News: Codewise Systems company, the developer of “Guitar Tuner²" for iPhones and iPads

Codewise Systems company, the developer of “Guitar Tuner²"  app. It’s a highly accurate tuner especially designed and optimized to work with all types of six string acoustic and electric guitars.

The app is designed for iPhones and iPads. If you are interested, please let us know, so that we can provide promotional codes in order to download the app for free.

More information about app:

Customer Review: “Simple, no tricks, tunes accurately. I’ve been playing about 17 years. I’m impressed” -by B. R. Hawki

Stop Searching! You Found It!!

by Stephanie Ingram
Simplicity is beautiful! This is perfect!! For years now teaching myself to play and I had no built in tuner on one of my acoustic guitars. I found it... this app is the one... No more batteries to change, no more hunting for the old tuner and it can go where ever you and your guitar want to go. I will definitely suggest this app to my pickn' friends. Thank you! Great job!!