Saturday, 10 August 2013

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire - A Life We Used To Know

Virgil Donati: In This Life - RME Promo

Virgil sheds some light on the gear he used to record and mix his new record 'In This Life', concluding with a short clip of the band playing in the studio... just a taste of more video highlights and full versions of selected tracks to come soon.

Atanas Shishkov: Believe AS Dika Custom Guitar

Special thanks to Dilian Obretenov / Dika Guitars / for the magnificent craftmanshipt
of my first custom guitar project!
Check out Dika Guitars here -

Specification :
Body Wood - Basswood
Neck Wood - 1-piece Maple
Frets - Heavy
Hardware - Black
Bridge - Schaller Floyd Rose
Tuners - Schaller
Pickups - DiMarzio Breed
Switching - 5 Way
Strings - .009-.046 Elixir strings

Elmo Karjalainen: playing to Meshuggah style Backing Track

Elmo Karjalainen playing to Meshuggah style backing track.
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This was a fun one to make. I like the odd time played over the straight time. Makes for an interesting riff. Aside from that, it's guitar noodlery at its noodliest...err...
And please share with your friends.

Elmo Karjalainen playing to Meshuggah style Backing Track

Tim Miller: Hearing Scales and Legato Technique

Tim Miller - Hearing Scales Lesson with guitarist Tim Miller. An instructional website featuring streaming Guitar Lessons in full HD video with studio quality audio. Visit for more information on how to become a member.

Tim Miller-Legato Technique Lesson


Frank Zappa: Inca Roads

Frank Zappa - Inca Roads (A Token Of His Extreme)
EAGLE ROCK ENTERTAINMENT and the Zappa Family Trust are pleased to announce the first official release of A TOKEN OF HIS EXTREME, an original program created by FRANK ZAPPA for TV.
Recorded on August 27, 1974 at KCET in Hollywood, A TOKEN OF HIS EXTREME features Frank Zappa with five incredibly talented band members for this extravaganza of live music.
The line-up exists of Frank Zappa—guitar, percussion, vocals; George Duke—keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals; Napoleon Murphy Brock—sax, vocals; Ruth Underwood—percussion; Tom Fowler—bass; Chester Thompson—drums.
The Program, as edited and thoroughly tweezed & produced by FZ for Honker Home Video includes these delights: The Dog Breath Variations/ Uncle Meat, Montana, Earl Of Duke (George Duke), Florentine Pogen, Stink-Foot, Pygmy Twylyte, Room Service, Inca Roads, Oh No, Son Of Orange County, More Trouble Every Day, A Token Of My Extreme.

Rick Graham: Targeting Chord Tones

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Joe Bonamassa: Takin' the Hit at Rockpalast

Joe Bonamassa - Takin' the Hit LIVE at Rockpalast

Joe Bonamassa playing Live at the ROCKPALAST (in Germany)- released 2006.

The Song "Takin' The Hit" was originally recorded for the Album "So, It's Like That." Produced largely by Bonamassa and Clif Magness, it was released on August 13, 2002 by J&R Adventures (this year will mark its 11th year anniversary). Joe's band members on this record comprised of Eric Czar on Bass, Kenny Kramme on Drums and Matt Wilcox on Keys. When released in 2002, it was Joe's first Album that hit #1 on the US Billboard Top Blues Albums chart. To date, Joe has 11 Albums that have topped the Blues Chart.

So It's Like That is Bonamassa's only album so far, live or studio, to be composed entirely of original material. The fan favorite track "Mountain Time" from this Album was co-written with Grammy award winning song writer Will Jennings (who was most famously recognized for writing the lyrics to the Titanic Theme Song "My Heart Will Go On" 

Eric Calderone: Monkey Island Meets Metal

Hey guys,

I've seen this one floating around and since it is Geek Week I figured I'd nerd out a little bit more than usual haha. Firstly, this was one of my first PC games I ever got. Got it for Christmas in 1992 (I think). I ran through the LucasArts games like a madman after that. Day of the Tentacle, The Dig, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Rebel Assault etc. I used to just let the intro to this play I loved it so much. Thanks for everything guys, it means the world. Big ups for all the votes, comments, subs, messages, suggestions, fan art, donations, and support. You guys are the absolute best and rock my casbah, ALWAYS. And a special ups for those who contributed to the campaign, can't wait to get you guys your stuff.

Best to ya


Jack Thammarat: Ballad Heaven - new jam track series

Ballad Heaven
Jack is back with a new 5 track Smooth Ballad series doing what he does best, creating addictive and inspiring solos. This time we teamed him up with backing track guru Klaus Wolf and together they have created a superb jam track series that will provide you with lots to learn and plenty of scope for creating your own solos.

We all know that Jack is one of the modern day kings of melodic improvising, so we briefed Klaus to create some jammable ballads for Jack to do his thing over. As you can see by the previews, these awesome jam tracks are perfect 'Jack territory' and he has created solos that are full of wonderful phrasing to show you just what can be achieved over this style of track.

We set this package to intermediate as there are lots of sections that most players will be able to master with practice. Jack also throws a few advanced licks into the mix take your time and practise them at your own pace.


5 solo example tracks
5 solo backing tracks
5 extended jam tracks
5 video performances
Accurate TAB and notation

With over 12 minutes of solos to learn, this series will keep you very busy and provide you with lots of inspiration when creating your own solo ideas. Come check it out!