News: Guitar Heroes museum exhibition New York

Devin Townsend: Drench

Karolina Sustova: The Legend, more vocal music

Richard Lundmark: Suhr Modern Custom Red Drip

Christofer Johnsson,Christian Vidal: Therion - Symphonic metal... with an orchestra and choir!

Luke Fortini: monster attack!!! Great picking display

Benjammin Fleming: Qantas Open Mic entry

Roger Pedersen: Donna Lee imrpovisation at 250 BPM

Nick Andrew: Alumitone Deathbucker demo

Robbert Hanenberg: Mega Mixolydian jams

Ignazio Di Salvo: Shawn Lane's pentatonic exercises

Frank Gambale: Electric Band live Marseilles

Dimitar Nalbantov: Overloud TH2 Brunetti Clean Sound

Sam Bell: Improvised "Blues/Rock" Jam

Charly7v: The Lion in the Maze

Shawn Lane: Jonas Hellborg Trio with Shawn Lane at the Wetlands

Robbert Hanenberg: super tapping on a Satch them

Renato Osorio,Magnus Wichmann: Scelerata

Jason Sadites: Clinic

Kumi Adachi: shes queen of the blues

Syu Merupakan: Young Guitar Aug 2010

Eita: pink girl super tapping power!

Kermheat: "Calutul Constellation"

Ethan Brosh: Night City namm 2011

Marcello Zappatore: Confirmation (by Charlie Parker) - Super version!

Leandro Neme: tribute to the blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan