Jay Parmar: Lynch Lycks 12 - George Lynch, Dokken, Lynch Mob feel!

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Hey Peeps!!!
GeorgeLynch REH video inspired Lynch Lyck for ya this week gang! Enjoy and see ya next time! 

REH inspired lick for you this week and one that appears on my 'Circle of Fire' album! :) Another stretchy one so make sure you warm up those fingers :) You can check out the album on my website www.jayparmar.com/albums where it is available as a digital download. Key of D (D flat/C sharp to be more precise as my guitar is tuned down a half step). Enjoy tearing up the fretboard and see you next week!

You can download the tab at this link:


My guitar is tuned half step down to E flat - Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb and Eb.

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