Gianluca Ferro: 20 Licks: Modern Hybrid Metal

*NEW* Gianluca Ferro’s 20 Licks: Modern Hybrid Metal

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JTC is pleased to release this hard-hitting, gritty licks package that will enhance your solos and take your metal playing to brand new heights.

Why do you need to learn these licks? Two reasons: Technique, and musical content.

Technique is massively important as it frees your creativity. The goal of achieving a complete and efficient technical ability is to free you from your physical limitations; you want to have enough chops to be able to play anything your mind can conceive of, and learning these licks is going to get you well on your way. Gianluca will challenge and push the outer boundaries of your technical ability using modern approaches to classic metal techniques such as alternate picking, sweep picking, 3 notes per string scales, tapping, hybrid picking and much more.

Musical content is the second reason that you need these licks. Shredding at 750bpm for hours on end is great as a hobby, but unless you can apply it to a musical context, and give the phrases the melodic weight they need to resonate with people, then it's all in vain. Learning these licks and studying them with the slow videos, included TAB and bonus notes, will help you develop your phrasing and melodic approach in a way that will help your solos blend in with the overall musical picture. It’s great being in the spotlight, but the goal is to play WITH the track, not over it. Gianluca makes great use of harmonic and melodic devices such as arpeggios, minor pentatonics, dominant pentatonics, phyrgian dominant scales, wide interval lines, complex rhythmic figures and rhythmic displacement to blend in with his musical surroundings and enhance the overall musical experience. All while giving you fresh new soloing ideas that you can learn master and apply directly to your jams so that when it comes to your time to solo, you've got all the musical and technical chops you need to make an IMPACT.

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.

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