Yoger Mucci: French Guitar Contest 2012

thanks for watch and Thumbs Up!! :-) also i invite you to check my new album Featuring.Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, David Shankle, Theodore Ziras, Marco Minnemann, Tom Quayle, Antoine Fafard and more......http://www.yogermucci.uphero.com
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Yoger Mucci´s The Guitangears - Triangulum (Chapter 1)
Triangulum Chapter 1 is the first solo Album by Yoger Mucci. featured by 15 tracks of original, experimental, progressive, fusion, metal, avant garde and instrumental music plus sci-fi SuperHeroes The Guitangears is Music a Yoger's project, inspired by comics. It contains Sci-Fi and futuristic adventure, Not limited music to one style plus Marvelous worldwide musicians collaborations.He uses differen styles — prog, metal, fusion, industrial, electronic, etc — Yoger just wanted to making the music he loves. This album became The Guitangears - Triangulum

The Guitangears is a team of Superguitar and Supermusicians heroes who joined to fight the threat "Legatus Electrum" who plans to conquer the universe using music as a weapon and probably the only hope to destroy him will be the mysterious Voynich's manuscript and bring peace to the universe.

French Guitar Contest 2012 - Yoger Mucci