Antonio Soncina: stunning 8 finger guitar interpretations of jazz classics

Guthrie Govan,Brev Sullivan: country picking at NAMM 2011

Jason Becker: the David Lee Roth rehearsals

Paul Gilbert,Bruce Bouillet: Racer X Private Party 1987

Paul Gilbert,Bruce Bouillet: Racer X - Omni 1988

Glen Drover: Russia tour dates

Neil Peart: Drum Channel Jammit promotion

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - "17 Girls in a Row"

Hedras Ramos: Live In Zagreb

Greg Howe, Eddie Jobson,Tony Levin: UK - Carrying No Cross 2009

Eric Johnson: Cliffs Of Dover - Canyon Club 2011

Dinx: Neung Vinai - Alive Solo Competition

Dhalif Ali: classy Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Jake Reichbart: Christmas Album

Joe Bonamassa: Rig Rundown

Richie Kotzen: The Holland Tapes - Baked Potato 2011

Alex Mihajlichenko: Misia Aitakute Ima

Ethan Brosh: Live at Namm 2010

Kenny Serane: Int-ERUPTION Guitar Solo Contest

Ethan Brosh: Angels Of Babylon audio interview

Glen Drover: Metalusion RUR audio interview

Michael Schenker: Japan Tour Dates

Eric Sous: finger picking good - A Onda

Allan Holdsworth, Tony Levin: Holdsworth, Bozzio, Levin, Mastelotto

Oz Noy, David Fiuczynski: New Morning II

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: Hybrid picking book, used by the masters

Jonathan Kreisberg: Trioing

Tony Levin,David Torn: Levin Torn and White

Vinnie Moore: solo tour and UFO release update

Eddie Jobson: demos his dual VAX77 - UK fans treat!

Allan Holdsworth: this is what I was brought up on... In The Dead Of Night -1978

Chris Impellitteri: Space Battleship Yamato

Fernando Miyata: interview and insanely amazing guitar solo