Mark McGuigan: demos Carvin V3M amp

Demo of the great wee Carvin V3M amp.
Amp Features (00:15)
Clean Channel (03:00)
Clean Channel Drive (04:07)
Clean Channel EQ (08:42)
Clean Channel EQX (10:03)
Gain Channel (12:30)
Gain Channel Drive (16:44)
Gain Channel EQ (18:36)
Gain Channel EQX (19:33)
Dialling in some sounds (21:00)
Reverb (25:37)
Final Thoughts (26:33)
Big thanks to Andy for a loan of his amp.
Recorded with Carvin V3M hooked up to a Cornford 1x12 cab loaded with a Vintage 30, sound a blend of camera mic and Shure SM58 on cab.

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MasterThatGear! - Carvin V3M