Brandon Morris,Brendon Williams,David McDaniel: Travail - Sense of Gravity - check out Trichotillomania 11 out of 10

Brandon Morris,Brendon Williams,David McDaniel: Travail - Sense of Gravity
1. Wraith 06:38
2. Stormborn 04:02
3. Breakthrough 03:16
4. Answers Lost 04:42
5. Trichotillomania (Instrumental - my rating 11 out of 10) 07:03
6. Harbinger 04:59
7. Above the Horizon 03:35
8. Ration Reality 05:10
9. Weaving Memories 04:18
10. Spectre 08:58

released 21 February 2014
C.J. Jenkins - vocals
David McDaniel - guitar
Brendon Williams - guitar, choir vocals, additional keyboard
Brandon Morris - keyboard, guitar
Chance Unterseher - bass
Peter Breene - drums

Produced by Brendon Williams
All compositions by Brendon Williams, David McDaniel, and C.J. Jenkins
All lyrics by C.J. Jenkins except "Breakthrough," by Brendon Williams, and the outro to "Spectre," by Williams/Jenkins
All arrangements by Brendon Williams
Drums engineered by Jason Lackie at Fastback Studios
Electric guitar, bass, and keyboard engineered by Brendon Williams
Vocals and acoustic guitar engineered by C.J. Jenkins
Mixed by Brendon Williams
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios

Cover art by Hanna Myers
Band logo and additional designs by Bryce Moulton


Ultimately, when Travail ends, we are left with an amazing impression of the journey that’s been made. Ending on a single, fading note of the piano, A Sense of Gravity seem to blaze into the distance. In their wake, one is left with a marvelous feeling of completeness. These men know exactly what they want to say and how to say it. Remiss of nothing, whole in a deep sense, Travailis a monumental album, an exploration that is sure to be remembered and played over and over again in years to come.

And so, with all that said, we have the privilege of streaming Travail for you all for today. I hope you enjoy this record as much as I have. I’m pretty much unable to resist heavily fusion-influenced metal of any kind, but this is a flawless record, with stellar musicianship and excellently crafted songs. A Sense of Gravity has the “it” factor that produces great metal.