Olly Steele, Senjougahara Yousei, Ichika Hukui: Von Citizen - Mechanic, Sanctuary

Walter Trout: Almost Gone - Tampa, Florida - Skipper's Smokehouse - 2018

Josh Allen: Roehrs Playthrough at Rabea Massaad's studio

Ethan McCann, Matt Van Duppen: Thornhill - Reptile [Guitar Playthrough]

BOSS: Katana Air | Exclusive First Demo - No need for cables, no need to switch your amp on!

Tash Wolf: Very Tasty Bluesy Live Solo

Panos Arvanitis: burning 10 minute solo improvisation

Richard Daudé: Fender Telecaster Japan double-bound 62 custom and Shredpool

Jack Thammarat: Cause We've Ended As Lovers - Solo Improvisation

Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan, Tosin Abasi, Andy Aledort, Bruce Bouillet, Mike Kenea​lly: Blues Jam - G4 instructors jamming over a blues classic.

Lari Basílio: Finesse-funky-filter Bruno Mars

Courtney Cox: Caparison Guitars demo and Interviews: Amps & Axes and NAMM 2018

Steve Morse, Andy West: Dixie Dregs Reunion Free Fall - Dallas 2018

Brev Sullivan: plays D'Orazio strings

Scott Gailor: BOSS GT-1000 First Look presets 01-1 - 03-5 No Talk

Elmo Karjalainen: Yngwie Malmsteen - Black Star Type Jam

Ivano Icardi: Soldier's Song from album "So Far Away"

Niko Tsonev: Moonparticle - The intro 8 string tapping part for Michelangelo

Evan Marien, Dana Hawkins: Cali - Recorded by Justin Gracie and Chris Rizzo at Man Made Music studios NYC.

Sam Bell: Try this smooth Chromatic Legato Phrase

Bob Lanzetti: Snarky Puppy - Close Intervals - Signature Fodera interview

Thomas McLaughlin: McRocklin - Chasing them repeats

Atanas Shishkov: Lukather Shred Groove - Ibanez J.Custom RG1308 NT,1996 - two handed super noodles

Dhalif Ali: Dopez Tracks Pop Rock Jam Em - more sweet notes from Ming Guitars Dynasty!

Allan Holdsworth: Memorial Video - 4 of 5

Leah Woodward: ALIASES - Derangeable Guitar Playthrough #3 - Find Where You Hide

Israel Romero: Discovery by Israel Romero

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Live at Ronnie Scotts

Sam Bell: 20 Fresh Legato Licks | Expand your Legato Technique

Kaspar Jalily: Vibing with my Tele

Jose Macario: cool jazz

Allan Holdsworth: Memorial Video - 3 of 5

Paul Wardingham: new album Electromancer is out and raging!

Keegan Donovan: Elipson Eclipse Guest Solo - Syndrone

Andrew Baena: INSANE Fast Guitars Orion 9 String

Tom Geldschläger: ENGL TV - "The Mesmerizing Light" - Artist Edition 100

Prashant Aswani: Riffing Over a New JamTrack

Rick Beato: Guitar Center and the End of Big Box Retail

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - SHIVERS (re-recorded version 2018)

Dave Celentano: '1 on 1' private online guitar lessons

Allan Holdsworth: Memorial Video - 2 of 5

Charles Caswell: Berried Alive - God Jammit - more insane licks

Tom Quayle: How To Get Better At Guitar - With TOM QUAYLE - GuitCon | GEAR GODS

Mike Salow: "Bliss" | Ideology | Mike Salow Solo - sizzling soloing

Chris Brasil, Marco De Cave: Guitar JAM

Mateus Asato: MusicForce] Suhr Modern Satin Limited Run Demo

Panos Arvanitis: Shred is Not Dead Part II