Denny Ilett: added to jam tracks with a new Blues Package

New Blues Package PreviewWe are delighted to welcome Denny Ilett to the Jam Track Central roster of artists. Denny is a well respected blues and jazz player in the UK and as you will see from the sneak preview of his debut package he is a great player too. Denny wrote all of the tracks himself and recently came down to Jam Track Central HQ to put his sophisticated and cool example solo's down. His new package enters into the realms of T-Bone Walker style jam tracks, which many of you have been asking for recently.
To see the sneak preview of what the package will include, check out our You Tube channel by clicking here.

Beyond the Pentatonic
Tackling that solo can be tricky business, but the key is not to restrict yourself. In this article we look at how you can create some really exciting licks all over the fretboard. Starting with some beginner hints and tips we will then move into some more advanced pointers, using excerpts from our Jambuster Series 1.
Get your weapon of choice ready, it's time to master that solo!

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A Feast of JamOur Feast of Jam Special Bundle is designed for players who want to jam over our blues-influenced chord progressions, with a little more variety than standard blues. These jam tracks cover everything from soul to reggae to hard rock and even trip-hop! And of course there is loads of blues too!
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Denny Ilett "Red House" live at the Bullingdon Oxford