Paul Gilbert,Li-sa-X: Paul responds to Li-Sa X after her 1.9 million view Racer X hits the headlines!

Richard Daudé: one hand noodle on a new guitar... but which guitar?

Dewa Budjana: Capistrano Road - Dedicated to Allan Holdsworth

James Theobald: Long indulgent lead guitar solo in E Dorian flavor - creamy rock fusion soloing

News: Two Weeks Until the Biggest Ever National Learn To Play Day in the UK

Thomas Lang,Shane Gibson: Broken pieces - VK Lynne icing on the cake!

Allan Holdsworth: Group play some awesome fusion on a track called E Tune

Roman Rouzine, Arnaud: NeoGeofanatic jam session with Duality in Darkness

Hassan Hajdi: a master-class with the master - great legato playing in this snippet

David Maxim Micic: Destiny Potato - Love Song new promo video

Gael Barreda: Eric Johnson, Slash and Guthrie Govan just 11 years old

Richard Hallebeek: playing acoustic guitar on Lalle Larsson's new cd

Martin Miller: 20 Fusion Licks

Greg Howe: Maragold Live - San Diego -Ramona Main Stage show announced

Keith Merrow,Jeff Loomis: Warming Up With Yamaha THR10x Amps

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet - a wicked show this way comes!

Richard Henshall,Charles Griffiths: Haaken - progressive metal - Euro tou - a great chance to see this talented act!

Ignazio Di Salvo: a little smooth jazz improvisation

Tom Quayle: ACS Custom T1 Live! In Ear Monitors & Live Pack Vid

Lee Ritenour: has announced the stellar list of musicians assembled as judges for the 4th Bi-Annual Six String Theory Competition

News: Codewise Systems company, the developer of “Guitar Tuner²" for iPhones and iPads

Barry DiGregorio: Liquid Neptune - instrumental music with a leaning towards psychedelic

Sam Bell,Reece Fullwood: Mask of Judas 'Ganyamede' Guitar Jam

Leonardo Guzman: Mientes - Camila

Nick Pierce,Gianluca Ferro: Breath of Nibiru - "Unmasking the Jesper"

Allan Marcus: Shawn Lane's Esperanto solo with .strandberg* Masvidalien

Eric Calderone: Livin' La Vida Loca Meets Metal

Jake Woodward: The Tree That Never Saw The Sun - Album Teaser

Reb Beach, John Roth: Winger - Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine - new album sounding awesome - next the tour dates!!

Anton Tsygankov: SMS - excellent new performance play through

Joe Chawki: indiegogo project gets some demo samples.

Marco Sfogli: Ibanez and DV Mark NAMM 2014

Brandon Morris,Brendon Williams,David McDaniel: Travail - Sense of Gravity - check out Trichotillomania 11 out of 10

Christian Muenzner,Per Nilsson: mixing Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Sam Bell: Ibanez Universe Jam - pushing on towards 4000 subscribers!

Jason Becker: Seymour Duncan - Perpetual Burn Pickup - kilotons of killer tone!

Jay Parmar: Lynch Lycks 12 - George Lynch, Dokken, Lynch Mob feel!

Brian Carroll: Bucketheadland - the Frankensteins monsters blinds - one more from the factory

Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis: Conquering Dystopia (Loomis and Merrow)- Guitar Clinic Outtakes at Nevada Music, Portsmouth UK

Ben Badenhorst: Unicorn Happiness - new album available

News: Weird Guitars and Gear - handpicked collections from