Derek Blakley: Standberg Bass Bash Winter NAMM 2016

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Whirlwind Recordings -new album details

Derryl Gabel: DG Kiesel Vader 6 with XS JCustom Tremolo!

Anthony Phillips: Wise After The Event: 4 Disc Deluxe Box Set

Andy Othling: Lowercase Noises - The Slow Spaces Tour 2016

Bob Gjika: testing the 10 n powers of ten amp with a slide

Rabih Saad: Carvin Jason Becker signature guitar - Rock guitar instrumental in D

Warren Hughes: demos Altius Guitars with some classic steaming shred!

Lorenzo Venza: new album Mood Changes by Utopia

Joop Wolters: slices his finger- EEK! OK guitar players... please be careful with those hands!

Viacheslav Kavlenas: Chocoslayc - more like chopo-slayc as the master tapper squashes a couple of fingers - EEK

Andre Nieri: Suhr Standard Pro SSH Sound Demo - toneful of noodle

Eric Gales, Josh Smith: Jamming on the KTBA Cruise 2016

Ben Higgins: The Nameless - playthrough of new track available on bandcamp

Luke Fortini: Technical guitar solo - Sweep picking,two hand tapping,string skipping,legato,hybrid picking and circular picking

Lorenzo Venza: Schecter sunset Custom fusion and Mood Changes from Utopia guitar demo

Antonello Giliberto: Flying With The Dragon - technical, neoclassical metal

Marco Sfogli: Brother John - Beautiful and intimate song from the maestro Joe Satriani

Ozielzinho: Cry For You - live performance

Scott Mishoe: pop slapping at Alpha Music

Darren Housholder: Benefit for Willie Basse (Black Sheep)

Rob Marcello: Solo Of The Week #2 - Racer X - Sunlit Nights

Atanas Shishkov: Ibanez RG565CA - Funk Fusion - classic all over the neck two handed technique

Kelly Simonz: Magic Of Strings - classic ballad rock

Panos Arvanitis: Fast and furious Medley - some of my fast licks.

Jairo Camacho: Jamming with Steve Vai - ticked off the bucket list

t-cophony: Trip in spring - The 10th anniversary performance

Adrian Galysh, Carl Verheyen: Messin' With The Kid - Baked Potato in North Hollywood 2016

Millisa Henderson: Guthrie Govan's "Fives" - working on this one with my new PRS guitar

Naia Izumi, Taylor Mansfield, Kynwyn Sterling: Soft spoken woman - band taking shape and new EP on the way

Martin Goulding, Greg Howe: interview and Greg Howe Style Tapping Lick

Richard Daudé: Le Lead - Two Notes preamp - Shred-Fusion legato tapping improv

Jon Neto: #HufschmidGlowbuckers competition - ballad solo

Samuli Federley: Sunday ballad - tasteful Sunday performance from the Birthday boy

Christina Skjolberg: ripping live performances of Hendrix tunes at Gregers Hamar

Chantel McGregor: Bingley Free Jam session from Chantel,Colin, and Keith filmed at the Bingley Blues Bash 2016

Isao Fujita, Saki: ISAO VS SAKI fighting it out over Dark Matter

Mohini Dey, Federico Malaman: amazing MalaDey - Stunning bass fusion jam

Pablo Romeu: Mechanical Monster - rock fusion solo with TAB

Misha Mansoor: Periphery III Studio Update Two: The Director's Cut

Mateus Asato: B flat loop and Don't Dream It's Over - the king of tone is just splendiferous

Dante Granados, Gian Granados: Anima Tempo -Caged in Memories - Art of Deception - progressive melodic metal from Mexico

Kuwar Thakur, Mridul Tomar: Ashes Bury Sorrow - Zaphire - progressive metal from Solan,India

Jeff Pogan, Mike Pupillo: Oneironaut by Oneironaut - ambient instrumental progressive metal from Florida

Devin Townsend: hilarious wise cracks from NAMM 2016

Sean Ashe: Performance for Tom Anderson Guitarworks - NAMM 2016

Rob Chapman: Chapman Ghost Fret - Victory BD1 - tasty rocking NAMM 2016