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João Luzio: Futurália Março 2012

João Luzio : Futurália Março 2012

Allan Holdsworth: live at the Iridium 2012

Allan holdsworth playing with jimmy haslip -bass, virgil donati - drums at the Iridium NYC on 3/17/2012 10pm show..... Allan was playing his new carvin guitar,,, and he killed the whole band was killer,, great show had a blast ,, like allways


Kasia Maliszewska: C4 live show announced

C4 Band consists of:
Catherine Maliszewska - guitar
Wojciech Pruszyński - keyboards
Peter Stepek - bass
Peter Budniak - drums

C4 team was formed at the end of 2011, transforming the guitar-drum duo up to the present, four-seat storage. We play mostly instrumental compositions by me, which (as I decided) lying too long in the proverbial "drawer". And so the meeting with his colleagues was like a bolt of lightning. Provided me with very positive energy and motivation to work on songs, which have long wanted to share ... Their final form is, however, the result is not only my ideas, but suggestions and musical sensitivity of each team member. This is not classical music, this is not just blues, this is not jazz itself, nor is it rock, folk and fusion .... A instrumental stories that everyone can interpret differently.

Why is C4?
- "C" is like a four
- There are four of us
- We're positively loaded with the music we play .. :)

During the concert will be held on the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the Festival Blues on the beaver. Will be seen in dozens of works by Gregory Sidorowicz and Leszek "WordHex" Żukrowski, showing great years, "Blues on the Bober," The people who create the atmosphere, wonderful musicians and friends ...

The concert supports the Hofner - one of the known and leading brands of musical instruments, which I recommend :))). Thank you!

Cordially invite you to the bakery Silent Women in Zielona Gora, on the last Saturday in March 2011 in the chair. 20.00. Tickets cost 15 zloty to purchase before the concert.

See you there!

Friselious (2) - Kasia Maliszewska

Brian Hunsaker: Across the Galaxy - new CD

Great sounding debut release from Brian Hunsaker, sure to appeal to fans of melodic rock guitar.

Across the Galaxy- Brian Hunsaker buy
1. Into Orbit 5:08
2. Blue Angel 4:41
3. Reverie 4:45
4. The Voyage 3:32
5. Gila Monster 3:50
6. Surreal Majesty 3:54
7. Spring Break 3:55
8. At Nebula's End 4:06
9. Across the Galaxy 4:16
10. Atlantis Rising 3:56
11. Farewell to the King 3:06

The long-awaited debut from one of the hottest guitarists in the Seattle area. Heavy emphasis on songwriting, but with more than enough mind-bending licks to satisfy any shred fan. Fans of Satriani, Vai & Lynch will definitely want to pick this up.

Gila Monster - original music by Brian Hunsaker

Takar Nabam: So It Begins - classy instrumental

This is my first solo instrumental track ever. Hence, the song title is such. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of my friends Akshat Taneja(mixing and mastering) and Rohit Bhattacharya(bass and drum mapping). Beware; It's an infectious track. Cheers!

So it begins(original)

Levi Clay, Shaun Baxter: 1991 Candy Apple Red USA Malmsteen Strat up for sale

Levi Clay
a piece of history here - Shaun Baxter's old Strat - it's also been in the hands of some other incredible talent so give Charlie a call a pick it up NOW.... that's a STEAL!

Wall Photos
For sale! 1991 Candy Apple Red USA Malmsteen Strat. I bought this guitar in 1993/94 from Shaun Baxter. The guitar has a few modifications: an extra 22nd fret added by Charlie Chandler, stripped and oiled neck, sperzel locking machine heads and Bareknuckle trilogy suite pickups. The wiring and pots were renewed a year ago and the frets were recently Pleked. Yngwie also gave the guitar his seal of approval and signed the back of the headstock during a Guitar Techniques video lesson in 2005 (see photos in the 'Malmsteen Strat' album. £1000 ono. Cheers!
by: Charlie Griffiths

Gabriele Lazzerini: Your Omen guitar solo play through

Gabriele Lazzerini- Your Omen guitar solos

The Commander-In-Chief: 7 stringer interviewed

22 year old Norwegian 7 string guitarist/singer/songwriter "The Commander-In-Chief" has released her first official video interview. She sat down and talked about her critically acclaimed debut EP "Evolution", her songwriting, being confirmed for Bloodstock Metal Festival 2012, the quest for the right guitar mentor and much more, after a major newspaper interview and photo shoot this week. She has been featured in Total Guitar Magazine, Metal Hammer UK, Metal Hammer Norway, major newspapers and a lot of online music magazines, radios and sites lately. The Commander-In-Chief talks about recording her critically acclaimed debut EP "Evolution", now available on, her unique 7string guitar, her songwriting, working with Pantera producer Sterling Winfield and much more in this interview, that also shows her great sense of humor. The interview was filmed on March 15th 2012. She is confirmed to play Bloodstock Metal Festival 21012. For more on UK dates and gigs, go to

The Commander-In-Chief 1st official video interview

Jason Becker: Exclusive live CD, only 4 days left and we are 5% short!

Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! Live posted a new update for Exclusive Live CD:
4 days to reach 100% - get a copy for you & friends (special attached video!)

Yes, you still have a chance to pledge and get your personal copy of this great live cd of the Jason Becker’s NOT DEAD YET! in Holland (Nov. 13, 2011).
More surprises after we have reached our 100%!! Tell your friends to pledge today!!

This update includes: 1 video.

View the full update.

Billy Cobham: Triple Paradiddle Rudiment

Go to for free drum lessons to improve your paradiddles. Master the art of drumming online with jazz fusion legend Billy Cobham at the Billy Cobham School of Drums. All Levels of jazz drumming and rudiments taught with multi-angles and slow-mo to best capture hand and foot technique, compete with personalized feedback to better improve your drumming.

Billy Cobham Drum Lesson: Triple Paradiddle Rudiment

Pedro Molina: Liberty original instrumental

LIBERTY.-Pedro Molina

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh: Budapest - Dream Mechanism 2012

Tony MacAlpine
Dream Mechanism Europe 2012 Tour
2012.04.13. Club 202
Tony Macalpine - guitar/keyboard
Bjorn Englen - bass
Aquiles Priester - drums
Nili Brosh - guitar
Recorded with Zoom Q3HD

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh: Budapest - Dream Mechanism 2012

Nicolas Waldo: The Zion´s Nephilim

NICOLAS WALDO - "The Zion´s Nephilim" - Guitar Solo by Nicolas Waldo

Yngwie Malmsteen: Fire and ice tour rehearsal 1992 series

Yngwie Malmsteen: Fire and ice tour rehearsal 1992

Jason Becker: Canadian movie premiere in Toronto announced

Jason Becker Movie: Perpetual Burn
‎'Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet' will be having its Canadian premiere in Toronto on Saturday the 28th of April with a follow up screening on the 29th. We hope all you Canadian fans will be able to come. More details soon.

András Ispán: Minotaur Project

András Ispán:
DOWNLOAD FOR FREE (Téléchargeable gratuitement):
ISPÁN ANDRÁS (lead bass)
Annamária Kiss her painting.
Here's the second part of the Escape Solaris trilogy as the first original track of this year. To get around the same story I've shared with you so many times, let me shorten it: one main goal of the Minotaur Project was always to invite my friends, whom with I used to play, or those musicians, who left a major impact on me. I have a list in my head from the very beginning that consists a lot of names; András "Bandi" Ispán was one of the biggest among them.
I have to say this is a release I'm profoundly proud of for two main reasons: as first, musically I think this is the most settled and concrete piece I have written so far. Second of all, my all-time bass hero and my former teacher, who happens to be also a very good friend of mine, and probably the greatest influence on me musically, is involved.
I don't know if I could really express to all of you how I feel - I think maybe Steve Vai feels the same when he plays with Satriani. Bandi have seen me at the very beginning of my journey (I couldn't yet play a single note properly on bass), he taught me the very basics, also he's the ultimate reason why I got into bass from a technical aspect, as well as into sound engineering. His example has given me the courage to send my application to the same music school where he finished with a teacher-diploma before we even met (I actually went to the same bass teacher as he did), and gave also the courage to leave my home country, to pursue my fantasies of being a pro musician. It's a great honor to have him playing on my song, and also a big achievement for me. In short, he's my hero.
After years of studying in Budapest and being the member of one of the greatest blues band in the history of Hungary (Deák Bill Motoblues Band), he returned to his home, Novi Sad, Serbia a few years ago. His name can be found on a wide variety of albums amongst the doom-gothic Metal AMOK's debut release, on the CD of his former avant-garde group Corpus Delicti, and as a "specially thanked" on a LOT of CDs for recording basslines (or guitars even), for lending his remarkable collection of equipment, or helping out in the studio in some ways.
It's been years since we have actually met :)
To make this release even more interesting for us, instead of guitar solos I decided to include two bass solos, one done by him, and one done by me. We didn't discuss how they should be done - nothing at all. For all of you out there: this is a great chance to see where my bass sound originates from - also if you look closely we have a similar approach towards writing/playing a bass solo, which I find amazing, since both of us has done their solos, before having the chance to hear what the other came up with.
I also used quotes exclusively from the biggest impact of sci-fi movies that I have on my life, The Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
All-in-all I feel fortunate that this work of ours has finally comes to light. :)
The song is about the voyage of humanity leaving Earth, to find a new home planet. A vocal version is getting done, I think the lyrics will explain very well what I had in mind while composing this part.
The Escape Solaris returns with the 3rd instrumental part in february.
Technical stuff:
I used my Warwick Thumb 2011 SE Custom for most of the parts, and my newly-bought Warwick 2001 Streamer LX Custom Holoflash for the solo. Both has MEC pickups.
Tuning: Thumb: B-E-A-D, Streamer: E-A-D-G.
Prolude BHV 450L bass amp (lineout output straight into the Line6 interface).
I'm proudly using and being endorsed by
for all bass recordings (except for the solo by András Ispán).
For the solo I used TECH21 SansAmp, my newly-bought Soundblox Bass Envelope and Bass Ring, the track has got some (amp modeled) distrotion from my Line6 HD Pro.
Rotosound Swing60 strings in both cases, Planet Waves Pro and Monster cables, t.c. electronic tuner.
Equipment used by András Ispán:
Kramer 720 bass with Rotosound Swingbass SM66 (roundwound 40-100 stainless steel) strings.
Vintage Morley Power Wah Fuzz (used as a wah), and a Russian Big Muff Pi Fuzz pedal, Klotz cables
A korean Squier Showmaster, B-E-A-G-Db-B tuning, D'addario Steel strings, light gauge, Line6 POD HD Pro modeling amplifier.

Minotaur Project - 77345_018 (feat András Ispán on lead bass) instrumental