Mark Gibson: Chromatic legato and other insightful polymath

Antoine Fafard,Jerry Goodman,Gavin Harrison: Peace for 4

Zoe Thomson: 10 year old plays Orianthi's Highly Strung

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson,Neil Peart: 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

Eric Calderone: I'm Blue and Terminator Meets Metal

Daniele Gottardo: super impressed with Jordane Richet's powerful rendition of Marrakesh Market

Jack Gardiner, Toni Martinez: .strandberg* noodle Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013

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Andy James: Laney and ESP visit to India

Lorenzo Venza: Learn guitar technique in Rome with one of the best nu fusion players in Italy

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Irene Ketikidi: deal on new album ends in 3 days

Alex Lifeson,Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush 02 Arena 2013 series

Dmitry Chistov: Monroe - Djent, Progressive metal, 8 string guitar

Christopher Storey: Etherial Guitars and Lick for the Weak!

Quintin Louw: Offers new High Quality Online video tutorial Guitar lessons.

Poul Veloce Hystoria: new album preview - great AOR!

Martin Motnik,Peter Dallas: Bass & Drums Clinic: Rock Rhythm

Mattias IA Eklundh,Jonas Hellborg : Who Would You Like To Be Live!

Adrian Galysh: Earth Tones on Bandcamp with 25% discount

Nico Schliemann: announces German tour dates

Lee Wrathe: two stunning albums available for free download right now!

Nili Brosh: is awesome - it's offical - New Album Sessions!

Jack Thammarat,Martin Miller,Alex Hutchings: Yamaha & Laney Online Competition Promo

George Bellas, Marco Minnemann: announces the new album "Astral Projection"

Steve Hunter,Jason Becker: Daydream By The Hudson - The Manhattan Blues Project - stunning!

Keith Merrow: Revolver® RO-7

Lee Wrathe: Arpeggio tapping lesson, Major, minor, whole tone patterns

Nikolay Karageorgiev: French Guitar Contest 2 - storming second round solo

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Jason Kaye: Star Trek The Next Generation Instrumental Prog Rock concept album

Jordane Richet: please help Daniele Gottardo to finish the current recordings of his new CD

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