Tom Englund, Henrik Danhage, Simone Dow,Scott Kay : Evergrey, Voyager: Voyager to support Evergrey in the US and Canada 2015

Current lineup
Tom S. Englund - vocals, guitar (1995–present)
Henrik Danhage - guitar, backing vocals (2000–2010, 2014-present)
Rikard Zander - keyboard, backing vocals (2002–present)
Jonas Ekdahl - drums (2003–2010, 2014-present)
Johan Niemann - bass, backing vocals (2010–present)

Members Daniel Estrin (vocals, keys)
Simone Dow (Guitars)
Scott Kay (Guitars)
Ashley Doodkorte (drums)
Alex Canion (bass, vocals)

Incase anyone missed the announcement last night. Can't bloody wait for this tour!! It's going to be massive

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