News: The Wing Bass is offered in a 4-string and 5-string models

Introducing the Wing Bass

The Wing Bass was born out of the desire to have a “portable” instrument available at all times for travel, practice and performance. The concept is simple… place a capo at the twelfth fret of a standard bass and chop the neck off behind the capo. The result is the Wing Bass.

The Wing Bass uses standard strings and string spacing, providing a very familiar feel to a capoed standard bass above the 12th fret, so technique exercises being worked on, are not lost when switching back to a standard bass.

Small enough to fit in a 21” carry on, or placed at the seat in front of you, players can always have an instrument available even when traveling. A real asset when you are craving to play, yet away from home.

The Wing Bass is offered in a 4-string and 5-string model with options for body woods, fingerboards and string spacing (5 only). It is tuned an octave higher than standard (naturally), however running it through a really good octave down circuit will get you back down to standard range with satisfactory results.

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