Łukasz Kurpiewski: The Ultimate Ensemble Theory

Hi! This is one of my first compositions, the first I have ever tried to record and mix myself. The drums and bass are virtual instruments. I hope you like it! :) If you do, you can download it here: www.soundcloud.com/qqryq90 , as well as my other song, "Enchantment".
Spread the word! :)

Gear I used:
Ernie Ball Music Man Petrucci Koa Top (tuned half step down)
Flame hm-1 (tuned 3 steps down)
Fractal Audio Axe Fx Ultra
Yamaha P-140 piano
M-Audio Fast Track Pro usb audio interface

PS: Sorry for poor video quality, but I think the visual effect isn't the most important thing here :)

Łukasz Kurpiewski - The Ultimate Ensemble Theory

Solo Życia 2011 Łukasz Kurpiewski