Thomas Blug: announces a 2 CD best of plus some Musikmesse live footage

News: Boss UK - special 3 for 2 pedal deal

Paul Gilbert: Special Sam Ash, Las Vegas, Clinic Announced

Tom Quayle: Lick Library announce From Rock To Fusion

Marcel Coenen: working on new Sun Caged and video lesson project

Andy James: moonlighting in Cheddar...SMT need your help to save Andy!

Christophe Godin: Jazz Metal Soloing Vol.1 on Jam Tracks

Marco Sfogli: new solo record update

Rafael Moreira: Magnetico Two Tone Sessions - alert this man has talent!

Fanalo Alaux: Plug-In live in Bordeaux (the person often mistaken for Buckethead)

Joe Satriani: Live at Guitare en Scène series

Steve Vai: superTender Surrender

Allan Holdsworth: special article from GP available

Geddy Lee: Happy Birthday!

Martin Miller,Anton Davidyants: Donna Lee a tour De Force

Roomerfabi: Tribute to Gary Moore

Daniel Peroine: two handed inline tapping lesson

John Gaimaro: classy South American fusion band

Eric Johnson: Accadia Blues 2012 session

Javier G F Escudero, Guthrie Govan: Berklee College of Music

Sam Coulson,Paul Gilbert: the interview

Guthrie Govan, Jon Finn: talks about the Guitar Workshop Plus in Toronto

Marc Meesters: Psycho and Bend Note entry

Cameron Allen: Next BendNote Talent competition!

Michael Schenker: announces April UK Tour

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts unveil the Cybertech T-RON!

Ignazio Di Salvo: Improvising blues fusion

Robbert Hanenberg: On The Way - tribute to Jack Thammarat

Brett Garsed: If 6 was 9 Experience

Gus Drax: Break The Core

Simona Malandrino: tops what's hot!