Ryan Carraher,Allan Holdsworth: Full and detailed review of Carvin HH1 Allan Holdsworth Signature Headless Guitar

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Hey all,
I received this guitar yesterday and it is absolutely amazing. To be honest I was hesitant to purchase one of these for a while because I couldn't locate one to test it out and there are only a hand full of YouTube videos of them.
That being said this guitar is a bargain. It is very comfortable and pleasing to play, it feels great and it has a very full, resonant sound (in my opinion). I am not affiliated with Carvin (although my door is always open.........) so this is my honest unbiased opinion.

The video:
0:00-1:42 The guitar

1:43-2:22 Me playing a rubato version of one of my tunes
2:24-3:40 Clean improvisation (experimenting with Clusters/Quartal themes
3:40-7:51 Improv with distortion in style of Holdsworth in (and around) the key of Ab. This was more or less a practice session of me working on developing some concepts/licks hence some of it can be repetitive.

Here are the specs:
-Set neck
-25.5" scale
-all mahogany body (no top piece) chambered
-Ebony fingerboard with a 20" radius
-Black hardware
-white dot inlays on fret board and side
-24 Jumbo frets
-H22 humbucker
-it weighs 5-6 pounds
-Strung with Elixir nanoweb 10's (Elixir my door is always open for you as well *cough cough*)
-Visit http://www.carvinguitars.com/catalog/guitars/hh1 for more info

Gear in my rack (from top to bottom):
-Furman power conditioner
-Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra (with older firmware)
-Carvin TS100 Power amp
-Egnater cab (Have no clue what the model is or what speakers are in it. It's not mine)
-Using a Shure SM57 to mic the cab which is going into Logic.

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Carvin HH1 Allan Holdsworth Signature Headless Guitar Demo