Courtney Cox: Caparison Guitars demo and Interviews: Amps & Axes and NAMM 2018

Band The Iron Maidens. Interesting bits and pieces:

0:00 Intro Jam | Playing
1:08 Introduction
2:07 Why Caparison Guitars?
2:13 Caparison Horus CC Shred
2:54 Caparison TAT Series
3:41 27 Frets
4:10 The Neck Shape
4:29 About further gear
5:48 Caparison Horus CC Shred | Clean Tone
6:04 Caparison Horus CC Shred | OD Tone
6:19 Caparison TAT Series | OD Tone
6:42 Caparison TAT Series | Talking
7:06 Shaller Bridge System
8:48 The Trooper on 8 String Guitar | Djent Version
9:51 Caparison Brocken 8 String
10:25 Caparison Brocken 8 String | Playing
11:32 Thank you and goodbye!
12:05 Jam out |

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Let's play Caparison Guitars | Courtney Cox | The Iron Maidens

Lisa S. Johnson and Lonn Friend sit down with Courtney Cox of The Iron Maidens! Check out their NAMM interview below and make sure you catch an Iron Maidens show as soon as you can!

Courtney Cox - NAMM 2018

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit! Cast Fans and welcome to yet another installment of the Amps and Axes Podcast. In this episode the guys bring you the third player of this all girl band Ms. Courtney Cox from the Iron Maidens. During her interview we of course find out her history in the music business but we also here about her gear… Freidman Amps and pedals along with Caparison Guitars.

Amps & Axes - #222 - Courtney Cox