Gretchen Menn, Jason Becker: visit's Jason and talks about the Collection CD

Rick Graham: Static Chord Soloing 2

Tom Quayle, George Marios: T42 the pre xmas meal jam

Andy Timmons: melodic improvisations

Richie Kotzen: Unplugged, Hard Rock Cafe 2011

Roberto Restuccia: Suhr S2 ballad jam

Arnaud: Charvel Wildcart 8

Stephen Ross: slow blues jam

Ricardo Soares: Saudade from "Highway" CD

Marcelo Barbosa: Khallice 2008 - EP Inside your Head

Simon Goldsmith: Cool jazz jam over Tom Quayle Backing Track

Jean-Dominique Leonelli, Tom Richardson, Vladimir Maisiuk, Richard Lainegard: Tom Quayle's Dm Funk Groove jam

News: he Guitar Collection: $3000 guitar book!

Jasun Tipton: Abnormal Thought Patterns new CD

Jay Greenberg: Bluejay a music savant