Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Niels Vejlyt: Neoclassical guitar courses

A clip from the courses soon available on nielsvejlyt.com. Learn your favorite songs, licks and techniques plus theoretical assignments

Neoclassical guitar courses teaser

Kyle Glass: Deep into the Wonderboy... there the crevasse... fill it with your might juice

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The guys show you how to play Wonderboy and deconstruct KG's awesome double stops solo, while showing you the basics of chord inversions! Slice his throat and grab his scrote!

Go to http://www.guitarings.com for merch and more
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GUITARINGS - FRET12 :: Tenacious D's Wonderboy Part 1

GUITARINGS - FRET12 :: Tenacious D's Wonderboy Part 2

GUITARINGS - FRET12 :: Tenacious D's Wonderboy Part 3

Bob Log III: live: at a women's toilet in Shibuya, Tokyo Japan... uuum?

Bob Log III (live: at a women's toilet in Shibuya TOKYO JAPAN)

Molly Gene Dyer: One Whoaman Band

Molly Gene is a one woman band. She plays guitar, harmonica, and a foot drum at the same time. She was born and raised just outside of a little town called Warrensburg in Missouri. Some of her influences are Fred McDowell, Son House, The Rolling Stones, Bob Log III, Hank Williams III and much more. You can check out her up coming shows on her http://www.myspace.com/jollygene http://www.mollygene.org/

Molly Gene Dyer: One Woman Band: Bumble Bee: Hillbilly Love: Live: Summer 2010: St. Louis

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band - Bumble Bee Live KCMO 4.1.11

Hussein Haddad: Waves - Expomusic 2011

Expomusic 2011 Hussein Haddad - Waves - Guthrie Govan

Harald Baier: Images Cacophony tribute

Images - Cacophony (Jason Becker/Marty Friedman) Intro

Faith Savoy: shes tapping just for fun.

Just for fun

Tommy Shaw: Styx new 2 CD package!


Styx - Difference in the World by Eagle Rock Entertainment

2-CD Package Available For The First Time On October 4
Styx will have its entire career encapsulated within the 16 tracks of Regeneration, Volume I & II on a double-disc to be released via Eagle Rock Entertainment on October 4.
With over 30 million records sold in North America alone, Styx is one of the most beloved rock bands on the planet. Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, Chuck Panozzo, Lawrence Gowan, Ricky Phillips and Todd Sucherman have been together longer than any other lineup in the band’s 40-year existence.

In addition to thirteen Styx classics and a brand new song “Difference In The World,” Regeneration, Volume I & II also includes interpretations of “High Enough,” and “Coming Of Age,” originally recorded by Damn Yankees, which featured Shaw, along with Night Ranger’s Jack Blades, Ted Nugent and drummer Michael Cartellone.” The band had originally re-recorded these acclaimed anthems to sell only at their live shows, as they continued to tour the globe and introduce a new generation of fans to their chart-topping hits. Now, for the first time, this music is being made commercially available.

For more information on Styx, please visit www.styxworld.com.

Track Listing:
1) The Grand Illusion
2) Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
3) Lorelei
4) Sing For The Day,
5) Crystal Ball
6) Come Sail Away
7) Difference In The World

1) Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
2) Miss America
3) Renegade
4) Queen Of Spades
5) Boat on The River
6) Too Much Time On My Hands
7) Snowblind
8) Coming Of Age
9) High Enough

Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth,Leslie West: postpone tour

Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, and Leslie West have been forced to postpone the '3 Guitar Heroes' tour that was set to commence on October 6 in Norfolk, CT, due to insurmountable travel issues. When faced with securing a viable path for West's travel while still confined to a wheelchair, the search for a vehicle went on for months, and it has been called off. Last week, West was fitted with a prosthetic leg, but it will take months before he is able to live a normal life with the appendage,  Plans are moving forward to explore restaging this tour in the New Year.
Stay tuned to www.michaelschenkerhimself.com for updates.

Michael Angelo Batio: quad guitar provides a Tribute To Metallica

Cliff Burton RIP. 25 years ago today.

Michael Angelo Batio - Tribute To Metallica - 09/23/11 - Las Vegas - Santa Fe Station

Elliot Noble: 9 Crimes

Hey guys, here is my cover of Damien Rice's classic tune. If you enjoyed this please feel free to like my Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elliot-Noble/144057442323058This cover was recorded with an Ibanez PGM 301 into an Orange Dual Terror. A Roland Juno Di was also used. Everything was recorded into Cakewalk Sonar Studio X1.
Elliot :)

9 Crimes: Damien Rice by Elliot Noble

David Gilmour: 14 CD box set Pink Floyd

Not sure how this will fit in my CD case... but I guess it must :)

The full 2 minute version of the Pink Floyd UK TV ad announcing the release of the x14 2011 remastered Discovery editions, The Discovery Box set and The Dark Side of the Moon Experience & Immersions box set. The full walkthrough detailing all the exciting contents of the new remastered Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion box, the seminal album by Pink Floyd, available to pre-order now & released on September 26.

Celebrating Pink Floyd's music, the band's entire back catalogue has been remastered this year. Three of the albums have been selected for release in expanded Experience and Immersion editions - The Dark Side Of The Moon (released 26th September, 2011), Wish You Were Here (7th November, 2011), and The Wall (27th February, 2012).

Full details of their contents, along with ordering details, can be found at www.WhyPinKFloyd.com.

Pink Floyd UK TV Ad full version

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Box Set Walk Through

Maranhão: extract from live video


Eduardo Marcolino: Boss Loop Station Brasil 2011

Boss Loop Station Brasil 2011 - Eduardo Marcolino

Stefano Maroelli: promo video for original tune

Stefano Maroelli_il sultano incazzato

James Bell: busking blues

Heavy Blues Improvisation - SHRED - James Bell

Alex Hutchings: Bristol Show Part 2

Alex Hutchings Bristol Show Part 2

Tosin Abasi: The Martini Ranch 2011

Live @ The Martini Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ 7-11-2011
Animals As Leaders - CAFO (Live)

Animals As Leaders - Song Of Solomon (Live)

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl - Catalinbread Heliotrope Harmonic Pixelator

Catalinbread Heliotrope Harmonic Pixelator Effect Demo

Rob Marcello: Musik Messe 2011

Rob Marcello Musik Messe 2011

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Firing Line MK II Fuzz Pedal

http://www.maritimeanalog.com and http://www.klhcustomrelics.com andhttp://www.fuzzboxgirl.com Tonebender fans unite! From our neighbors to the north comes the Firing Line MK II fuzz from Canadian company Maritime Analog. Firstly, they have a good amount of pedals at great prices, so check them out. It is a germanium based fuzz and uses three new old stock trannies. Lots of classic fuzz tones reside in this blue beauty! The controls are extremely simple to use and you can easily dial in the right tone with the Saturation knob.

I am also using my brand new fuzzcaster, which was hand crafted by KLH custom relics. Fuzzcaster is just the little name Kevin, the luthier, and I came up with for a Fuzz Box Girl telecaster. This baby ran $1850 (price includes hardshell case) and boasts Fralin pickups , Mojo tone capacitor,cts potentiometers,switchcraft input jack. all cloth wire, Custom aged.... Modified Vintage C shaped Maple neck just for me with Medium size vintage fret wire and a 60 year old vintage played replica nitro finished fretboard.....Hand cut polished bone nut, Gotoh 15.1 nickel finish tuners, a Super light chambered Swamp Ash body (and I do mean light weight). And to finish it off.... a vintage Nitro finish aged to perfection, with a real vintage Ford Fairlane chrome emblem. It plays like a dream :)
Gear Used:
KLH custom relics fuzzcaster
Vox AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM57
Fuzzbox Cocktail- Sex in the Shower (check out my website for the recipe)

Firing Line MK II Fuzz Pedal by Maritime Analog Demo w/ KLH custom tele

Eric Gales,Eugene Gales: Memphis Battle of the Bands

Eric and Eugene Gales, Memphis Battle of the Bands. Eric was 14 years old in this video. This was at the Memphis Cook Convention Center. Eric wasn't known real well but after this things took off for him. Eric is one Badass guitar player. Please forgive the sound quality, this was recorded from a VCR tape.

Eric and Eugene Gales.AVI

The Right Reverend of the Blues, Mr. Eugene Gales holds a private service while the Repo-Man tries to get a free guitar lesson! Watch for the new CD Spring of 2012 Ya'll!

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky Church - Remastered Audio

Hedras Ramos: live radio show tonight

Hedras Ramos Sr.
Hedras RamosOn Tuesday September 27th at 4 PM EST 3 PM CST 1 PM PST The scheduled interview with the endorsed Halo Custom Guitarist Hedras Ramos. Discussion will be about Sep 27

Joy Basu: Candy Rawk Girl

joy basu -
My single CANDY RAWK GIRL is now available on Beatport, the world's largest music store for DJs: Big thanks to all the producers/remixers that contributed their talents on this release. You all did an amazing job n I look forward to creating with you in the future. nJoy -http://www.beatport.com/release/candy-rawk-girl/682958

Candy Rawk Girl [AcropolisRPM]

Short Description: Joy Basu sweetens the acropolis catalog with 12 RAWKin' tracks with different flavors of EDM candy. Electro house, Dutch House, Progressive House, Trance, and Electro track ...

Fred Brum: Classy Atonement cover and t-shirt details available

Cover version 1

Cover version 2

The pre-order phase for the CD version of Atonement will become available on October the 1st, and it will be available as the CD alone and CD + Atonement tee packs. I will make sure to keep you guys up to date when the pre-order site is up... Once again, thank you all for your support! http://fredbrum.com/

My second Spider is home already! :D This is an actual live playthrough, and I'm using the patches as is, leaving only harmonies behind so I don't accidentally mask the guitar's tone with post-processing. Excuse the mistakes here and there, but time isn't on my side until Monkeyfest. :)
This instrument didn't even have time to settle and it's as if Jaden had delivered it to me by hand - impressive stability. :)
I proudly use and endorse:
Jaden Rose Guitars - http://www.JadenRoseGuitars.comSpectraflex Cables - http://www.Spectraflex.comV-Picks - http://V-Picks.com
You'll find previews of my tracks on my Soundcloud:http://www.soundcloud.com/fred-brum

Fred Brum - Atonement playthrough

Monkeyfest 2011 - Fred Brum - Atonement live

Todd Rundgren: Manchester HMV Ritz concert details

Todd Rundgren, rock and roll icon, guitarist, interactive progenitor, singer-songwriter and record producer, plays the Manchester HMV Ritz on Saturday October 1st. The Manchester date is the first of several UK concerts billed as "An Evening With Todd Rundgren". the shows are described as "The greatest hits tour Todd fans have been waiting to see for years."

Tickets for the Manchester HMV Ritz concert on October 1st are available from the 24 hour ticket hotline: 08700 603 777, www.seetickets.com. Meanwhile, Rundgren'sthree night residency at the London Jazz Cafe (October 3-5th) is completely sold out.

These are Rundgren's first UK dates since 2010's sold-out London Hammersmith Apollo concert where he performed his 1973 album A Wizard, A True Star.

Rundgren is widely regarded as the godfather of music and multimedia. Having founded and The Nazz, the quintessential `60's power-pop psychedelic band, in 1969 he left them to pursue a solo career, recording his debut offering, the classic Runt. It was 1972's seminal Something/Anything, on which he played all the instruments, sang all the vocal parts, and acted as his own producer, that catapulted Todd into the superstar limelight.

Among Rundgren's impressive 50+ production projects are albums by Patti Smith, Cheap Trick, Psychedelic Furs, XTC, Grand Funk Railroad, New York Dolls, Hall & Oates, and Meat Loaf's multi-platinum debut Bat Out Of Hell.

Read the official online press release - http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/meanfiddler/ToddRundgren.htm

News: Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camp Thousand Oaks

The Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camp Thousand Oaks, CA!
January 27th - 29th - Hampton Inn & Suites
CAMP ONLY - $650.00
CAMP + 3 NIGHTS HOTEL - $950.00
Deposit* - $250.00
Reserve your place NOW space is limited!
For the 4th time -- Thomas Lang will host his unique educational drumming boot camp in scenic Thousand Oaks, California!
The Thousand Oaks camps are our "home town" camps and always a VERY SPECIAL experience. We are able to keep the camp prices lower because Thomas doesn't have to travel.
 We also like to include a very special tour of the DW Drum factory for interested students!
Plus...! You never know who might show up! Past TLDBC special guests have included:

Luis Conte (James Taylor)
Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr/David Lee Roth)
Christoph "Doom Schneider" (Rammstein)
Curt Bisquera (Mick Jagger/Seal/Elton Joh)
JoJo Mayer (Nerve)
Jon Dette (Slayer)
Reserve your place now as this camp ALWAYS sells out!

Guthrie Govan: Aristocrats - Furtive Jack

I missed recording the first minute or so Also sorry for the video being so dark we were on the balcony.This was at the Lincoln theater in Raleigh 9/24/11. Guthrie told a little story about how this song came about, he said the title comes from an imaginary character he created named Furtive Jack; who goes around and steal and can't be caught. These Guys ROCKED!!! and Andy Wood opened for them \m/
The Aristocrats - Furtive Jack


THE Aristocrat (ft Guthrie Govan & Marco Minnemann)

The Aristocrats was founded early 2011 by the guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan (Asia eg, GPS), the great bassist Bryan Beller (Steve Vai and Mike Keneally among others) and drummer Marco Minnemann (including Eddie Jobson's Ukz and Adrian Belew). The music of the band appears to be a melting pot of various musical influences of the band members.

So it now and then toward the '70s jazz-rock of Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra to the progressive rock of King Crimson and guitar heroes like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Also be influenced by the absurdly complex music of Frank Zappa and Mike Keneally. In short, expect many complex melodies, shifts in dynamics and a very high musical quality of this trio . Date : Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Location : Room Dommelsch

POS Open: 19.30 Start : 20.30
Presale : € 22, - (excl. servicekst) Box office : € 25, - (if available)
Left:The Aristocrats http://the-aristocrats-band.com

Presale Info:
Presale Ticket for all activities is through the Netherlands. These include all Free Record Shops, tourist offices and some of Plato's, a full list of outlets can be found at Ticket Web. You can also reserve tickets through 0900-3001250 and through www.ticketservice.nl . Please note, stop the advance by phone 10 days before the show, over the Internet until the day of the concert e-tickets. Alternatively, to this day continue to buy tickets through Ticket outlets (Free Record Shops, etc.). When a concert takes place in the great hall of the House, there is also the possibility to buy tickets for concerts in the future at the entrance.

Please note that the cheapest are you to choose in advance e-ticket (Ticket Fast). The service in this case 2.75 per ticket. The cards will be mailed to you and scanned at the checkout.order tickets

Joe Bonamassa: Shuffle Jam Baked Potato

Joe Bonamassa- Shuffle Jam LIVE @ the Baked Potato