage 2014

Ramona Mainstage - 626 Main st. Ramona Ca 92065
Videography By - DSD Video Productions

Bumblefoot - Guitars Still SUCK ( 7-5-2014 )

Bumblefoot - Guitars SUCK ( 7-5-2014 )

Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitar Gods - Ramona Mainstage - 2014

Ramona Mainstage - 626 Main st. Ramona Ca 92065
Videography By - DSD Video Productions

David Maxim Micic, Jakub Żytecki: UK Tech Fest 2012 - Bilo I

I was going through my files on my computer and had a wonderful flashback to one of the most fun times of my life - Seeing some of the most talented and creative musicians play at the UK Tech Fest! The following video is a live recording of David's Bilo I . Lamely due to dark light conditions, I had a 50 mm lens on which was the only thing that could get light and not the best of footage :( I was mainly trying to get some audio for Djent FM until I felt confident with my decision to move on with my own art career.

I learned a lot from everyone there, had a time of my life, and solidified a decision in my life to pursue my own art. My art is greatly influenced by musicians from this scene to post rock. I found that creating and sharing was the purpose in life. That to be an artist is a lifestyle, not a hobby. To create deny art is to deny consciousness. I couldn't let my gift go to waste and so if you're interested, you can see my works at :)

I think one of the best performances I ever saw after the tens of concerts of several genres I've been to was after this with David and Jakub with a guitar battle but sadly my camera battery died :'(

Thank you everyone there for such a fun time. Thank you to all the artists that inspired me and allow me to gather the courage to solidify a choice in life to create and share art like themselves. And thank you Simon for all your help not only creating the coolest music festival around but taking the time to bring the community together to create an experience of a lifetime and a trip I do not regret flying all the way out from California in the USA. Simon, you're one of the most selfless people I know and thank you for everything you've done! I hope one day soon our paths will cross (I much want to go this year but I just got back from Japan)

Everyone, please have a blast there in 2014 and THALL!

UK Tech Fest 2012 - David Maxim Micic Bilo I

Dudley Ross: Sizen - the album that was never released

Dudley Ross
so, as you know I like to play every style of music I can as love it all. Here's a taste of me in light most of you wouldn't associate me with, METAL! This is SIZEN, we never released these recordings, but one day we will get a second album recorded and out there! Have a listen folks and get head banging.

Richie Allan: Propulsion - it doesn't get any more EPIC than this!

Richie AllanThanks bro, yea this track was a dedication to Jason Becker, I even sent it to him, he listened and replied.

The album "Interstellar Abduction" get it now
Richie Allan - Propulsion Playthrough