Andy Wood: Chelmsford Jam Track lesson

'Chelmsford' ReleasedAndy Wood is an incredibly gifted guitarist and an equally gifted songwriter, hence him being part of the JTC army of artists. His new jam track package is the track Chelmsford taken from his debut album entitled 'A Disconcerting Amalgam'. This is a superb track and his performance of it quite literally blew us away. Our artist jam tracks are all about inspiration and when you watch Andy play this track, you instantly want to pick up your guitar and learn exactly what he played.
One of the other reasons we love this track so much is because Andy has this amazing section for the last third of the track where he goes on a mind bending solo. This section is really jammable and will give you a great basis to create your own improvised solos too.
The download comes with the full track, backing track and video as well as all 15 pages (yep, 15!!) of completely accurate TAB. It is available for just £4.99.

Andy Wood 'Chelmsford' at Jam Track Central