Robert Ritchiesse: solo album Fragmentism Project

Well, what can I say ... Allan Holdsworth’s swell guitar arrangements has inspired me, for many years. However, I dare to say that I’m into swell guitar arr.-"business" in my very own way. This ’movement’ is totally special composed for my custom made 11-stringed grand guitar made on commission by me in the 90s; you simply can’t play it ’authentically’ and sound right, if you don’t have another 11-stringed grand guitar. This ”movement 11” is from an appr. 1 hour long tune, divided in 11 ’movements’.
This video take is one of many recording sessions for my next solo double album: the Fragmentism Project-album. That solo album will contain two tunes. This is the final movement of the Tune 1, on album 1. On album 2, there will be Tune 2, divide in 9 ’movements’, appr. 1 hours of music there too.

This recording was made in my home, actually. You can hear my neighbor above walking, ”here and there” in the video – and old wooden house, so ... Quite charming, I think. Hahaha.
This take is the ’main guitar’ take, for the Tune 1, mov. 11. However, the video camera is not(!) hooked into the recording devices nor into my guitar rig, but totally ”on the side”; only(!) the camera mic. picking up the sound in the room in this video.
But ... I’m thinking about making a ”real deal”-video; to sync this video with the finished, full studio/audio production of this tune when the album has been released. Time will tell ...

Like I wrote, the guitar playing in the video is only the first, ’main guitar’ take of several guitars, recorded one after another. To put it very simple, otherwise it would be a ”book” of settings” description: The sound in this ’main guitar’ take comes from three Digitech 2101s:
i.) the main one with pitch +-0
ii.) the second one +12 pitch
iii.) the third one + 24 pitch. Different pan., wet-dry mix., chorus effect mix, mix. with each other, volumes to these three 2101:s etc etc

After this ”main guitar” was recorded, I also recorded (very simple explained) to make this tune ”whole”/complete:
1.) overdub grand guitar, pretty much the same sound and settings as the ’main’ one.
2.) - 24 pitch grand guitar ”here and there” in the music, in mix with +- 0–sound.
3.) - 12 pitch grand guitar ”here and there” in the music in mix with +- 0–sound.
4.) -+ 0 pitch grand guitar only, slightly detuned, way in the background, as a ”clean core” to it all.
5.) + 12 pitch grand guitar ”here and there” in the music, in mix with +- 0–sound.
6.) + 24 pitch grand guitar ”here and there” in the music (in mix with +- 0–sound.
7.) ”soundscape” adds.: ”glittering” sounds, sounds from planets, of course converted into radio waves, etc etc, delicate mixed/tweaked into the background to ”fit/suite/serve/complement” the music ”drama” in the tune. Once again: Different pan., wet dry mix., volumes, etc in order to get as powerful and ”huge” sound as you can get. A very powerful guitar tune, indeed ...

Well, in short: My next album; about 2 hours of music madness, from the tiniest arr. to symphony arr., Meshuggah-like djent arr. and more... Musicians on that album, for example: Mattias IA Eklundh on guitar, Morgan Ă…gren on drums, Steve Hunt on piano, prepared piano and keyboard ... and many others. Release: the 1st of November this year, if everything goes as plan.

The gear in my guitar rig are as follows:

– Yamaha MGP16X mixer board
– Yamaha full range-speakers, active DXR12 x 2
– Digitech 2101 GSP Studio Tube x 6
– Klark Teknik EQ x 2
– BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer x 6
– CLE 8.0 x 2
– Palmer Triage Amp Selector x 2
– Allan Holdsworth Overdrive Boost
– Strymon Big Sky reverb
– Electro-Harmonix Synth 9 x 2
– Korg XVP 20
– Control One x 2

The 11-stringed guitar in the video is my "main ax" since -98. That guitar was made by luthiers on my commission and from my performance requirement. The tuning system, from "top to bottom" followed by string dimensions: g 0,007, d 0,010, bb 0,013, f 0,018w, C 0,026, G 0,036, D 0,046, G 0,060, Eb 0,074, D 0,074, C 0,074.

Tune 1, mov 11 (Robert Ritchiesse), video teaser for the next solo album Fragmentism Project