Derryl Gabel: available for Skype lessons

Craig Erickson: Sky Train Galaxy - new album

Gianluca Ferro: 20 Licks: Modern Hybrid Metal

Stephen Duros: set to Release Highly Anticipated Concept Album ‘AEAEA’

AndersonPonty Band: Featuring Music Icons Jon Anderson & Jean Luc Ponty To Release New CD/DVD “Better Late Than Never”

News: 2015 Manson’s Guitar Show - Exeter date announced - Saturday 3rd October

Dan Patlansky: Launches Fetch Your Spade Music Video

Adam Ironside: 7 String & Other New Gear

Billy Cobham: Spectrum 40 Live /with Gary Husband, Dean Brown, Ric Fierabracci

Gus Drax: BIAS FX Desktop Demo

Richard Daudé: AF-55 Ibanez "Cherokee" guitar improvisation

Charly Sahona: Noodling over a Backing track with an Ibanez Prestige with EMG 57-7H and 60-7H

Ryan Carraher: Modern 2-5-1 Jazz Guitar Lesson - #1 Chord Scales

Joel Hoekstra: Whitesnake's guitarist releases new album "Dying To Live"

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Obscura "Incarnated" Solo

Joe Bonamassa, Ron Dejesus: Rock Candy Funk Party - second show - The Baked Potato 2015

Dmitry Maloletov: Our Singapore - impressive two handed performance

Trey Xavier: Gear Gods review .strandberg* Boden OS6, Ibanez XPIR20E Iron Label Xiphos and Keisel Vader 7

Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Husband: Jarasum Jazz Festival 2014 and Roma 1997

Tom Quayle: The Lydian Dominant Scale - Guitar Lesson DVD

David Locke: Review and Demo of the Vintage V7 seven string guitar

Alex Machacek: Rolling Stone India Interview

Alfred Potter: Cosmic Drift: The Eternal Sleep

I Wayan Balawan: Noodling Fingers - double neck acoustic

Robben Ford: Interview - Guitar Interactive Magazine - Issue 34

Wayne Krantz - 55 bar live 2001

Tosin Abasi: Introducing BIAS FX Desktop

Ciro Manna: Drivin' On Playthrough - XY Album TAB/Backings Available

Prashant Aswani: EMGTV's Impact Soloing Session!

Jason Becker: - Thinking Outside the (Music) Box

News: The Wing Bass is offered in a 4-string and 5-string models

Rob Scallon: 31 Songs in 1 Minute - Hot Rod Rob Chapman guitar!

Atanas Shishkov: Ibanez RG570 Purple Neon - back with some more classy two handed tapping

Walter Trout: Help Me- Lowertown Blues Festival 2015

Joe Bonamassa, Ron Dejesus: Rock Candy Funk Party -The Baked Potato 2015

Tom Englund, Henrik Danhage, Simone Dow,Scott Kay : Evergrey, Voyager: Voyager to support Evergrey in the US and Canada 2015

Josh Smith: Northlane - Impulse video and tour dates

Katalina González: live performance and announces Jazz to the park 2015

John 5: Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare--the ultimate Halloween horror event

Jennifer Batten: Announces Summer 2015 Creative Seminar Tour Dates

Chris Broderick: Act OF Defiance - Pre-order our debut album plus special extras and special bonus content.

Jose Macario: Slaperro - Aristides 080

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas - Japan/UK Tour documentary!

Isao Fujita: joins the massively popular Baby Metal band! Congratulations!