Friday, 26 November 2010

Tom Johnson: Cathedral Organ

Tom Johnson:
Here's a piece I came up with called "Opus Magnum" based around classical masterpieces. It's all A harmonic minor and A Harmonic minor/E.
It's being played on a You Rock Guitar acting as a midi controller for the Xpandi softsynth within Pro Tools. The patch if you hadn't guesed is "Cathedral Organ"
Thanks for watching.

Opus Magnum - You Rock Guitar Demo - Cathedral Organ

Jeff Beck: Stratus

Jeff Beck Live in São Paulo - Stratus

Jan Laurenz: You rock guitar demo

You rock guitar fun with Jan Laurenz

Jan Laurenz:
You rock guitar fun with Jan Laurenz

You rock guitar tracks incredibly good! price is very ,very fair!
If you look for a christmas present this is the one!
Practice tool,midi controller,ecc.. all in one,awesome

News: Citriniti to join ANCESTRAL STIGMATA

After ten long years of silence Varese ANCESTRAL STIGMATA return with a new album coming out on Copro Records / Casket Music. Even at the level of line-up there are some new input in training with the rhythm section of brothers Citriniti. The same Danilo Citriniti commented on this choice: "After a long break, my brother Dominic and I decided to return to the track because we still feel the burn in our hearts calling heavy metal! That's why we wanted to join ANCESTRAL part of the stigma that they have just released the incredible 'The Second Son Of God'. We can not wait to show our value on stage with the other guys in the band. "

Timo Tolkki,Joe Atlan: Stratovarius - Stratosphere Keytar

Stratovarius - Stratosphere Keytar

With Timo Tolkki - Joe Atlan losing the "stage virginity" haha :)

TOP Stratovarius KEYBOARD SOLOS! - From Madrid show with Timo Tolkki :)

Hedras Ramos: Halo Signature 7 String looking super cool!

Hedras Ramos's new 7 string Halo Custom is in the works. I got hold of some behind the scenes photos for you. She looks a beauty!

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Undertow

MR.BIG - Undertow (MV)

News:truth in shredding nearing 1,000,000 views... could you win a prize?

As per usual there will be a prize there's a prize for that screen grab

995,482 views... you know the deal... get a screen grap of the 1,000,000 views, submit you news... "Hey Mr Truth in Shredding!" I have the 1,000,000 views screen grab!!! ... I send a prize... I seem to recall a previous competition there were 3 people had 700,000 views!

Remember no more no less. May be once you have that screen grab you could do a CTRL and F5 together... that way you'll bump the number past 1,000,000!

Ignazio Di Salvo: age 16

Ignazio Di Salvo posted an mp3: Ignazio Di Salvo at 16

Steve Lukather: UK dates for March 2011

egendary TOTO Guitarist
STEVE LUKATHER full details
Returns to the UK due to popular demand

March 2011 solo gigs confirmed for
Leamington Spa, Manchester and Holmfirth

Following the release of his critically acclaimed new studio album “All’s Well That Ends Well”, and his packed UK gigs in London, Wolverhampton and Southampton earlier this month, TOTO guitarist STEVE LUKATHER has announced a handful of UK solo concerts during March 2011.

Lukather will play Leamington Spa Assembly (Thursday 17th March), Manchester Club Academy (Friday 18th March), and Holmfirth Picturedrome (Saturday 19th March). Tickets go on sale to the general public from 9am on Friday November 26th via the 24 hour box office: 0871 230 1110,

Steve returns to the UK and Europe in 2011 with the same band who accompanied him on his 2010 European dates – Eric Valentine (drums), Steve Weingart (keyboards, vocals) and Renee Jones (bass guitar, vocals).

“The reaction from the recent UK and European tour was incredible,” says Lukather. “The All’s Well That Ends Well” has received tons of amazing rave reviews and I’m really excited about coming back to the UK and the rest of Europe to perform more of my solo work with one of the best band’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Continues Lukather, “Earlier this year I told everyone I was genuinely excited because I had some great new music to play. However I wasn’t expecting the overwhelming response from the fans. I originally set out to achieve a personal best, and the plan was to work hard on all aspects of the music. It’s still a journey that’s for sure.”

For over 30 years Lukather has been known as one of the founding members of the multi-million selling, multi-Grammy Award winning band ‘Toto’.

His outstanding guitar playing has appeared on hundreds of albums with the biggest stars and music legends including Van Halen, Whitney Houston, Alice Cooper, George Benson, Rod Stewart and even played guitar on Michael Jackson’s multi-million selling milestone album ‘Thriller’. Lukather even appears on Jackon’s posthumous studio album “Michael,” released on December 10th.

In 2009 Lukather was also inducted into Nashville’s Musicians Hall of Fame. The following year he received the international Eddy Christiani Award for 33 years of guitar mastership.


24 HR TICKET HOTLINE: 0871 230 1101


Thursday 17th March 2011
Leamington Spa, The Assembly
Tickets: £23 / Box Office: 01926 523001 /
Spencer Street Leamington Spa , Warwickshire, CV31 3NF

Friday 18th March 2011
Manchester, Club Academy
Tickets: £23 / Box Office: 0161 832 1111 /
UMSU, Oxford Road, Manchester. M13 9PR

Saturday 19th March 2011
Holmfirth West Yorkshire, Picturedrome
Tickets: £23 / Box Office: 0871 230 1101 /
Market Walk, Holmfirth. HD9 7DA

News: 6CD super deal for black Friday!


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3. TRUTH: "Machine" (GYR039)
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4. BLINDSTONE: "Freedom's Calling" (GYR043)
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5. BLINDSTONE: "Manifesto" (GYR044)
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6. BLINDSTONE: "Rise Above" (GYR061)
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7. KAMCHATKA: "Self-Titled" (GYR016)
(Killer debut studio disc by this awesome, retro-70s, cosmic, guitar heavy
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8. KAMCHATKA: "Volume II" (GYR033)
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9. THALAMUS: "Beneath A Dying Sun" (GYR047)
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10. BIG JIM SLADE: "Self-Titled" (BJSGY1)
(Superb debut studio disc by this outstanding, killer, soul-powered
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11. TRUTH SQUAD: "Superkiller" (TRUTHSQUAD)
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12. BILLY WHITE TRIO: "Illusionation" (GYR056)
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13. LANCE LOPEZ: "Live" (GYR028)
(Killer bad-ass LIVE disc from the Dallas blues/rock axeripper
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14. LANCE LOPEZ: "Simplify Your Vision" (GYR019)
(Mega-awesome 3rd studio disc from this bad-ass, killer blues/rock
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15. LANCE LOPEZ: "Higher Ground" (GYR027)
(Phenomenal 4th studio disc by this bad-ass, killer blues/rock
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16. GUITAR PETE: "Mean Streets" (GYR046)
(Way-kool hard-hitting blues-based heavy guitar disc by this
bad-ass, killer axerippin' guitar slinger from New York City)

17. GUITAR PETE: "Live At The Blues Warehouse" (GYR057)
(Way-kool Live in the studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock
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18. JAY JESSE JOHNSON: "Play That Damn Guitar" (GYR050)
(Mega-awesome brain-damaging retro-70's heavy guitar power trio
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If you heavily dig HENDRIX / TROWER / MARINO tune into JJJ @ all costs)

19. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Long Hard Road" (GYR018)
(Excellent 5th studio disc from this awesome blues-based heavy guitar
band featuring 6 String Riffmaster Mike Onesko on guitar & vocals)

20. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Keepers Of The Flame" (GYR041)
(Awesome powerful 6th studio disc from this killer bluesy heavy guitar
riff:machine featuring Mike Onesko & Scotty J. on rippin' guitar.
Includes Special Guest - Davey Pattison on a deep TROWER jam)

21. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Smokehouse Sessions" (GYR054)
(Way-kool BBB "tribute to the blues" with a serious heavy guitar
groove from Mike Onesko & Co. that will rock your blues away)

(Awesome studio disc by this outstanding, dynamic, blues-based
soul-powered, retro-70's, heavy guitar axemaster from Iowa.
Featuring Special Guests - Glenn Hughes & Rob Lamothe)

23. CRAIG ERICKSON: "Big Highway" (GYR030)
(Outstanding 6th studio disc from this awesome bluesy heavy guitar
axeslinger/axemaster from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The REAL deal)

24. CRAIG ERICKSON: "Rare Tracks" (GYR037)
(Kool disc of rare, unreleased tracks from this outstanding
talented, world-class, blues/rock axeslinger from Iowa)

25. SCARLET RUNNER: "Groove Thang" (GYR031)
(Awesome, way-kool, blues/rock heavy guitar power trio from Iowa
featuring Special Guest Axeripper - Craig Erickson on several killer jams)

26. BRYCE JANEY: "Blues In My Soul" (GYR064)
(Phenomenal new studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock axeslinger
from Iowa who speaks the same six string language as the Guitar Greats.
Essential + Highly Recommended to fans of Robin Trower & Johnny Winter)

27. TONY SPINNER: "Rollin' & Tumblin'" (GYR051)
(Awesome studio disc from this superb, soul-powered, blues/rock axeslinger
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28. TONY SPINNER: "Live In Europe" (GYR032)
(Killer LIVE disc from this awesome blues/rock axeslinger from Arkansas
featuring a set of top-shelf, soul-powered, earthy blues/rock guitar magic)

29. CHRIS AARON: "Born With The Blues" (GYR036)
(Rare debut studio disc from this excellent blues/rock axeslinger
with special guest Corey Sterling on vox for the Bonus Track)

30. VARGAS BLUES BAND: "Texas Tango" (VBB02)
(Outstanding essential classic blues/rock guitar disc from this superb
axeslinger from Spain. Complete with the DOUBLE TROUBLE rhythm section.
Highly recommended to fans of SRV, Clapton & Hendrix. Re-issue w/ 2 Bonus Tracks)

31. VARGAS BLUES BAND: "Bluestrology" (VBB01)
(Excellent obscure blues/rock heavy guitar axeslinger from Spain
who speaks the same "six string mojo" as the "guitar greats".
Rare Import Re-issue w/ 2 unreleased Bonus Tracks)

32. SKY HIGH: "Freedom" (GYR007)
(Mega-awesome Hendrix-Inspired heavy guitar power trio from Sweden
featuring Clas Yngstrom delivering serious blues based six string mojo)

33. SKY HIGH: "Self-Titled" (GYR014)
(Excellent debut disc from this awesome Hendrix-inspired blues/rock
power trio from Sweden featuring the legendary Clas Yngstrom on guitar)

34. SKY HIGH: "Still Rockin'" (GYR015)
(Excellent 2nd studio disc from Swedish blues/rock
stratmaster Clas Yngstrom & Co. rockin' the blues)

35. CLAS YNGSTROM: "Tribute To Hendrix" (GYR011)
(Awesome Hendrix Tribute disc by the bad-ass SKY HIGH Axemaster
Recorded Live in Sweden. Tons of killer extended six string Jimi jams)

36. DAVE D'ANGELICO: "The Blues According To Texas Son" (GYR055)
(Excellent Blues Guitar Slinger from Upstate NY who digs deep
on his Telecaster and rocks the blues like a true Axemaster )

37. TRISTAN KLEIN: "Universal Mojo" (GYR067)
(Phenomenal debut disc by this brilliant, gifted, blues-based, instrumental
heavy guitar axemaster from France. Features several Special Guitar Guitarists:
Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & KM Kajdan. Essential Universal Six String Mojo )

38. PLANKTON: "Self-Titled" (GYR004)
(Mega-awesome debut studio disc by this phenomenal, dynamic, blues-based
retro-70's Hendrix-inspired dual instrumental guitar band from Sweden)

39. PLANKTON: "Humble Colossus" (GYR012)
(Outstanding blues-based instrumental dual heavy guitar band
from Sweden featuring deep/dynamic, authentic, retro-70s
vintage stratocasters thru marshalls 6 string magic)

40. PLANKTON: "3" (GYR021)
(Phenomenal 3rd studio disc by this amazing, authentic, bluesy
retro-70s Swedish Hendrix-inspired dual heavy guitar band)

41. BLUESTONE COMPANY: "Supernatural Delight" (GYR048)
(Awesome blues-based instrumental heavy guitar band from Japan
with a strong Gov't Mule meets Allman Bros. vibe. Phenomenal guitarist)

42. THOMAS LARSSON: "Harmonic Passion" (GYR023)
(Top-shelf bluesy instrumental heavy guitar disc full of style/class
from this outstanding awesome Swedish axemaster)

43. AL ESTRADA: "Riffage" (GYR013)
(Mind-blowing killer instrumental heavy guitar shred monster)

44. ROB LAMOTHE: "Above The Wing Is Heaven" (SGR043)
(Remarkable, deep, bluesy/soulful, laid-back acoustic
grooves from the gifted ex-Riverdogs vocalist)

For more info + MP3s on the above awesome discs,
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Kenny Serane:Two Notes simulator Torpedo

Demonstration Kenny Serane Two Notes on the stand using the simulator Torpedo.

Kenny Serane a demo

Kenny Serane 2 demo

Kenny Serane 3 demo

Charlie Shaughnessy, Ryan Cox: Stonegate Jam

Ryan Cox and Charlie Shaughnessy November 2010 Stonegate Jam Compilation

Jason Sadites: Behind The Laughter new CD

Jason Sadites Behind The Laughter (CD)
Marco Minnemann came up with the concept of the Normalizer 2 series of music releases. Simply put, Marco played an uninterrupted 51 minute drum solo and handed it out to a variety of musicians to compose their own music using his drums as the base. The only catch is that nobody could listen to anybody else's project before completing their own. Musicians who participated with their own releases include John Czajkowski, Mike Keneally, Phi Yaan-Zak, Alex Machacek, Trey Gunn, Mario Brinkmann and Marco himself. Behind The Laughter is Jason Sadites' contribution to the series. For fans of music by artists such as Zappa, Return To Forever, Rush, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, this is a release they don't want to miss. From start to finish it is a roller coaster ride of incredible compositions and amazing performances by Jason Sadites and Marco Minnemann. Catchy melodies intertwined with dizzying guitar playing over ever changing odd-time grooves make for a fusion fans dream. buy

Vinnie Vincent: KISS invasion video

A must have for Kiss fans Invasion gives you rare unseen footage of the Egyptian god himself. Vinnie Vincent was with Kiss only for a short time. Here for the first time are rare interviews and convention appearances. This DVD contains the rare Nightflight unedited interview and more. This material is presented for the first time in DVD format and is an essential item to complete your music collection. Every effort has been made to provide the highest possible picture and sound quality allowing for the availability of the original masters. Unauthorized by the band, management, and record label pre order

Timo Tolkki: project Symfonia

Timo Tolkki talks about the new project Symfonia


Steve Morse: more metal interview

Deep Purple - Interview by

Deep Purple Interview with Steve Morse by + funny outtake with Ian Gillan.Berlin 22.November 2010

Matias Kupiainen, Jens Johansson: Elysium collector's edition

"Elysium" will be released as a regular CD; a deluxe digipak edition with bonus track; a "collector's edition" (featuring two exclusive bonus tracks on a seven-inch single); and on vinyl.

"Elysium" collector's edition track listing:

Disc 1:

01. Darkest Hours
02. Under Flaming Skies
03. Infernal Maze
04. Fairness Justified
05. The Game Never Ends
06. Lifetime In A Moment
07. Move The Mountain
08. Event Horizon
09. Elysium

Disc 2:

01. Darkest Hours (Demo)
02. Under Flaming Skies (Demo)
03. Infernal Maze (Demo)
04. Fairness Justified (Demo)
05. The Game Never Ends (Demo)
06. Lifetime In A Moment (Demo)
07. Move The Mountain (Demo)
08. Event Horizon (Demo)
09. Elysium (Demo)

Bård Kvale: Blue Bug Competition

Bård Kvale - Blue Bug Competition Entry .wmv

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition