Vivian Campbell: "The Last In Line" Deluxe Edition

"The Last In Line" Deluxe Edition track listing:
Disc 1:

01. We Rock
02. Last in Line
03. Breathless
04. I Speed at Night
05. One Night in the City
06. Evil Eyes
07. Mystery
08. Eat Your Heart Out
09. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

Disc 2:

01. Stand Up And Shout (Live B-Side)
02. Straight Through The Heart (Live B-Side)
03. Eat Your Heart Out (Live)
04. Don’t Talk To Strangers (Live)
05. Holy Diver (Live B-Side)
06. Rainbow In The Dark (Live B-Side)
07. One Night In The City (Live Pinkpop Festival)
08. We Rock (Live Pinkpop Festival)
09. Holy Diver (Live Pinkpop Festival)
10. Stargazer (Live Pinkpop Festival)
11. Heaven And Hell (Live Pinkpop Festival)
12. Rainbow In The Dark (Live Pinkpop Festival)
13. Don't Talk To Strangers (Live Pinkpop Festival)