Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Andy Timmons: Dallas Guitar Show 2009

Andy Timmons at Dallas Guitar Show 2009

Sarah Longfield: Misguided Mutiny Monstrous Music!

So I made this song and I like it a lot, I've been working hard learning some better recording techniques so hopefully there is a noticeable improvement compared to my last song :D yay
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Misguided Mutiny (original) - By Sarah :D

News: Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline® ’59 Coronado

Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline® ’59 Coronado
Eastwood Guitars has added a new member to the ’59 Custom family with the introduction of the Airline ’59 Coronado. The ’59 Coronado has a striking white body with black rubber binding, offset with white binding on a black headstock - a tribute to the vintage Supro® model used by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. This is a stylish guitar with a zero fret for super fast low action and a Bigsby® for solid rock fun.

The Airline ’59 Coronado is a 25 ½” scale guitar with a toned chambered Mahogany body, rubber body binding and a bolt-on bound Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard and block markers. This guitar is built with quality, featuring a TonePros® Roller Bridge, a Bigsby® tremolo and Wilkinson® Tuners. It also features a 3-way vintage switch plate, two Alnico Hot-10 Humbuckers, dual volume / tone controls and includes the deluxe custom Airline Hardshell Case.
"I own many original Airline® and Supro® guitars from the 1960’s, so it’s great to see bands like The Black Keys putting them to good use," said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars. "However, prices of the originals continue to skyrocket, so we are very pleased to offer our ’59 Custom line that most guitar players can afford. In the process we’ve upgrade and improved many of the features, resulting in far better quality guitars that the originals at less than half the price."
The Airline ’59 Coronado is available now, to find your closest dealer visit 

Marcel Coenen: talks about upcoming Beckerfest

Would it perhaps be an idea to create a summer program like Freak Guitar Camp?
I indeed have been thinking about that, and there actually is a big fat chance that I will do just that next year. About that, I also have contacted Joop Wolters, which is a good friend of mine. It could be an idea to create such a thing together. I think it is a great initiative. Mattias Eklundh has been doing it for years in Sweden, but it does not exist as of yet in the Netherlands.

With a thing like that you also bring attention to the band, and vice versa.
Yes, that as well. And in November, about which I feel very honored, I will play at a festival for Jason Becker, the Not Dead Yet festival. It is being held in Patronaat, Haarlem. Mattias Eklundh will also play, and Guthrie Govan, and the very good Italian guitarist Daniele Gottardo, Michael Lee Firkins, which is quite awesome as well, I'm a fan of his playing from earlier on. And the drummer from Cacophony, Atma Anur, will accompany everyone. And Stuart Hamm and Barend Courbois will do the bass for everyone. And everyone can attend, as long as you buy a ticket! It's on November 13th, a Sunday. All the money that is being made, goes towards Jason and his family and towards the ALS fund, also to fight the disease ALS, of which among others Jason Becker is a victim. So it is a very good initiative; all artists also play for the initiative, Joop Wolters and I play for free, and as far as I know the big names also only get their travel costs paid. And all that money will be spent on a good cause, one I also support very much, so that is great. more

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Fredrik Thordendal: Top 10 Heaviest Riffs in the world

Heavier than lead... and sure to crush!! mind those fingers.

#10 Cilice - Psychotic Mindwarp
#9 Veil of Maya - Circle
#8 Entrosolet - 5cm per Second
#7 Sikth - Summer Rain
#6 Monuments - Admit Defeat
#5 Textures - Storm Warning
#4 Vildhjarta - Traces
#3 TesseracT - The Imposible
#2 Periphery - The Walk
#1 Meshuggah - In Death - Is Death

Top 10 Djent 2.0 Heaviest Riffs

Daniel Bergström,Calle Thomer: Traces - Shred Medium recommended!

Shred Medium digging these Djent bands... lots of crunch! Must be annoying if the Shred Admiral likes them too :)

Hudiksvall, Sweden

Official band website

Daniel Ädel (Vocals)
Vilhelm Bladin (Vocals)
Daniel Bergström (Guitar)
Calle Thomer (Guitar)
Johan Nyberg (Bass)
David Lindkvist (Drums)
Jimmie Åkerström (Guitar layers)

Vildhjarta - Traces

vildhjarta thall 1

Vildhjarta - Random Riffage (Instrumental)

Fredrik Thordendal: Rational Gaze Tokyo

Meshuggah - Rational Gaze (Live in Tokyo - Alive)

Kevin C: wins Staind not again solo competition

Thank you to all of the participants!

A big congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner, drum roll please.... Kevin C. who will receive:
  • Get your solo on the iTunes deluxe version of Staind's new album
  • Receive a Mike Mushok signature model PRS baritone guitar
  • Receive a $1,000 gift certificate to Guitar Center
  • Receive an autographed copy of the new Staind album
  • Receive a 1-month Tab Pro subscription to Ultimate Guitar
The 10 Honorable Mentions, as decided by the judges from the 20 most popular solos, will each:

Receive an autographed copy of the new Staind album

If you're a winner and want a digital certificate, and we'll send it off to you. Display it with pride!

1 Grand Prize Winner
Not Another Guitar Solo Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Another Guitar Solo Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin C.

10 Honorable Mentions
Chris Feener Staind Guitar Solo Showdown Entry

Chris Feener Staind Guitar Solo Showdown Entry
Chris Feener
Eugene Anzhu Not Again Contest

Eugene Anzhu Not Again Contest
Eugene Anzhu
Not Again Guitar Solo Showdown Entry

Not Again Guitar Solo Showdown Entry
Mat Graham
Not Again solo by Dariusz Wawrzyniak(Darius Wave)

Not Again solo by Dariusz Wawrzyniak(Darius Wave)
Dariusz Wawrzyniak
Staind Not Again Solo By David Locke

Staind Not Again Solo By David Locke
David Locke
Not Again (Danny Danzi)

Not Again (Danny Danzi)
Danny Danzi
Not Again Solo by Toomas Vanem

Not Again Solo by Toomas Vanem
Toomas Vanem
Not Again Chris Marksbury Solo

Not Again Chris Marksbury Solo
Chris Marksbury
Not Again Pasman solo

Not Again Pasman solo
Not Again Solo by Oliver Mazurtshak

Not Again Solo by Oliver Mazurtshak
Oliver Mazurtshak

Dhalif: Ernie Ball Music Man Artist!

110% happy for Dhalif getting a cool endorsement from Ernie Ball Music Man. The guy can stroke many shades of emotion from that blue beast!
Ernie Ball Music Man YouTube Artist Dhalif Rhapsody and his Music Man Silhouette guitar! This song is entitled "Darkest Dreams."

Ernie Ball Music Man You Tube Artist Dhalif Rhapsody

John McLaughlin,Jimmy Herring,Wayne Krantz,Alex Machacek: New Universe Music Festival 2010 DVD

Abstract Logix Live DVD Promotional Trailer

Abstract Logix Live ! The 2 DVD Collection from the New Universe Music Festival 2010 hits the streets on September 20, 2011 with unforgettable performances by the musical pioneers of this amazing label . John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension, Jimmy Herring Band, Wayne Krantz, Lenny White, Alex Machacek, Human Element, Ranjit Barot all perform live along with highlights of the spectacular grand finale jam where the artists perform the music of John McLaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra , great informal interviews and more.

Greg Howe: Sound Proof in Argentina

Last Wednesday, American guitarist Greg Howe gave a clinic in the headquarters city of La Paz and the students played with the improvisational jazz ensemble in the auditorium of the City of Peace ... (See full story in )

EMBA Clinica de Greg Howe, tema Sound Proof

Dave Martone: Celery Crunchers get attacked!

Dave Martone - Attack of the Celery Crunchers

Mattias IA Eklundh,Gabriel Marin, Christophe Godin: Jam Time in NYC

Recorded on September 8, 2011 drom nyc
freak kitchen morglbl considerthesource sept 8 , 2011 drom nyc
do not shrink me gypsy
with mattais AI ekhlund and christophe godin

Gabriel Marin- Guitars
John Ferrara- Bass
Justin Ahiyon- Drums and Percussion

CONSIDER THE SOURCE-live at Drom NYC- w/ mattias AI eklundh & christophe godin

Aitor Pérez: Fusion Jazz Guitar

Aitor Pérez Fusion Jazz Guitar

Johnny Hiland, Stu Hamm,Mike Varney: studio videos

"All Fired Up" has Stu Hamm and Jeremy Colson all over it, so check out a little bit from them jamming in the studio with me!
Download the album from iTunes at this link -

Johnny Hiland - Bluesberry Jam - In The Studio Preview

Johnny Hiland - Forever Love - In The Studio Preview

Mike Varney and Steve Fontano

Morten Faerestrand: Svalesang

Svalesang - Live (Entire song)

Rick Graham: Static Chord Soloing In this lesson I discuss some of the scale and arpeggio choices that I make when playing over a static groove. These include regular diatonic arpeggio scale choices to more far out melodic minor and diminished scale ideas. Although this lesson is suitable for any player of any style, the rock player looking to advance into more fusion based territory will really benefit from this.
The package includes:
5 Very cool, high quality backing tracks
3 HD 1080p Videos
19 minute video lesson
2 demonstration solo videos

13 PDF lesson with tables and scale diagrams

'Static Chord Soloing' - Video lesson

Lorenzo Venza: Utopia - Your next wish

Utopia - Your next wish (Ice and Knives )

2010 Anteo Records

Riccardo Fenaroli - Voice
Lorenzo Antonelli - Keyboards
Enrico Sandri - Bass
Lorenzo Venza - Guitar
Valerio Lucantoni - drums

band: UTOPIA
titolo: Ice and knives
genere: Prog Metal
label: Anteo
formato: CD
prezzo: € 15.00

Utopia - Your next wish (Ice and Knives )

Kyoji Yamamoto, Uli Jon Roth: 荒城の月

荒城の月 Uli jon roth & Kyoji Yamamoto

Kyoji Yamamoto "Ave Maria" (live) 山本 恭司 バウワウ アベ マリア

Guthrie Govan: better make room in my draw...

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Colin Smith: Planet Waves Guitar Care

Hello Youtube Colin Here welcome to another video from Alright Reviews

Got some nice products to show you today from the awesome Planet Waves ,,
Today we have/Leather Strap/Nut lube/Guitar Rest/Guitar Stand ! to show you
Today's video i will talk about and show you all these products and take a look at how to apply the planet waves Nut Lube to your instrument

Channel supporters and links =
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Planet Waves Guitar Care

Leonardo Guzman: Gilbert style lesson

Leccion 1: La Escala 'Paul Gilbert' | Leonardo Guzman

Ruben Rubio: live date announced

Ruben Rubio:
there is a new opportunity to see and hear the "RR Band" live, will be in:
Marula Café Madrid. C / Bailen, 27 . 28005 Madrid
September 23, 2011, 22:00 h
Entrance 5 euros.
David Gonzalez - Sax and Keys
Loves Woody - Guitar
Juanjo Frontela - Battery
They raffled a set of strings on loan courtesy of Elixir Strings.

News: Guitar World fastest guitar player poll

Are you hooked on speedy guitarists?

Take our poll, below, and tell us who gets your vote for the fastest guitarist of all time. And if you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out Guitar World's own roundup of the 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time. vote
... I know many of you will say... and your point is?

Fabrizio Leo: Jams on FGN guitar Frankfurt 2011

Fabrizio Leo played on the FGN (FUJIGEN) guitars stand, shared with TRex pedals. It was a close call because Bicio only had a CD for backing tracks... thinking quickly I dug into my photo and media gear case and dragged out my netbook...only to realise it does not have a CD player!! Fortunately the guys from FGN got a CD player from their hotel room. Unfortuneately for us, some no name guitar player on another stand took offence and decided that he need to play louder to make people come to see his guitar stand. So it was difficult for Bicio to hear what he was playing. I really liked the guy, a genuine down to earth person... I love his playing too, classic super Italian class, can't wait to see him play again. Fabrizio Leo is working on his new CD... more details when I get them.

Fabrizio Leo: Jams on FGN guitar Frankfurt 2011

Dennis de Bruijn: Orange Jam

I'm getting the feeling that this jam track is kind of like a right of passage for players. Well Dennis de Bruijn nails it!

Kyle Glass: Wonder boy... there.. the crevasse... fill it... with your mighty juice!

Facebook It!:
The guys show you how to play Wonderboy and deconstruct KG's awesome double stops solo, while showing you the basics of chord inversions! Slice his throat and grab his scrote!

Go to for merch and more
GUITARINGS - FRET12 :: Wonderboy Part 1