Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stephen Thelen,Bernhard Wagner: Sonar - Static Motion - the new ablum - Swiss minimalist-groove

Stephen Thelen, Bernhard Wagner: Sonar - Static Motion
1. Static Motion 08:02
2. Twofold Covering 7:51
3. Landslide 5:00
4. Shadow Play 8.06
5. Triptych 9:39
6. Continuum 8:37
7. Tranceportation 5:53
8. Zero Tolerance 4:36
9. Vertical Time 12:09"Static Motion" from the upcoming album Static Motion by Sonar, released by Cuneiform Records in January 2014.

Stephen Thelen - Guitar
Bernhard Wagner - Guitar
Christian Kuntner - Bass
Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums

Produced by Nordhang Film

PURCHASE 'Static Motion':

Sonar - Static Motion

Tromsø (from the Sonar album A Flaw of Nature, published by Ronin Rhythm Productions). Video by Pascal Reinmann

Sonar - Tromsø

Guido Nerger,Tom Geldschläger: The Astronaut's Return - The Solar Systems Architect

Written & arranged by Guido Nerger
Produced by Guido Nerger & Kristof Schleinstein
Mixed by Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger
Mastered by Jens Güttes

Guido Nerger - electric guitars, electric bass & programming
Kristof Schleinstein - drums
Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger - fretless electric guitars & e-bow
Matthias A. Preisinger - violin, viola, harp, piano & orchestral keyboard
Yatziv Caspi - tabla, hang-drum & percussion

Filmed by Fabian Uhlmann & Julien Quermann
Edited by Kristof Schleinstein

Artwork by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep
Jakob Saretz
The Astronaut's Return - The Solar Systems Architect

Greg Howe: The Hot Cat announces Euro tour dates

Greg Howe: The Hot Cat announces Euro tour dates

19 September
Las Vegas, NV
Triple B

16 October
San Giovanni Alla Vena, Italy
BLITZ Live Music Pub

17 October
Telese Terme (BN), Italy
Mamas Music Store

18 October
 Rome, Italy
Your Music

20 October
Krakow, Poland
Sklad Muzyczny

21 October
LODZ, Poland
Guitar Center

22 October
Fellback, Germany
Soundland GmbH

23 October
Aiterhofen, Germany
Music Station

24 October
Nietap, Netherlands
Muziekhuis Da Capo

25 October

Alphen, Netherlands
Kauffmann's Guitar Store

27 October
Morges, Switzerland
Boullard Musique

28 October
Sursee, Switzerland
Musik Center Sursee GmbH

29 October
Paris, France
L'Ampli a Lampe shop

30 October
Nancy, France
Music Academy International

13 December
Ramona, CA
Ramona Main Stage

Derryl Gabel, Troy Grady: A great interview from Troy

You know, another player that had an impact on me is Marshall Harrison.  A friend of mine sent me a video of him in 1999 I think it was.  Back in ’93 I started working on playing  three and a half octave pentatonic scales, 3 notes per string, straight up and back down using all strings, at super high speeds.  After a while of practicing I gave up because my eyes were crossing.  I figured that it was most likely just not possible and I had the 313313 anyway. In ‘99 I saw Marshall doing this in the video and then I knew it was humanly possible.  I started working on it again and had it down in about a month.  I invited Marshall over and was really impressed with his technique.  He came over again in 2002.  He’s about 6 or 7 hours away.

Full interview

Paul Wardingham: Beyond Human is coming very soon

By Paul Wardingham

Hey ,

Last Tuesday, the Beyond Human trailer video launched... and the response has been INCREDIBLE. Thank you for the support.

Behind the scenes, we've been working secretly on my new website and blog.

From now on this mailing list and website will be FIRST place I release all my new music, videos, merch and major announcements!

To celebrate this new chapter, I've just written my first blog post talking about my journey from Assimilate Regenerate to The Human Affliction.

Check it out here:

Past. Present. Future.


Paul Wardingham
Future Metal Shred

P.S. - Beyond Human is coming very soon. I'll have more details for you this week.

Joe Bonamassa, Jason Becker: a new Gibson guitar for Jason

Jason Becker
Gibson Les Paul from the fantastic Joe Bonamassa. Thank you so much Joe!

Dean Murphy: Parker Fly Deluxe - Contact: Lost

Dean Murphy - Parker Fly Deluxe - Contact: Lost
Dean Murphy
so i recently got this AMAZING guitar a 97 parker fly deluxe, so i wrote this song to show it off hope you enjoy
instagram @daken1134

Conrad Schrenk: stunning solo from Thomas Lang - Musotto

Conrad Schrenk is playing the solopart of the Thomas Lang - Song "Musotto" from their Album "YUMAFLEX".
"YUMAFLEX" is available on iTunes - CDbaby

Video: Elie Fay / Cut: CS

Conrad plays VIGIER Guitars.

more about Conrad:
MUSOTTO (guitar solo by conrad schrenk)

and chicken picking

"Real Junk" by Conrad Schrenk

Eric Calderone: Beethoven's 5th (Movement 1) Meets Metal

Beethoven's 5th (Movement 1) Meets Metal
Hey guys!

So wow haha. This was not easy at all to arrange, which I totally expected knowing the mind this beautiful piece of music came from. Ear-wise this is probably Beethovens most famous works (westerner-wise) and I just couldnt help myself but give it a try. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means the world :) Big big ups for continuing to rock my casbah!

Best to ya